Unbelievable Andarine Results That Completely Transformed Our Physique!

Andarine S4 dosage

Andarine is quite notorious for its one side effect everyone’s been booming about and that’s the yellow tint in their vision some bodybuilders have been experiencing. Others claim that Andarine use is completely safe and that the impaired vision story is completely bogus. Which one of them is right? We’ll explore all of that in this article and so much more.

Also, we can’t wait to tell you about all the awesome Andarine results we got in just a few cycles of using it! S4 completely transformed our bodies with its amazing properties, let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Andarine S4 Review – Effects of Andarine

 This Andarine S4 review will aim to list down all the known positive effects of Andarine. After that, we’ll make a separate section to concentrate on the alleged side effects of this supplement.

  • Increased Fat and Weight Loss: It’s no secret that Andarine has high anabolic activity and that it burns fat like a maniac when introduced into the body. Studies only seem to confirm that notion and cite weight loss as another hidden benefit of S4.
  • Increased Vascularity: You’ll start feeling it at around week four of Andarine usage. Your muscles are going to be much leaner and your veins will start popping out so that everyone can see the fruits of your hard work.
  • Increased Vitality and Power: You’ll really feel more energetic and powerful during an Andarine cycle. It’s akin to having taken an energy drink before a workout, only it’s much better and healthier for your organs.
  • Increased Bone Health: Andarine protects the bones as numerous studies It does so by acting on the androgen receptors in our body which in return increases bone density.
  • Increase In Lean Muscle and Muscle Strength: As indicated by this study, Andarine helps in the development and build-up of lean muscle while also aiding muscle strength. You will feel the extra-strength during your workouts and it will make breaking a personal record that much more likely.

Andarine S4

The Best Andarine Dosage, Cycle, And Half-Life

 Although Andarine is a very safe SARM to use, it can become quite dangerous if taken in higher dosages as we’ll later see. That’s why the best Andarine dosage is going to be lower than you would expect, as we don’t want you or your body to suffer.

With that being said, the Andarine S4 dosage you should take depends on your level of expertise in bodybuilding and supplements. If this is your first cycle, you’re not recommended to take more than 10mgs a day for a maximum of eight weeks.

However, if you’re experienced, you can take up to 20mgs a day for the next eight to ten weeks. We recommend sticking to eight weeks as that seems to be enough time to experience all the positive effects without doing any harm to your body.

Andarine has a very short half-life that lasts only four hours, meaning you’ll have to redose at least four times a day. That’s not going to be a hassle if you’re dedicated to the craft but might pose problems to those that aren’t used to concentrating on something so much.

After you’re done with your Andarine cycle, it’s best to let your body rest for a while, you typically let your body recuperate for the amount of time you took the compound in question. That means that if you took it for ten weeks, you would stop your cycle for the next ten weeks.

Andarine Results You Can Expect

 Andarine is truly a great SARM that can completely change your physique in just a few cycles with it. One of our buddies went from chubby to shredded in just two years of actively using Andarine in his cycles.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the Andarine results you can expect from just one cycle. We’ll have a timeline at our disposal so that you’re prepared to the core to face the changes that will happen to your body during a cycle.

On week one, you will not feel a lot. At this point, some people quit the substance as they believe that it doesn’t work. This is where you will have to be patient and mentally persevere, if you get through this barrier, you’re all set to achieve amazing Andarine results.

Week two marks the start of the positive effects. You will start feeling more energetic, your pumps are going to be stronger and you’ll generally feel more push and power behind your lifts.

Week four is where the fun really starts. This is where you will start rapidly losing fat as well as weight. Some people lose up to 3% of their total body fat at this point which is insane considering the time frame.

For the last four weeks, you will enjoy your muscles getting harder and stronger, your bones being sturdier, you will lose even more fat – It has been reported that people lose up to 5% of their total body fat, which are great results for just one eight week cycle.

As we can see, the Andarine results are not missing but one has to be very patient or he might think that the compound in question doesn’t work at all.

andarine results

Side Effects of Using Andarine

 Let’s finally grapple with the story about seeing flashes and colors in one’s eyes. The truth is simple: Both stories are correct and here is why. Those that reported side effects such as impaired vision took the compound in dosages of 50mgs or higher. Others that didn’t report such side effects stuck to our recommended dosages and cycles, therefore experiencing zero side effects.

With that being said, if you do take more than 30mgs of Andarine, some of the following side effects may occur.

  • Colors in Your Vision: Mostly yellow in color, the tint people saw while on a high dosage of Andarine really put some people off the compound. Don’t worry, if you’re not overdoing it on the dosage, you will not experience this side effect.
  • Testosterone Suppression: Some people reported feeling suppression when they took S4 in abnormal dosages. Those afflicted required a PCT cycle to get their body back on track.
  • Joint Stress: Because you’re building up muscle faster than your body can process it, joint stress is a very real issue on higher dosages. If you experience this, simply lower your dosage and be more patient with your gains.

To conclude, you’re best off sticking to the maximum dosage of 20mgs a day we prescribed a few sections above. There is no reason to risk it as the rewards are simply not worth it. Your health is your most valuable treasure.

