The Best Kratom Strains For Pain Relief

best kratom for pain

As someone who has suffered from chronic sciatica for years, I’ve experimented with a lot of different medications to alleviate the symptoms. I found using the best kratom for pain did a lot more than anything else and with less risk and side effects.

For physical pain, you don’t need to take a huge dose of kratom all the time. But dosing through the day, you can ward off the symptoms of physical pain almost completely, with a minimum amount of side-effects. In fact, people using kratom for pain find that their mood is lifted, and they are more energized.

Plus, you can alleviate emotional pain through experimenting with the different types of emotional relief kratom can give if used responsibly. There are different types of kratom highs you can use to both replace those of narcotics or to move your mind into a peaceful state when things are stressful, the exact situation you will be facing if you are thinking about using kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms.

So let’s take a look at the best kratom strains for pain relief, both physical and emotional, and also I’ll tell you about my personal experiences and advise you on which strains of kratom worked best for me.

How Kratom Can Help With Pain

It’s becoming more widely known that kratom can really help with both physical and mental pain.

Although it’s officially classed as a stimulant, and it certainly has stimulating properties, at higher doses, and especially with red kratom, you get significant pain relief as well.

Let’s talk about physical pain relief first though. Kratom has been found to help a lot with conditions that generate a lot of physical pain, things like arthritis, fibromyalgia and even cerebral palsy. But more than that, because it is a stimulant because it can lift your mood, it can also take away the naturally depressive feelings you get when you are suffering from physical pain.

Kratom achieves this because it is a natural opioid. Not in the same way as narcotics like heroin, but it does have a similar mechanism of action in our body. Kratom is a partial agonist of the mu-opioid receptors in the body. So it is similar to opioid-based prescription painkillers, and opiate drugs like heroin in that sense.

But it doesn’t fully bind to these receptors and is not a full agonist, so side-effects and addiction potential are far lower.

The two active ingredients in kratom, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine interact with the opioid receptors in the body. The opioid receptors are responsible for many different things, but importantly they mainly deal with pain perception.

So it was that basic fact which made me try to find the best kratom for my physical pain when I was getting severe side effects from opiate-based prescription medication. Let me tell you that for neurological pain relief kratom is going to blow your mind.

which kratom is best for pain

Different Types Of Pain Relief Kratom Can Alleviate

For me, I used both white and red kratom to alleviate the physical pain I was in.

At night I used red kratom because it’s a more sedative type of kratom. 3-4 grams of high-quality Red Maeng Da kratom for pain took all of my sciatica away at night. Sciatica is worse during the night when you are laying down.

During the day if I was suffering, I would take a small quantity of green kratom, usually Green Malay, but sometimes Green Maeng Da, which I buy from

Other people have reported it’s great for ongoing significant physical pain conditions. I’ve heard about people using kratom for arthritis, and even women using it to deal with the intense abdominal pain of endometriosis.

As long as you are sensible, give it a try. Start with a couple of grams, and work your way up. If you are on other medication be very careful. I would suggest you try instead of your normal painkiller medication unless coming off it would be problematic.

Which Kratom is Best For Pain?

 The big question is which kratom is best for pain relief? Unfortunately, it’s a difficult question to answer because there is a range of conditions, and as I’ve already alluded to, the time of day, and what you want to achieve could also affect the dose and type of kratom.

So I can’t just turn around and recommend the best kratom for the pain to you right here, you will have to experiment yourself.

Kratom comes in three main types: red, green, and white vein kratom. It’s referred to by those colors because that is how the vein color changes during the drying of the kratom after the leaves have been picked.

The different types of kratom have slightly different properties:

  1. White kratom is more energizing and uplifting. At high doses, you can get euphoric energy and pain relief, but at lower doses, you get energy with very little pain relief.
  2. Red kratom can be energizing and uplifting at lower doses, but at higher doses, it is strongly analgesic. That’s why red kratom tends to be used mostly for pain relief.
  3. Green kratom is usually more mild than white or red but has traits of both. A good dose of green kratom is great for during the day because it will lift your energy and mood, but also still give you significant pain relief.

However, those are very broad brush statements, and the dose of kratom you take will matter hugely. Also, different types of kratom have subtly different effects, as long as you get the real thing.

kratom for pain management

Using Maeng Da Kratom For Pain Relief

 I want to talk to you specifically about using Maeng Da kratom for pain relief.

Maeng Da kratom is usually stronger than other types. It’s not actually a strain, it’s usually a combination of strong kratom, sometimes white and red combined, to make a more potent powder.

So you will have to experiment with using Maeng Da kratom for pain relief. If you’re looking for a strong kratom that offers significant pain relief within about 30 minutes, and you don’t need a huge dose of powder to achieve it, then Maeng Da is a great starting point.

My recommendation on where to buy good quality Maeng Da kratom that can be quickly used for pain relief is Coastline Kratom. That’s where I mostly get mine from. It’s strong kratom, quality guaranteed, and lab tested for purity.

