The Best PCT Supplements For SARMs

Post Cycle Therapy

Post cycle therapy is a very important step in your bodybuilding routine, especially if you’ve been experimenting with supplements that cause suppression in the body.

With that being said, it’s important to know the best post cycle therapy available so that nothing goes wrong after your cycle. You don’t want bitch tits, do you?

The Role of PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

 The main role of PCT is to mitigate the possible side effects of the supplements that were used during a cycle. When talking about steroids, a PCT cycle is always a must. As we’ll later find out, with SARMs, the story is a bit different.

The reason why you need PCT with steroids is that they cause massive testosterone suppression in the body, which leads to side effects such as elevated estrogen, acne, liver damage and so on.

The body simply doesn’t produce any testosterone on its own because it’s so used to it being introduced by an outside source. That is how some users can become addicted to steroids and it’s similar to how drug addiction works.

It’s important to understand that testosterone controls many key functions in the body and when it is lowered, many problems start to occur in the body, such as decreased body hair, increased fatigue, lethargy, depression and even high blood pressure.

To lessen these effects on the body, PCT is introduced to balance out the hormones in our body, that being its main role. It rebalances things in the body and brings it back to baseline so that you can be ready for another steroid or SARM cycle.

Can You Use SARMs After A Steroid cycle?

Many people believe the false notion that one cannot use SARMs after a steroid cycle. Some users even call it dangerous. That is true for some SARMs, such as Ligandrol which causes mild suppression in the body, but there are some SARMs that you can use and those are mostly the milder ones such as Ostarine or Andarine.

The thing is, it takes time for SERMs such as Clomid to do their job and while you are still waiting for them to become active, you’re suffering because of the suppression caused by your previous cycle. To alleviate that situation, people take mild SARMs as they immediately act on the androgen receptors in the body, forcing them to produce testosterone.

Let’s take a look at how a SARMs PCT cycle looks like and what to look out for.

Post Cycle Therapy For SARMs

How To Do A SARMs PCT Cycle?

As already mentioned, a SARMs PCT cycle is very much possible but you can’t just use any SARM that crosses your mind.

If you were to take something like Ligandrol, you would be doing even more damage to your body as LGD-4033 is known to be mildly suppressive.

With that being the case, the best SARM for the job is definitely Ostarine as it is mild, beginner-friendly and widely available in stores.

Ostarine has the added bonus of keeping your muscles intact, so you will keep all of the gains that you attained during your cycle. You will also experience fat loss, so make sure that you’re still eating right during your recovery as there is no worry about fat gain – Ostarine is there to help.

A SARMs PCT cycle with Ostarine should last six weeks. For the first two weeks, you should take 25mg of Ostarine, In the next two weeks, you should lower the dosage to 15mgs and in your last two weeks, you will take just 10mgs of Ostarine every day.

Why are we lowering the dosages? Because by week two, the SERMs that we’re taking will start having an effect on us, so there is no need for a heightened dosage.

Post Cycle Therapy For SARMs: A Necessity?

 Many people just like to skip this section entirely. We’ve heard of users calling other people weak for taking PCT after using SARMs. Others pride themselves on not needing PCT as if it were manly to not take PCT.

We don’t understand this weird culture that emerged around not taking post cycle therapy for SARMs. It’s a weird form of toxic masculinity that only harms the one believing in this bull.

So to answer the question once and for all: Yes, some SARMs do need PCT, others don’t.

