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--   Essential oils are volatile and easily evaporate if poured directly into a bath.
For best results mix oils into bubble bath soap, shampoo or a carrier oil before putting them into bath water. Draw a bath and add up to 8 neat drops of essential oils. Or mix up to 25 drops of essential oils to one ounce of sulfonated Castor oil aka "Red Turkey oil" and use this mixture as an excellent homemade bath oil. Add the oils after the bath is drawn and mix by hand.

  Adults - 7 drops max mixed in 1/2 oz of shampoo or other carrier
Children 4 to 12 and elderly - 4 drops max mixed in 1/2 oz of shampoo or other carrier
Children 1 to 4 and pregnant women - 2 drops max mixed in 1/2 oz of shampoo or other carrier

 Bergamot    Cardamom    Carrot Seed    Chamomile (Cape)    Chamomile (German)    Coriander    Eucalyptus (Globulus)    Eucalyptus (Radiata)    Frankincense    Grapefruit    Juniper Berry    Lavender (English)    Lemon    Melissa    Peppermint    Petitgrain    Rhododendron    Rose Otto    Saro    Tea Tree    Turmeric    Vetiver    

--   During candle making oils can be mixed into the hot wax. Otherwise, light a candle and let it burn long enough to form a pool of melted wax. Add 1 or 2 drops to the wax taking care not to pour drops onto an open flame as most essential oils are flammable.
 Cedarwood (Atlas)    Cinnamon Leaf    Citronella    Eucalyptus (Citriodora)    Frankincense    Jasmine    Melissa    Myrrh    Nutmeg    Patchouli    Pine (Scotch)    Rose Otto    Sandalwood (Australian)    Vanilla    Ylang Ylang    

Chest Rub  
--   Mix 1-5 drops of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil. Warm the oil. Massage the chest area deeply for 5-10 minutes. Rest.
 Eucalyptus (Citriodora)    Eucalyptus (Globulus)    Eucalyptus (Radiata)    Lavender (English)    Rosemary    Saro    Tea Tree    

--   Use any piece of material that can form a pad. Add the desired essential oil mixture to the pad, lay the pad on the affected area, and wrap the pad onto the body firmly to suppress swelling but not too tight. Numbness, pain, or skin discoloration are all signs that the bandage is wrapped too tightly.
 Anise (Aniseed)    Bergamot    Cardamom    Carrot Seed    Chamomile (Cape)    Chamomile (German)    Chamomile (Roman)    Cypress    Eucalyptus (Citriodora)    Eucalyptus (Globulus)    Frankincense    Grapefruit    Lavender (English)    Myrrh    Peppermint    Tea Tree    

--   Fill any nonporous bowl with water, add 1-5 drops of essential oil, and heat the water via candles, electric power, stove burner, wood stove, etc
 Amyris    Anise (Aniseed)    Bergamot    Cardamom    Carrot Seed    Chamomile (Cape)    Chamomile (German)    Chamomile (Roman)    Cinnamon Leaf    Coriander    Cypress    Elecampane    Eucalyptus (Citriodora)    Eucalyptus (Globulus)    Eucalyptus (Radiata)    Frangipani    Frankincense    Grapefruit    Lavender (English)    Lemon    May Chang    Peppermint    Petitgrain    Pine (Scotch)    Rhododendron    Rosemary    Sandalwood (Australian)    Saro    Tea Tree    

--   Boil tap water and allow to cool. Add the amount of essential oil as advised by your doctor. Pour the mixture into a bottle and shake well.
 Geranium    Lavender (English)    

--   Mix 1-2 drops per liter of distilled (or as clean as possible) water. Water temperature should be between 85 and 90 degrees F. Add a teaspoon of vinegar if desired. Liquid mixture can be created inside a clean 2 liter bottle or whatever you might have... For do-it-yourselfers consider the economical Homestyle Enema
 Geranium    Lavender (English)    Peppermint    

