Massage Acupressure Points


All of the reflexology images of hands and feet shown on this page I am releasing into the public domain. Feel free to save them to your computer, print them out, hang them on your wall, share them with your friends, etc. That's the entire point of creating them in the first place. These images are not for sale! In return for my generousity I request that no modifications be made to these images. Resizing them is acceptable.

Full resolution images can be found here:   Left Hand - Palm   Right Hand - Palm
  Left Foot - Sole   Right Foot - Sole   Foot - Inside   Foot - Outside 

I have searched for years to find something like this online and it seems that every time I find an image, someone is trying to make a buck off of it. Is this really what the "Invisible Hand of Competition" has come to? So, finally, here they are for free. And, you know what? IT'S ABOUT TIME!

Temperate Zones of Canada and the U.S.

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