Cardarine Review: Effects, Dosage, Where To Find GW-501516 For Sale


Cardarine is best known for being a PPAR delta agonist, meaning that it activates the PPAR delta receptors in our bodies, making them burn any extra fat we have, especially in our muscles.

This fact is what drove many bodybuilders to start using this compound. Still, there are many questions left unanswered, such as the valid fear of the potential side effects of Cardarine, whether there will be any Cardarine results to see or where to buy the best and purest Cardarine.

These are all questions that need answering and in this article, we’ll be doing exactly that.

Let’s get started!

Benefits of Using Cardarine

There have been many studies conducted on Cardarine and so far the participants tolerated the compound very well. Many of them reported vast improvements in their gym session, so let us see what these benefits are and if they are backed up by science.

  • Fights Against Inflammation: Cardarine suppresses inflammation in the body by activating the PPAR delta receptors. This helps bodybuilders recover faster.
  • Potential To Cure Diabetes: There haven’t been many studies conducted for this and research is still going on, but insofar, Cardarine has shown itself beneficial when it came to insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.
  • Better Endurance and Stamina: Cardarine has been shown to massively improve endurance and stamina in mice and anecdotal evidence seems to point out that that trait is shared among humans too. Mice and humans aren’t so different after all.
  • Lowers Total And LDL Cholesterol Levels: In a study on mice that have been fed with fatty foods, no changes in total and LDL cholesterol levels have been noted during the use of Cardarine. This suggests that Cardarine has the ability to lower those levels in people with weight problems and diabetes patients.
  • Increased Vascularity: Because of Cardarine acts on the entire body, you will notice your veins start to protrude out of your skin in a beautiful fashion. You will start to notice these results by week three during a Cardarine cycle.
  • Fat And Weight Loss: Many users have reported losing vast amounts of fat and weight during a Cardarine cycle. They say that the fat fell off on its own, without them changing their diets too much.

The Proper Cardarine Dosage

Your Cardarine dosage shouldn’t be too high because the compound is effective enough in lower dosages. You’re best off starting out with 10mg a day for the first week and then increasing the dosage to 15mg if you’re a beginner or 20mg if you’re a seasoned bodybuilder.

These dosages will ensure that you don’t experience any potential side effects from this supplement, while still providing you with the benefits we outlined in the previous chapter. One thing to note is that Cardarine has a short half life, so you’re best off taking it twice a day in the recommended dosages.

Cardarine dosage

The Proper Cardarine Cycle

A proper Cardarine cycle lasts anywhere between six to eight weeks. It’s not recommended to go over two months as that could lead to some of the side effects we’ll talk about later.

Beginners usually have a six week Cardarine cycle, while seasoned bodybuilders stick to eight weeks. You will not need any post cycle therapy after taking Cardarine since it’s not suppressive of any of your natural hormones in the body.

You should, however, take a period off any supplements after a Cardarine cycle for at least eight weeks, so that your body can return you back to baseline.

Stacking Cardarine With Other SARMs

You will stack Cardarine depending on what you want to do with your body.

If you want to go on a cut, the best stack would be one between Ostarine and Cardarine. The Ostarine will help you out with fat loss while Cardarine will give you the endurance and stamina needed to build lean muscle.

You should take 15mg of Cardarine and 25mg of Ostarine for no longer than eight weeks. If you’re a beginner with this stack, we recommend going with 10mg of Cardarine and 20mg of Ostarine for six weeks.

You will not need any PCT after this cycle but you should let your body rest for at least eight weeks.

If you’re bulking, Cardarine is best stacked with Testolone. Testolone is crazy good when it comes to building up muscle, so it’s the perfect combo since Cardarine provides you with the energy to turn your extra nutrients into the muscle.

You should start off with 5mg of Testolone and 7,5mg of Cardarine on your first week and up the dosage to 15mg of Cardarine and 10mg of Testolone for the next seven weeks. This stack is not recommended for beginners. Since Testolone is mildly suppressive, you will need a mini PCT cycle after doing this stack. Take Nolvadex for six weeks after your cycle and you will do just fine.

Cardarine Stack

Possible Side Effects of Using Cardarine

 Studies on rats have shown that Cardarine is generally well tolerated and that there aren’t any side effects to be afraid of. The problem is that humans and especially bodybuilders are oftentimes impatient with their results so they take Cardarine in very high dosages for prolonged periods of time. This can lead to some side effects to be experienced.

Now, before we move on with the potential side effects of using Cardarine, we first have to address the rumor that Cardarine causes cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth, it has actually been shown that Cardarine has a negative effect on cancer cells and that it could potentially be used as a cure for cancer!

This means that the rumors are false since we have scientific proof that Cardarine stops cancer cells from growing. With that being said, let’s finally explore the side effects users experienced on high dosages of Cardarine.

  • Nausea: Only experienced on very high dosages. A few people have also reported nausea when taking Cardarine for the first time, don’t worry, it will go away in a few days.
  • Liver Damage?: Another rumor which has to be broken. Yes, a study has shown that Cardarine causes liver damage but it was only on those participants that have already had a damaged liver, to begin with. If you’re a healthy individual, you have nothing to fear.
  • Constipation or Diarrhea: Although these two are completely contradictory terms, those on high dosages reported experiencing one or the other. If you experience stomach pain or cramps, lower your damn dosage!

That would be it for the alleged side effects. If you’re a healthy individual with no preexisting medical conditions, you will be able to take Cardarine like candy so don’t worry. You don’t even need PCT for it, that’s how mild it is!

Cardarine Reviews Online – What Other SARM Users Say About Cardarine

Even though science agrees that Cardarine is harmless, it’s always good to see some first hand experience when it comes to the substance you’re taking. Experience is the biggest gift on earth and if we can learn something from others, without putting ourselves in harm’s way, we should do exactly that.