An alternative source of Red Maeng Da is Ignore the odd name, the red kratom they sell is actually awesome. I had a discount voucher which allowed me to buy it at a lower risk, and I can tell you that the Red Maeng Da capsules I received are the best I have ever experienced.

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My Advice On Using Kratom To Treat Pain Symptoms

When you using the best kratom for pain, you’re wanting to also use the least amount possible.

Anything can be addictive, and kratom is no different. You don’t want to alleviate the pain but get addicted to kratom.

Also, at higher doses, you also stand more chance of building up a tolerance. This can be minimized through using as little as possible and potentiating it as well. Potentiating means using a substance that enhances the effect of something else. Things like black pepper and even lemon juice are known to increase the effects of kratom.

For me, with my sciatica, it was a relatively low dose during the day, I’m talking 2-3 grams of green kratom, or sometimes red.

At night, it was the same sort of dose for me. But for more serious things like arthritis, the dose could be higher at times.

I’ve read about people with serious back problems after car accidents who have experienced massive relief pain with just a handful of grams of good-quality green or red kratom. Enough to stop the pain, but enough to also retain, and even enhance mood and alertness.

Using Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

A lot of people are using kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms nowadays as well. Opiate withdrawal symptoms can be both physical and emotional. When you withdraw from using opiates like heroin, the pain can be physically unbearable.

On top of that, the withdrawal symptoms can have emotional effects as well, such as panic and depression.

People are finding that if you use kratom for dealing with opiate withdrawal then it helps to alleviate those symptoms both mental and physical, and because it’s not highly addictive like heroin, people can slowly work their way out of addiction using it to alleviate the problems.

There must be something good about using kratom for opiate withdrawal because research into it is increasing. Recently, the National Institute on Drug Abuse awarded a significant $3.5 million grant to the University of Florida to research potential benefits in using kratom for opiate withdrawal on their behalf.

As long as you get pure kratom, it helps to build trust when you’re trying to get away from opiate addiction. You know it’s pure, unlike heroin, which means you can feel safe and calm.

It’s not as intense, and you have far more control over the dosage and the type of effects you want.

Most people, overwhelmingly, use red kratom to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms. We’ve only talked about which kratom is best for pain, but that varies between emotional pain and physical pain.

But red kratom can keep you emotionally calm, positive, and remove anxiety. At the same time, especially at higher doses, it can really remove all physical pain and cravings.

On top of that, at high doses, red kratom can produce a warm opiate high that mimics heroin experiences, but on a more moderate level. So it also allows the recovering addict to get the same experience but in a much safer, less extreme way.

Pretty much any red kratom will do. However, a lot of people recovering from opiate use swear by rich red strains such as Red Borneo and Red Thai.

You can buy a fantastically Rich Red Thai from I’ve used it a couple of times myself for the experience. At a good dose, around 5-7 grams, you going to absolutely lose every piece of physical pain, and be overwhelmed with emotional calm and positivity.

I haven’t gone that far, but a higher dose, from what I’ve experienced, would certainly tip you into the territory of a full-blown opiate-like high.

kratom for opiate withdrawal

When To Be Wary Of Using kratom For Withdrawal

It’s important to mention here that kratom is great for opiate withdrawal symptoms because it interacts with the same receptors, but it’s not so good for dealing with alcohol or benzo withdrawal. If you are a serious alcoholic or benzo user, just going cold turkey and replacing it with kratom will be a disaster. Because different receptors are activated, it can actually be dangerous.

If you’re thinking about coming off benzo or alcohol, I would suggest you see a doctor discuss things before you just stop and try and self-medicate with kratom. All withdrawal is not the same.

Kratom Dosage For Opiate Withdrawal

The exact kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal will be personal, and will also depend on the quality of kratom, and the strain of kratom you are using.

You also have to take into account the half-life of kratom, which means that you’ll have to dose every six hours or so.

That’s why a lot of people advocate a strong dose in the morning, and then taper off with smaller doses in the afternoon, and evening.

People using kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms also tend to use a more energizing red (like Red Maeng Da), or a green kratom during the day, and then in the evening a pure red, which helps them stay calm and sleep.

In terms of specific dosage, you’re not always wanting to get into an opiate high state, but initially, a strong dose will be needed, sometimes as high as 10 grams, but often less, followed by two doses in the afternoon and evening about half that strength.

kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal

The Different Types Of Kratom High

The topic of a kratom high is actually quite a controversial one. Some people claim you can’t get a genuine high from using kratom.

I think it’s subjective, I think it is around what you expect to happen, against what does happen.

The quality of the kratom, the dose, and the strain will all feed into the experiences you have. Also the type of person you are, and the situation will affect things as well. So there is no way to describe a single experience everyone will have.

