The Certo Drug Test Method: Can You Pass A Urine Test With Sure Jell?

Certo drug test

The Certo drug test method is one of the more talked about ways of passing a drug test using non-specialist products. It’s what called a “home remedy” drug test method.

Most home remedies are awful and dangerous. But saying that, there is some evidence that the Certo drug test method, otherwise known as the Sure Jell detox, actually works. So we are going to talk you through the full Certo drug test instructions here, and explain in detail why it could work, and why it could let you down.

On top of that, we will talk about alternative strategies to home remedies like the Certo drug test method that have potentially higher chances of success.

What Is The Sure Jell Detox Method?

certo for drug testCerto is a brand of fruit pectin. That’s why it’s also sometimes known as the Sure Jell detox method. It’s basically just brand names for fruit pectin, which means that a generic supermarket fruit pectin concentrate will also work for this method.

I’ll go through the detailed Certo drug test Method instructions in a moment, but the basic principle is that you drink it alongside other ingredients to flush out drug toxins.

The other ingredients help to keep the balance in your urine, so your sample appears natural and not diluted, basically still containing the things it should. The fruit pectin, however, is a more controversial thing when it comes to explaining what it does.

Fruit pectin is a fiber, which means it creates bile, which is then extracted with the fiber through the bowels. So it’s pulling things out through the bowels, rather than flushing them out through the bladder.

This is brilliant, because cannabis metabolites attach to cells in the body, and then mostly work their way out through the bowels, rather than the bladder. So if you can get them to be drawn out through the creation of bile, and then taken out through the bowels more readily, then you will have fewer cannabis metabolites in your body.

But that ignores two crucial facts:

  1. It might not be cannabis metabolites that you have in your body, in which case the vast majority of them work their way out through your bladder, making the whole point around five and the bowels irrelevant.
  2. Even if it is cannabis metabolites, studies have shown that only around 60% of those are carried out through the bowels. That still leaves up to 40% to work their way out through your bladder. Fruit pectin does nothing about this. Sure, the liquid in other ingredients that you drink alongside it can flush out your bladder, but unless it does it efficiently, you are still screwed.

Certo Drug Test Instructions

So before I go into the details around whether the Certo drug test method works at all, let’s talk you through the Certo for drug test instructions in detail, so you can see exactly how it works.

  1. During the 48 hours before your drug test, abstain from toxins and drink as much water as possible. Do a natural detox alongside this, where you exercise, rest well, and generally give your body a chance to flush out as many toxins at peak efficiency as possible.
  2. The night before your test, mix your first packet of fruit pectin (could be generic, could be Sure Jell, could be Certo, it doesn’t really matter) with a 32 fluid ounce sports drink. Something like Gatorade is popular, but anything that contains a high glucose content will work.
  3. Drink this first mixture. You’re then meant to then go to bed. However, after drinking all that, I guarantee you will be up half the night on the toilet before you even consider the energy from the sports drink making your brain and body rush. So personally, I’d make you do it at least four hours before you go to bed, so your body has a chance to process things and then give you a chance to go to the toilet and get rid of some of the toxins before you sleep.
  4. On the day of your test, drink water frequently, at least 32 fluid ounces during the 4 hours before your test.
  5. Two hours before your test time, mix the second pack of fruit pectin with the second bottle of sports drink. You will also add to this mixture a teaspoon of creatine monohydrate, and mix well.
  6. Drink this second mixture in about 15 minutes. While you are drinking, take the multivitamin pill, and vitamin B2 pill. Then urinate as frequently as possible.

Sure jell drug test

Does Certo Work For All Drugs?

Once you’ve followed all of the Certo drug test instructions you should be clean to pass a drug test about an hour after the second dose. That effect should last around five hours, before fresh toxins will start to leak into your urine.

But I think the bigger question than does Certo work for all drugs, is does the Certo method work for drugs at all?

If you look online, there are tons of videos on YouTube telling you how well this method works. Wherever you look on forums that discuss home remedies to pass drug tests, you will see people saying that the Sure Jell detox method works for them.

There are also abbreviated instructions for people who have to face a drug test at short notice. Just do the second dose of fruit pectin and the other ingredients, +32 fluid ounces of water, urinate frequently, and then go and take your test.

Whichever way you do it, it’s going to be a lottery. It will depend on your metabolism, how big you are, and how many metabolites you have in your body. Also, the type of metabolites will make a difference. If it’s not weed metabolites, then the whole drinking fruit pectin thing is utterly pointless anyway.