It all depends on the fact whether they are suppressive of your natural hormones or not. To be completely honest with you, it isn’t that simple. There are some other hidden factors that determine whether you’ll need PCT or not, such as:

  • How Long You Took The SARM In Question: We had users that took some mild SARMs for six months complaining of headaches and acne. They felt cheated because it was advertised that these SARMs don’t require PCT and that there would be no side effects. That is true, but if you’re taking something for six months and the maximum recommended cycle length is three times lower than you have to ask yourself, what the hell am I doing?
  • The Sensitivity of Our Bodies: Some people have a more sensitive response to outside stimuli than others. We’ve known of a guy that would take 50mg of Ligandrol a day and he wouldn’t feel the suppressive effects at all. On the other hand, a friend of ours took just 10mg and started feeling it. What we’re trying to demonstrate here is, you don’t know if you’re going to need PCT until you try the SARM in question.
  • Body Weight and Sex: Our gender has a lot to do with our body weight. Males are typically heavier and taller than females and can withstand more of any compound in question. That’s why we have a separate article just for females that handles their problems with SARMs and PCT.

Now that we got this out of the way, let us show you which SARMs do require PCT and which ones do not.


The SARMs that require PCT are the following:

  • Testolone: RAD-140 is the strongest SARM in existence and is suppressive of our natural hormones found in the body. Therefore, it does require a mini PCT cycle with a SERM or any natural testosterone booster.
  • YK 11: YK 11 is more of a myostatin inhibitor rather than a SARM. Still, it is labeled as one as it affects the body in a similar fashion. You’ll still need to do PCT when you’re off it as it does cause testosterone suppression.
  • Ligandrol: Ligandrol is a bit weaker than Testolone in terms of anabolic activity, but you’ll still need to engage in a PCT cycle after using it to be on the safe side of things. You won’t have to take anything stronger than Nolvadex for the job.
  • S-23: S-23 is quite suppressive and if you’re not careful, it could lead to a total shutdown in your body. You will need a moderate PCT cycle for the job. We recommend Clomid as it’s a bit stronger than Nolvadex.

The SARMs that don’t require PCT are the following:

  • Ostarine: The weakest and most beginner-friendly SARM. We advise anyone that is just starting out their SARMs journey to take Ostarine on their first cycle as it is well tolerated even in higher dosages. It’s non-suppressive and doesn’t cause any side effects and that’s why PCT is not required.
  • Andarine: Very similar to Ostarine, but a bit stronger. Still, you will not need any PCT after a cycle if you take it in the proper dosages. Refer to our guide on Andarine to find out what those dosages are.
  • Cardarine: GW-501516 is both stronger than Ostarine and Andarine but luckily for us, it’s non-suppressive of our natural hormones so no PCT is required. If you do feel any negative side effects from taking Cardarine, simply lower your dosage.
  • Stenabolic: Although it’s hard to classify Stenabolic as a SARM, most shops still do so. With that being said, you’ll not need PCT when taking it as it is completely non-suppressive.
  • MK 677: Ibutamoren doesn’t cause any hormonal disbalances in the body, so it’s pretty safe to use. You will not need PCT for it if you stick to the proper dosages and cycle.

All in all, we’ve learned that about half the SARMs on the market do need PCT while the other half doesn’t. Professionals usually like to stick to those that do require PCT as they give better results, while beginners are advised to stick to the milder versions in order to avoid any complications.

The good thing about SARMs is that they are not harmful and that one can take them in multiple cycles without experiencing any side effects at all. This applies only if you stick to your diet, exercise routines, and proper dosages.

The Absolute Best PCT For SARMs

When talking about the best PCT for SARMs, generally speaking, two SERMs come to mind: Nolvadex and Clomid. When comparing these two substances, we find out that Clomid is the stronger one among them but also has a significantly higher chance to cause side effects while taking it.

On the other hand, Nolvadex is a bit weaker and is generally recommended for SARMs that require a mild PCT cycle, such as Ligandrol.

Taking Ligandrol as an example, you should take 50mg of Nolvadex in the first week, lower the dosage to 30mg for the next two weeks and in the last week, you should only be taking 10mgs of it. The reason why we’re consistently lowering the dosage is that your body itself is gradually doing the job on its own, any more of the compound would be unnecessary.

Clomid, being the stronger of the two, is usually used by steroid users after a cycle. Clomid acts on very important growth hormones called Gonadotropins.

