Guide To The Best Kratom For Sleep

best kratom for sleep

If like me you suffer from insomnia, and that sleep deprivation is starting to build up, I’ve found that the best kratom for sleep is far better, in small doses, then going down the line of prescription medications.

I’m not advising you do that all the time, but even one good night’s sleep can really turn things around physically and emotionally. If you’ve got a persistent insomnia problem though, look for the underlying reasons, don’t just dampen them down by taking kratom every night.

But as long as you are sensible, then using kratom for insomnia is perfectly possible, and very low risk. So let’s take a look in detail at what type of kratom is best for insomnia, what sort of dosage you should be using, and very importantly, tell you which types of kratom are definitely not good for dealing with sleep deprivation.

Using Kratom For Insomnia

 There are lots of reasons why people can’t sleep, and if it’s persistent it becomes insomnia. Sleep deprivation can build up and create a snowball effect that makes the problem worse.

Sleeping pills can help, but sometimes they don’t work, or they can make getting up in the morning even more difficult than when you have only dropped off for a couple of hours, and feel like you have lead weights tied to you.

People have found that using kratom for insomnia is definitely a viable alternative. This is because of the underlying reasons why people suffer from sleep deprivation.

It could be because they are in physical pain. Kratom works on the receptors in the body which modulate pain, easing it significantly.

Or it could be that they are suffering from anxiety and struggle to settle. The racing mind and a racing heart can make it impossible to drop off. Kratom can chill you right out, calm you down, and make you feel really warm and positive, making anxiety wash away.

At higher doses, certain strains of kratom also have a sedative effect. You don’t want to be taking a massive dose of kratom before you sleep, but certain strains are more sedative than others.

Don’t worry though, I’m going to tell you the exact types of kratom that will work best for sleep deprivation in a moment, and I’ll also tell you about the kratom strains you shouldn’t use.

kratom for insomnia

What’s The Best Kratom Dosage For Sleep?

It doesn’t matter what type of kratom you take, the kratom dosage for sleep will be within the same sort of range. This is because most strains of kratom in the same group (white, green, red) have the same broad range of effects.

Let me explain. Red kratom, although there are more than a dozen different types, all have very similar attributes. So it doesn’t matter which one you take, it’s more about taking the smallest dosage possible to get the effect you want.

This means all we can do here is talk about rough doses for you to start experimenting with to try and start dealing with sleep deprivation using kratom.

For me, I would only use a small amount of kratom, especially in the beginning. We are talking about the dose of 2-4 grams here.

I would start with a couple of grams and make sure I built it into a proper wind-down routine at bedtime. That means not being on your phone or tablet as that can keep your mind active. It means not watching television for at least an hour before bed. It means winding your brain down so that you are in a better position to sleep, leaving the smallest possible dose of kratom the least work.

kratom dosage for sleep

Kratom To Avoid

Before I tell you what the best kratom for sleep is, I want to tell you about the kratom you should be avoiding.

As a universal piece of advice, don’t use white kratom. It doesn’t matter what strain it is, white kratom contains more the alkaloid that gives you bursts of energy, both mental and physical. It’s less good at pain relief, less good at making you feel chilled out.

So white kratom is brilliant when you’re at work, or on a night out, but if you’re trying to sleep it could cause even more problems. Because it’s like huge caffeine hit, it can also increase anxiety.

The same applies to green kratom. It has traits of white and red in it. So you will still get an energy boost, alongside more analgesia and sedation, but that’s at higher doses.

A couple of strains, Green Borneo and Green Malay do have more of the traits of red, and they are known for having more pain relief and calming attributes. So you could try a moderate dose of green kratom, but I would always try red kratom first.

The Best Kratom Strains For Sleep Deprivation

So look, you’re going to have to find your path on your own when it comes to using kratom for sleep deprivation.

The kratom dosage for sleep will be individual, depending on the strain of kratom you are using, and the quality of the kratom. Everyone is going to be different. Just make sure you keep the dose as low as possible.

Red kratom is the place to start. Red kratom has a higher proportion of the alkaloids which have analgesic and sedative properties. That’s why red kratom is always used for pain relief, and chilling people out who have anxiety.

I found that just a couple of grams of red kratom was enough to take the edge off my anxiety and calm me down to sleep. It’s not the complete solution, and sometimes I still have rough nights, but it does help

I just use a classic red, like Red Thai, Red Borneo, or Horned Red. Some people find Horned Red a bit too energizing, but I haven’t found that.

best kratom for sleep deprivation

The only red strain I would not recommend you try is Maeng Da. That’s because it’s not actually a strain of kratom, it’s a marketing name.

Maeng Da just means strong kratom, and it tends to be a blend. So you might get a couple of strong reds mixed together. That might be fine, but I also know for a fact that some red, white, and green Maeng Da is blended with other types, so you might get a red kratom mixed with a bit of strong white.

So I would stay clear of that if you want to use kratom for sleep deprivation. For me, the best kratom for sleep is going to be a classic red like Borneo or Thai, which delivers a smooth, chilled out pain relief and allows you to emotionally climb down and dare to dream of good night’s sleep.

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