With that being said, let’s see what some people say about Cardarine online.

Our first user experience comes from Reddit, where the original poster took 30mg of Cardarine for 30 days expecting to become Hulk Hogan after that. He says that he didn’t feel much different than before and that the Cardarine had no effects at all on him! Even though he dropped four pounds and gained some lean muscle, no, that wasn’t enough for him. He even admitted feeling more rested between runs but that still wasn’t enough. Some people are so impatient that not even steroids would give them their desired results.

You can’t expect Cardarine to give you superpowers after just four weeks, that’s just ludicrous.

This goes out as a warning to anyone reading this, if you expect results fast, not only Cardarine, but SARMs themselves aren’t for you.

Our next story comes from a user named ‘oscarhs’ from very popular bodybuilding and supplement forum. He reported that he lost most of his fat during the first two weeks of using Cardarine, he felt it slow down a little after that. He also says that he felt the increased endurance and that he was going crazy at the gym with all his newfound stamina. He only did 10mg of it a day, a good dose for a beginner.

As we can see, Cardarine works but it doesn’t cause wonders to happen. Bodybuilding takes YEARS of time and dedication and Cardarine is just a supplement, not a ticket to becoming God.

Cardarine stack

Cardarine Results You Can Expect

The Cardarine results you can expect are amazing. A majority of users immediately report losing weight and fat, even in their first week!

By the second week, you will the extra endurance kicking in and you will perform so much better in the gym. Also, your recovery times are going to be cut in half, so you will progress in a much faster pace than before.

By week four, you will gain lean muscle mass while still losing fat and weight. You will see your LDL cholesterol fall, your hair becomes shinier, your cognitive abilities improved and lastly, increased vascularity.

By week eight, you will have lost between 5 to 8% of your total body fat while also gaining at least 5cms (two inches) of raw muscle on your biceps and triceps. All in all, you will not turn into a monster but you will definitely feel the difference.

Cardarine results

Places That Offer Cardarine For Sale

There are many places that offer GW-501516 for sale but not many of them are trustworthy. Most of these vendors peddling cheap GW-501516 for sale aren’t even offering the compound in question. You see, after the recent wave of bans in China regarding their supplement market, their businesses have rebranded themselves as SARMs stores in order to be able to enter the Western market.

Even though Cardarine isn’t technically a SARM, to begin with, many associates it with them as they have similar effects on the human body.

The problem is, in order to offer it as cheap as they do, they mix various dangerous and downright illegal chemicals and brand it as SARMs.

That’s why you have to be very careful when buying SARMs online. Always use shops that offer recent lab test results, a money-back guarantee and that have decent reviews on online forums and bodybuilding communities.

We have saved you the trouble of searching these stores, which takes ages as anyone can open an online store nowadays. We will now show you where to buy Cardarine in the next and final chapter of this article!

Where To Buy Cardarine

 In this section, we’ll show you where to buy Cardarine with the highest purity rates and at the most affordable prices available online!

Let’s get started!

  1. Science.Bio has been in the supplement game for a long time under the brand name They are a US manufacturer and seller of SARMs.

They sell Cardarine at a very cheap price point, only $40.00 for a vial that contains 30ml, with each ml equating to 20mg of a product up to a total of 600mgs.  If you’re buying in bulk, you can get it even cheaper. You get 10% off if you’re buying with cryptocurrencies

Their Cardarine boasts a 99% purity rate and is tested by an independent third-party laboratory stationed in the US.

They sadly don’t offer free shipping, you’ll have to order over 300$ worth of product to be eligible for free shipping. Their shipping times are quite fast, our package was delivered in less than three days and we were very satisfied with the contents inside.

cardarine reviews

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides are very popular in the supplement game. They are operating from the US and have been doing so since the beginning.

Their Cardarine is a bit cheaper than the one from, but you also get less for your money. They price it at $39.99 and you get 150mg worth of product for your money. They only sell the liquid version of this supplement. Proven Peptides offers free shipping on all of their orders above $75.

Their Cardarine has a purity rate of 99,2%, one of the highest numbers we’ve ever seen. Their shipping times are amazingly fast, we got our package in less than two days of waiting.

cardarine for sale

  1. SARMS4YOU – Best Place To Buy Cardarine For EU Citizens

Being the only legit company operating from Europe, SARMs4You boasts itself as a pioneer in all things SARMs related. They even offer accessories such as scales for your convenience.

They sell Cardarine in two versions, in capsule form, and as a raw powder. The capsule version costs €50.00 (56.34$) and contains 600mg worth of product, with there being 60 capsules in the bottle, each worth 10mgs of product.

The raw powder costs between $45.00 and $327, depending on the amount you’re getting. You can choose numbers between 1 to 10 grams when it comes to their powder.

If you’re buying in bulk, you can get it even cheaper.

They don’t offer free shipping unless you buy more than 120 euros (135 dollars) worth of product, so unless you’re buying in bulk, be prepared for the extra shipping costs. Their Cardarine is very pure, 99% pure to be exact and they offer to send lab results with every shipment which is a great way to conduct business as you instill a sense of safety into your customer.

Lastly, their shipping times vary depending on location. It took our package 10 days to arrive in the US, but that’s because they are shipping from Europe. If you’re from Europe, however, you will not find a better place to buy Cardarine than this store. A friend of ours from Norway ordered a batch and it came within three days, which is more accepting of transit time.

To conclude, we have now acquainted ourselves with everything we need to know about this compound in this Cardarine review.where to buy cardarine

Now we’re ready to make an informed decision on whether Cardarine is something for us or not and with that being said, see you next time and happy bodybuilding!

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