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Welcome to this site! If you are interested in learning about the history, the science, the details, and the people involved with essential oils and aromatherapy then you and I share similar interests. Please consider this site an incomplete research project. It has been a hobby of mine since 2002. Because the topic is so large and new things come online everyday (both regarding the present and the past) I could devote all of my time to this project and still not have a complete website. So, you will likely find things missing here and there, and perhaps a mistake from time to time. My apologies. Obviously I will correct errors as I find them.

As for the incompleteness of this work, well, I'm not sure if it will or could ever be complete. For example, researchers don't even know all of the chemical components in, say, the oil of Lavender. So, obviously, my list of chemical components for Lavender will likely never be complete. We do the best we can with the resources that we have. If you wanted to know a "complete" list of chemical components in Lavender oil then hopefully the resources in this website will give you a good spring board to get you closer then I have taken the time to get to. (As some of you know, time is my most limiting resource!)

Some will say that the design of this site is too bland, not flashy enough. Perhaps it suffers the dullness of a utilitarian researcher. To them I say, if you are looking for the glam then go somewhere else. Maybe Las Vegas would be appropriate! Instead of flash, I look to spend my time organizing the information so it is easy to find, chasing the research papers, learning the history, finding the images, visiting the libraries, Michigan, New York, Illinois, France, Germany, England. Even ebay has been a treasure trove. There is so much to do! And this is just a part time hobby!
Jonn ☆ ~~ Mar 18, 2018

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