The Gatorade and other ingredients act as a detox drink does. They flush out your urine, and then the overdose of creatine and vitamins will go straight through your liver and kidneys, and hit your urine, making it appear more natural, rather than diluted. But because this isn’t balanced in the way that a professional detox drink is, it’s another lottery.

So for me, the conclusion of this quick Certo drug test review is it could work if you’re desperate, but there are far better options out there that I would always pick first.

Home Remedies To Avoid

Before I move on to what works, I want to talk about home remedies to avoid passing a drug test.

Hopefully, you have already realized that the Sure Jell detox is a lottery. Although there is a basis in fact for it drawing out more metabolites if you are a weed smoker, it doesn’t address the whole situation in a balanced way, and virtually ignores the fact you will still have metabolites in your urine, and you are using a very poor detox drink substitute to deal with that fact.

But there are even worse home remedies out there that simply will not work:

  • Drinking baking soda mixed with water or lemon juice
  • Drinking lemon juice or vinegar
  • Drinking any sort of acidic juice or vinegar
  • Consuming vast quantities of any sort of tea
  • Drinking bleach!
  • Drinking the even more insane mixture of bleach and baking soda!

So look, if you are a weed smoker and you’re desperate, then the Certo drug test method might work for you, but it’s a 50-50 chance, and please avoid any of the crazy methods I’ve just outlined above.

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Sure Jell Drug Test Alternatives

 If you want to pass a urine sample drug test then there are far better options out there than the Sure Jell drug test method.

These are all professional products. I’ve used them myself in live drug tests, or the purposes of testing to review the products. I also know people who have passed a real drug test using all of the things I’m going to tell you about now.

But they do cost money. However, if you’re up for a drug test then you are going to have to invest in money to pass it if you are riddled with drug metabolites. You simply cannot just hope you’ll get through it using some home remedy.

  1. Synthetic Urine

The best way to pass a drug test is not the Certo Sure Jell method, nor is it actually detox drinks. For me, the best way to pass a drug test is to submit a completely fake sample using synthetic urine. That takes the margin of error away.

However, the downside is you have to get the best synthetic urine available, that has the most complex formula that will pass checks to make sure it’s valid.

You’ll also have to submit it within the correct temperature range, between 90°F and 100°F, which is tough to do if you have poor quality heatpads to try and keep it warm for an hour or more as you head off to the lab.

Plus, it’s only suitable for an unsupervised drug test. You can’t submit a fake sample if you’re being watched. But for an unsupervised pre-employment drug test it’s perfect, because you may even be in a different room, or at least behind the screen where you will not be seen at all.

The two best brands out there are Sub Solution and Quick Luck. Both of these will do, but Quick Luck is a slightly more complex formula. Both of these use heat activator powder, rather than heatpads, which allows you to raise the temperature of the sample before you go into the testing lab, removing all the lottery around the correct temperature. You can order both from Testnegative.

If you can’t afford the $80+ for Quick Luck or Sub Solution, then Quick Fix 6.2 is the best budget option. It costs around $40 and uses heatpads. But for a basic pre-employment drug test, the formula will definitely be complex enough to pass, and the heatpads are pretty reliable for the money you are spending.

  1. Detox Drinks

If you really don’t have the balls to use synthetic urine, then a detox drink is your best option. Remember how instructions for the Sure Jell method used Gatorade plus creatine, plus vitamins, well a detox drink is similar in structure.

However, a professional detox drink has the power in its ingredients to flush out the drug toxins in your bladder. It then overloads your body with vitamins, minerals, and creatine, so that they pass through your filtering system and into your bladder.

This stops your urine looking so diluted, as urine always contains elements of these because the body almost always has more than it needs. Because of how the drink is constructed, it does this in balance, so it’s more difficult to spot that it’s been done.

So as you can see, that’s far more certain to work than a thrown together detox drink made from Certo and Gatorade.

The three detox drinks I would recommend, based on my own experiences in testing, and those of my friends, are as follows:

Rather than messing around drinking fruit pectin, all you have to do is drink one of these high-quality detox drinks an hour before you leave to submit your sample. Then urinate a couple of times, and you will have flushed out the toxins, and maintained the balance of your urine for up to 5 hours, plenty of time to go and submit your sample.

Does Mega Clean work

So there you go, I would only suggest using the Certo drug test method as a last resort, and only then if you can’t get your hands on a bottle of Qcarbo or Mega Clean in your local Walmart.

Preparations is the key, and I would always recommend you have synthetic urine and detox drinks in your home so that if you are going to be called up for a drug test at short notice, you will have something more certain than Certo.

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