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 Citronella    Peppermint    Spearmint    

 Cedarwood (Atlas)    Hyssop    Peppermint    Spearmint    

Beetle (bean)  
 Peppermint    Thyme    

Beetle (flea)  
 Lavender (English)    Peppermint    Spearmint    

 Peppermint    Spearmint    

Cats  --- Cats generally have an aversion to citrus oils and these may be useful for detering cats without actually harming them. In addition, cats are highly sensitive to essential oils and some oils can be toxic or fatal such as Thyme and Oregano. Any essential oils applied to cats should be highly diluted - 1/10 the amount of oil needed for a human - and the oils should be applied to the cat's paws only.
 Amyris    Bergamot    Grapefruit    Grapefruit Seed    Lemon    Lime    Mandarin (Green)    Neroli (Portugal)    Orange (Sweet)    Petitgrain    Tangerine    Xanthoxylum    Yuzu    

Cockroaches  --- Repellent Activity of Essential Oils Against Cockroaches in Thailand
 Black Pepper    Ginger    May Chang    Petitgrain Combarva    Turmeric    Vetiver    

 Calamus Root    Thyme    

Eel Worms  

 Blue Tansy    Citronella    Geranium    Lavender (English)    Lemon    Pine (Scotch)    Rosemary    Tea Tree    

Flies (black)  
 Blue Tansy    Lavender (English)    Sandalwood (Australian)    Tagetes    Vetiver    

Flies (carrot)  
 Blue Tansy    Tagetes    

Flies (common)  
 Blue Tansy    Citronella    Lavender (English)    Peppermint    

Flies (green)  
 Blue Tansy    Lavender (English)    Tagetes    

Flies (horse)  
 Blue Tansy    Lavender (English)    

Flies (white)  
 Blue Tansy    Lavender (English)    Tagetes    

 Cedarwood (Atlas)    Citronella    Peppermint    Spearmint    Tagetes    

Insect Attractant  

 Geranium    Lavender (English)    Lemon    Pine (Scotch)    Rosemary    

Mice / Rat Attractant  --- Oils listed here will Attract mice and rats.

Mice / Rats  --- Oils listed here will Repel mice and rats.
 Catnip    Peppermint    

Mosquitoes  --- Please be aware that there are different species of mosquitoes. Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, Anopheles dirus, and Culex quinquefasciatus are 4 common types. Please see: Mosquito Repellents in Thailand Pages 11 and 12 show repellency measurements for a few essential oils, deet, and IR3535. Furthermore, at the end of page 14, vanillin is mentioned as a key synergistic component to the mosquito repellency of essential oils. So, mixing Vanilla or Tonka Bean or Balsam de Peru with the other essential oils listed below may likely yield an effective defense against mosquitoes depending on the specific mosquito species in your area.

Also see: Plant Oils to Combat Mosquitoes,    Insect Repellent Activity of Medicinal Plant Oils
Plant-based Insect Repellents: A Review of their Efficacy, Development and Testing

 Amyris    Anise (Aniseed)    Balsam de Peru    Basil    Bay Laurel    Black Cumin    Black Pepper    Blue Tansy    Cajeput    Calamus Root    Camphor (White)    Caraway    Catnip    Celery Seed    Chamomile (Roman)    Cinnamon Leaf    Citronella    Citronella (Javan)    Clary Sage    Clove Bud    Dill Seed    Eucalyptus (Citriodora)    Eucalyptus (Dives)    Eucalyptus (Globulus)    Eucalyptus (Radiata)    Fennel    Frankincense    Galanga    Geranium    Ginger    Ginger Lily (White)    Helichrysum    Juniper Berry    Lantana Leaf    Lavender (English)    Lavender (Spanish)    Lemon    Lemon Verbena    Lemongrass    Lime    Manuka (Lemon)    May Chang    Myrtle    Nutmeg    Orange (Sweet)    Palmarosa    Patchouli    Peppermint    Rosemary    Rosewood    Sandalwood (Australian)    Spearmint    Tea Tree    Thyme    Turmeric    Vanilla    Violet    Vitex    Wild Verbena    Xanthoxylum    Ylang Ylang    Zedoary    

 Camphor (White)    Citronella    Hyssop    Lavender (English)    Peppermint    Spearmint    Vetiver    

 Citronella    Tagetes    

 Cedarwood (Atlas)    Hyssop    

 Cedarwood (Atlas)    

 Geranium    Juniper Berry    Lemongrass    

 Citronella    Thyme    Wild Verbena    

 Cedarwood (Atlas)    

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