Andarine side effects

Andarine Before And After Pictures: Are They Real?

No, they are not. That is as curt of an answer you can get. The fact of the matter is that most if not all Andarine before and after pictures posted online are fake or are spoofed to make the model in them look a lot stronger than he actually is.

This is done to increase sales of Andarine and is something we absolutely don’t condone.

It’s sad to see that many newbies fall for these Andarine before and after pictures, go through one cycle, don’t get shredded and then they go online and lament about S4 being ineffective or too weak.

The best thing you can do is to not compare yourself to others at all. Yeah, it’s nice to see what you can expect, but you’re better off comparing yourself to nobody else but you, because it is you that should be your real and only motivation.

Andarine Vs Ostarine: How Similar/Different Are They Really?

These two compounds are very identical in how they act in the body. Still, they are used for different purposes. Andarine is oftentimes used to build muscle mass while Ostarine is reserved for cutting fat.

Andarine is a tad bit stronger than Ostarine and you’ll want to use it in lower dosages. Both of these are great SARMs if you’re a beginner as they are quite mild SARMs, also dubbed newbie SARMs.

Andarine and Ostarine are sometimes stacked together to get the best out of both worlds.

You’ll want to use 20 to 30mgs of Ostarine and 10 to 20mgs of Andarine every day for no longer than eight weeks.

The great thing about this duo is that it doesn’t require PCT, just an off-cycle of about eight weeks.

The Purest Andarine S4 For Sale

 When on the lookout for the purest Andarine S4 for sale, you have to be very careful. There are many shops selling bunk product, they go as far as to not even include recent lab results so you know that there’s something shady going on there.

With that being said, we’ve done our research and are ready to share it with you so that you can find the best and purest Andarine S4 for sale.

  1. Science.Bio

Science.bio might not be as popular as all the other brands we’re going to mention but they just recently rebranded and that explains their new and shiny website.

Their SARMs all have a purity rate hovering between 98 to 100% which promises top-notch quality. Speaking of their Andarine, they sell it in powder form and in liquid form.

With the powder, you get 1000mgs worth of product for only $20.00, that’s a deal you won’t find anywhere else. The liquid version boasts 1500mgs of product and it will cost you only $40.00. The best thing of all? If you’re from the US and if you buy more than 100$ worth of product, you get free shipping.

If you’re not from the US, you have to get that number up to 300$.

Shipping times are quite rapid, with our packages usually arriving in two to four days.Andarine S4 powder

  1. SecretSupps

This shop amazed us with their customer service which was ready to answer any question directed to them. They are also very prominent among newbie users as they offer detailed descriptions of what to do with the SARMs you buy from them. They are a bit pricey, but with them, you get the full package, not just the SARMs.

With that being said, their Andarine S4 will cost you $97.95 and you get 600mgs worth of product. Perfect for beginners as they don’t need much of the compound, to begin with.

They also offer a great SARMs triple stack consisting of GW0742, Andarine and Ostarine. This is a great cutting stack that will give you visible results in just one cycle.

The stack will cost you $258.95 and as always, you get all the instructions provided with your purchase. Instructions include things such as when to use it, how much of it to take, how long one should cycle it and so on.

The great thing about this shop is that they offer free shipping on any order, no matter how small it is, so you’re always aware of the final price.

Their Andarine boasts purity rates between 98,5 to 100%. Lastly, you can expect your package between three to five days. We always got our wares in that time frame.

Andarine S4 review

  1. SARMSs4You

If you’re on the lookout for the best European vendor on the market, you can stop right here because you just found it. SARMs4You offers impeccable SARMs at a very affordable rate and is the only shop among the four that sell Andarine in capsule version.

Speaking of pills, one bottle will cost you €49.95 and you get 1500mgs worth of Andarine for it. You get 60 pills in a small bottle with each pill boasting 25mgs of pure S4. Buying more than one has its benefits, as you can get it for even cheaper.

They also sell it as a raw powder and you can choose between 1 and 3 grams, the selection is limited to 0,5-gram increments. That will cost you anywhere between €34.95 and €89.95.

You get free shipping if you buy more than €120 ($135) worth of product.

Their Andarine boasts a purity rate of 99% and is tested by an independent third-party laboratory stationed in the US.

They ship internationally and transit times will vary depending on where you order from. If you order from Europe, you can get it in as fast as three days. However, ordering from the US will increase the transit time for up to two weeks. You’ll just have to be patient if you’re ordering outside of Europe.Andarine results

  1. Proven Peptides

The fourth shop we recommend is Proven Peptides, a popular US seller of SARMs and PCT supplements. Their Andarine is the purest one we could find on the market, having a 100% purity rate.

It will cost you $44.99 and you get 750mgs of product for it. All of their shipping is completely for free above $75 so when compared to science.bio, the prices don’t become that much different.

Your package will arrive between two to five days after ordering, but it’s usually waiting for you on the third day.

Andarine S4 dosage

All in all, now you know where to buy the purest Andarine S4 online. You can now make a purchase without worrying about getting a bunk product and with that, our Andarine cycle can begin.

Enjoy all the benefits this compound has in store for you, stay safe and until next time!

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