--   Fill the sink with 4-6 cups of warm water. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil and mix thoroughly. Use a washcloth to dab and apply to the face. Take great care to keep the water out of the eyes!
 Bergamot    Carrot Seed    Chamomile (German)    Chamomile (Roman)    Lavender (English)    Petitgrain    Rose Otto    

Foot Bath  
--   Fill a large bowl with hot water, add 2-6 drops of essential oil, and mix thoroughly. Soak feet for 10-15 minutes.
 Lavender (English)    Melissa    Patchouli    Tea Tree    

Hand Bath  
--   Fill a large bowl with hot water, add 1-4 drops of essential oil, and mix thoroughly. Soak hands for 5-10 minutes.
 Geranium    Rose Otto    

--   Fill the machine with water and add 1-9 drops of essential oil as desired. Cold air humidifiers work better with essential oils since some oils degrade with high levels of heat.
 Chamomile (Roman)    Eucalyptus (Globulus)    Eucalyptus (Radiata)    Lemon    Rose Otto    Tangerine    Tea Tree    

--   This method works particularly well with plant essences that people often avoid because of strong warnings concerning harmful side effects. Mugwort, Sage, and Thyme would be some examples. The procedure is simple; select a carrier oil and pour some into a glass container with an airtight lid. Next, throw in some dried Sage leaves, for example, and seal the lid tight. Let this sit for a day or two or more and the oils from the leaves will "seep" into the carrier oil. If desired put the glass container in direct sunlight to obtain a sort of "Dr. Edward Bach effect" (Bach’s Flower Remedies). This method will often give a very sublte "flavoring" to the carrier oil which is what we are after here. Alternatively, oil-plant mixtures can be heated or "cooked" with low heat to get a stronger effect. Finally, strain out the plant matter and use the oil as desired. Please see Infusions for further details...

 Calendula    Catnip    Mugwort    Sage    St. John's Wort    Thyme    

--   Any essential oil would be fine for this purpose! A general rule of thumb is about 3 drops of essential oil per person.

--   Most essential oil would be fine for this purpose! Mix desired dosage into alcohol, a carrier oil, or a perfume of choice. More on this topic coming here in the future…

Room Spray  
--   Mix 4-10 drops of essential oil per cup of warm water. Place the mixture into a spray bottle and use it to spray furniture, carpet, rugs, curtains, etc. Avoid spraying unfinished wood or any other porous material as the oils will likely cause stains.
 Lavender (English)    Lemon    Palmarosa    Rose Otto    

--   Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Pine oils are excellent in the sauna because they are absorbed via inhalation and they exit the body via perspiration. Mix 4 drops of any of these oils per 5 cups of water and splash the mixture on the sauna's heat source.
 Bergamot    Cypress    Eucalyptus (Citriodora)    Eucalyptus (Dives)    Eucalyptus (Globulus)    Eucalyptus (Radiata)    Grapefruit    Lavender (English)    Lemon    Lime    Niaouli    Pine (Scotch)    Rosemary    Tea Tree    

Sitz Bath  
--   Fill a small tub with warm/hot water and add 2-3 drops of essential oils to the water. Mix thoroughly.
 Juniper Berry    

--   Mix essential oil(s) with coconut oil or cocoa butter. Add some beeswax if desired. Pour the mixture into molds and cool the oil allowing it to firm up. Keep cool until use.
 Lavender (English)    Yarrow    

--   Place 1-2 drops of essential oil onto a tissue. Carry the tissue with you and sniff as desired. Works great for colds and flus.
 Eucalyptus (Citriodora)    Eucalyptus (Dives)    Eucalyptus (Globulus)    Eucalyptus (Radiata)    Peppermint    Ravensara    Rose Otto    

Wood Fires  
--   Place 1-2 drops of essential oil onto a log and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Once it has soaked in, throw the log on the fire and enjoy.
 Sandalwood (Australian)    

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