They regulate reproductive functions and sexual development through testosterone which means that the more Gonadotropins present, the more testosterone you’ll have in your body. This is something steroid users desperately need as their body is completely depleted and is not producing any testosterone of its own.

Clomid should be taken in a period of six weeks in dosages no higher than 100mgs. Most people like to start out with 100mgs during their first two weeks, halving the dosage for the next four weeks.

Clomid does carry some risk of side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea and hot flashes.

If you stick to our recommended dosages, you shouldn’t experience any of these and if you do, simply lower your dosage and you should be fine.

best post cycle therapy

Where To Buy Nolvadex or Clomid

There are millions of shops selling these two supplements and let us tell you something, most of them sell bunk product. The profit margins on these two products are very high and that’s why unscrupulous vendors capitalize on it by marketing their bull as these two substances, leading to some potentially nasty things to happen to the end-user.

Unfortunately, these vendors don’t care, they only have profit in mind and that’s their only goal. To save you from that disreputable crowd, we have spent years of our time researching the best SARMs vendors and markets that sell supplements.

From all of our collective experiences, we found SwissChems to be the best-suited option to buy your SERMs. SwissChems is a US-based manufacturer and seller of SARMs and many other supplements, including SERMs.

They have been in the market for years and know how to please a customer. Their customer service is top-notch and we’ve always had all of our questions answered within a 24 hour time period. SwissChems sells Nolvadex for $91.00 but if you pay in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, the price is lowered to only $72.80.

You get 100 capsules for your money, with each capsule containing 20mg of product for a total of 2000mgs.

Their Clomid is a bit more expensive, no wonder since its a lot stronger than Nolvadex.

It will cost you $99.00 if paid via any of the major credit cards and once again, if you opt for cryptocurrencies, you get it for 20% cheaper, only $79.20.

For your money, you’ll get 100 capsules, each containing 25mgs of product for a total of 2500mgs.

SwissChems does everything in its power to keep its SARMs and SERMs at the top of their game. They have their products tested by an independent third-party laboratory stationed in the US and you can get test results delivered with your order.

Their purity usually ranges from 98 to 100%.

SwissChems ships internationally, so you can buy from them even if you’re stationed outside the US, but your shipping times are going to be much longer, you’ll have to wait around ten business days.

If you’re from the US, you can expect your package in a matter of days. Our personal package took just three days to arrive!

A Natural Alternative to SERMs

For most people, Rebirth could be the most suitable PCT supplement out there.

You see, the thing is that most people aren’t hammering SARMs hard enough to need a full PCT like Clomid or Nolvadex. However, if you are using the more anabolic SARMs, or stacking them into a total high dose, you could need one of those more powerful Estrogen modulator supplements.

However, for a lot of people who have good levels of testosterone, who don’t drop that much, and aren’t using SARMs that heavily, Rebirth could be plenty good enough. It’s definitely the first thing you should consider trying, perhaps with Nolvadex on backup in case your T levels don’t bounce back up within a couple of weeks.

Rebirth is available over-the-counter because it’s not a prescription medicine. It only contains easily available all-natural ingredients, packed together into a single capsule that has the ability to raise testosterone slightly.

So you’re going to be taking six of these capsules each day. The capsules contain several ingredients that have been linked scientifically to raising testosterone levels slightly, in some cases by nearly 50%, but often lower.

Each capsule is packed with magnesium, vitamin D3, zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, boron citrate, ashwagandha, and the key ingredient of 2.5 g of D-Aspartic acid (linked in some studies to a 40% rise in testosterone levels at doses around 2000 mg over one month).

So this is safe to use, anyone can use it, and it’s gentle. It’s perfect for anyone who is using SARMs and is looking for a gentle bounce back afterward. Grab yourself a month’s worth for around $70, but always make sure you have Nolvadex available if you are new to SARMs, just in case your T levels don’t bounce back within a couple of weeks.

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