However, going back to the start when I mentioned are three main types of kratom, at high doses, you can get a rich kratom high:

  1. White kratom at high doses will give you a massive burst of energy. It will be positive energy (although it can cause irritability, like a massive caffeine rush), and it will make you physically active as well. The rush you get has been compared to cocaine, and the blissful high with energy has been compared to MDMA, so it can be a euphoric high.
  2. Green kratom can also give you a high. You’ll need quite a large dose because it’s usually more mild and balanced. It will be somewhere between the rush of white kratom, and the bliss and calm of red kratom.

A great strain for achieving this is Green Malay. You have to take a strong dose, around 8-12 grams. But in my experience that’s enough to get you into an energized, euphoric state, but still with a sense of calm and control, plus significant physical pain relief.

Coastline Kratom sells Green Malay, both standard, and ultra enhanced. If you’re looking for incredibly high then the ultra enhanced kratom is the way to go. But it should be treated with massive respect.

  1. Red kratom is the most opiate-like. This is the same when you’re looking for the best kratom strain for opiate high feelings as well. The warm, rich, falling through the floor and chilling right out feeling is very close to heroin, especially with an initial huge rush at the start before you fall into space.

However, a lot of people look to Red Maeng Da for opiate withdrawal symptoms. That’s because at lower doses it still has energy and pain relief, but at higher doses, it can give that opiate high as well. It’s a single type of kratom that is more powerful, more energizing but still retains those red traits.

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Best Kratom For Opiate High

 So in summary, the best kratom strain for opiate high feelings could be any red, with Maeng Da potentially being a stronger experience, but also with more energy.

I would also again highlight that you can potentiate kratom to get a stronger effect. This could be really worth looking into if you’re going to use it for opiate withdrawal symptoms.

I say this because a lot of people trying to cope with opiate withdrawal symptoms will dose highly. Say 10 grams in the morning, and then topping up through the day. That’s a lot of kratoms, and tolerance can build up rapidly.

That certain thing can potentiate kratom and make it even better for an opiate high, and for pain relief is becoming more known. Turmeric and black pepper are two substances that can really help, and you can get them in capsule form. So taking some of those can also help, but be careful because they can really enhance the effects.

Again, kratom is very personal. If I was going to start experiencing how good the kratom high could be, I would go for Green Malay, White Borneo, and Red Horned.

Alternatively, you could go for Red and White Maeng Da. But because it’s a manufactured (blended) kratom, not a true strain, you can’t tell the exact effects you’re going to get until you try it.

So if you’re looking to use kratom to get high, I would buy standard strains and Maeng Da and compare them.

BuyKratom does some awesome variety packs. They offer small amounts of several types of kratom, you could buy the red, green, and white variety packs to get an all-round experience. They also do an ultra enhanced variety pack. For me, it’s a very cost-effective way of finding the best kratom for pain and opiate withdrawal symptom relief.

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Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Pain & Opiate Withdrawal Support

 So let’s wrap things up here, by helping you start your own search into the best kratom for pain relief for your own individual circumstances.

The best kratom for pain physically will not necessarily be the same recommended kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms. However, generally, reds are the way to go, with greens during the day if you need more energy.

I’d actually avoid white kratom mostly. It doesn’t offer great pain relief, and it can increase anxiety. You really don’t want that if you’re already anxious and upset over physical pain or drug withdrawal symptoms.

To sum up, the places I’ve talked about during this guide, these are the trusted online retailers that I have bought pure kratom from on multiple occasions and enjoyed significant relief from my physical symptoms because of:

  1. Coastline Kratom

If you’re looking for pure kratom powder to alleviate pain and deal with opiate withdrawal, then Coastline Kratom is definitely one of the best places to start. It’s definitely pure kratom, and you get free shipping and a moneyback guarantee.

kratom dosage for pain management

  1. TheEvergreenTree

The Evergreen tree sells fantastic kratom capsules. You might not have a problem with dealing with the loose powder, especially if you’re going to be using a lot of it, but for pain relief throughout the day, kratom capsules are superb as a choice.

The Evergreen tree sells over 25 strains of kratom in capsule form. You pay more, but think about that convenience of being able to pop 2-4 in your mouth and get fantastic relief within about 30 minutes, plus also create energy and lift your mood, and it’s all done really discreetly.

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  1. TropicHealthClub

If you’re looking to use kratom for opiate withdrawal, then sometimes you just need it right away, you don’t want to mess around with powder to get fast symptom relief. That’s why capsules make a brilliant option. Tropic Health Club sells green and red kratom in capsule form. It’s very high-quality, and the company the kratom in capsules direct from Indonesia where they have a partner.

For opiate withdrawal, the red is probably most suitable. It’s very rich, and because it’s in capsule form you can dose through the day. So even if you are combining it with powder, you can take a larger dose of powder in the morning, and then through the day to keep getting the rich benefits of red kratom for opiate withdrawal, minimizing your pain, keeping you alert, and staying calm.

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  1. BuyKratom

As I mentioned earlier, these guys sell fantastic variety packs, the best you will find anywhere in terms of the number of strains and prices you pay. They sell white, green, red, and ultra enhanced variety packs, see you can experiment with literally every type of kratom without buying a huge quantity of any.

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