Does The Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method Really Work?

cranberry juice drug test

When people are looking for ways to pass a drug test, the Cranberry juice drug test method will be something that comes up frequently if you’re looking for home remedy solutions that are cheap and quick to get your hands on.

The key question is though: does the cranberry juice drug test method actually work?

What I’m going to do here is talk you through the method of using Cranberry juice to try and detox for a drug test. I’ll explain why people think it can work, and if there’s any scientific evidence to back that up.

Plus I’ll also discuss other home remedies that people try, and the solutions I’d recommend to guarantee to pass your upcoming drug test.

The Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method

The cranberry juice drug test method is pretty straightforward, which is one of the reasons that people cite it as a way to easily pass a drug test, especially at short notice.

The cranberry juice method consists of the following steps:

  1. Four hours before your drug test you start drinking the cranberry juice. Over the next three hours, you’re going to have to drink a gallon of it.
  2. During the three hours you’re drinking a gallon of cranberry juice, you should also be sipping from 16 oz of water and urinating as frequently as possible.
  3. 15 minutes before you leave your drug test, urinate again to make sure that you got rid of all the drug toxins, and go take your test.
  4. An optional part of the cranberry juice drug test method is to do a 24 or 48-hour complete natural detox before the day of your test to make sure as many toxins have left your body as possible, without more going in.

Now although you’ll read variations of this method online, with different processes, other things you take alongside the cranberry juice, and different amounts of cranberry juice to drink, it all amounts to the same thing: an attempt to flush out all the drug toxins to pass a drug test.

is cranberry juice good for drug test

Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test?

So the million-dollar question I have to answer for you here is: does Cranberry Juice help pass a drug test? I’m pretty sure that you already half suspect it doesn’t….and you would be right.

There is literally nothing scientifically in cranberry juice that would help eradicate drug toxins any more than just drinking water.

A specialist detox drink has to achieve the following:

  • The liquid has to be constructed to ensure drug toxins are removed from throughout the bladder and urinary tract
  • The detox drink has to flush out the toxins moving into your bladder through your kidneys
  • The detox drink has to flood your body with things found in urine so that some find their way through as waste and the balance of your urine appears natural for a few hours.

Now cranberry juice is brilliant stuff. It’s a strong natural antioxidant, and alongside a healthy lifestyle, it will really get you healthier. Cranberry juice is also fantastic as a diuretic, you’ll urinate more frequently, which is I think the reason why it’s turned into an urban myth for passing a drug test.

Plus, cranberry juice has been used successfully to calm urinary tract infections, another reason I suspect it’s linked to somehow magically removing drug toxins.

The truth is that drinking cranberry juice before a drug test is completely pointless. What does Cranberry juice do for drug test results? The truth is it does absolutely nothing.

Home Remedies Do Not Work

This applies to all home remedies. There are literally no exceptions. The reason is simple. None of them contain any specialist ingredients which can flush out drug toxins and retain the natural balance of your urine.

Every single home remedy is either complete nonsense or requires a huge volume of liquid to flush your system out. Even if you can flush out all the drug toxins with the volume of liquid you drink, your urine will not be balanced, it won’t contain creatinine, it won’t contain waste vitamins and minerals always found in human urine. It will be balanced for pH and specific gravity, and it will be very weak in urea and uric acid content.

Drinking white wine or apple vinegar doesn’t work. Neither does drinking any sort of tea, Certo, green tea, Palo Azul. None of these home remedy methods works.

Spend Money On QUALITY Detox Drinks

So my first warning again is don’t cut corners by trying to use home remedies like the cranberry juice drug test method, they simply don’t work.

My second warning is not to use poor quality detox drinks that you can buy, things like Stinger detox, Qcarbo32, or Rely Detox.

These are the brands of a detox drink that will help to pass a drug test:

Instructions for all of these are really simple and don’t require additional water.

Two hours before your drug test drink the contents of whichever one you choose to buy, although Mega Clean is definitely slightly weaker than the other two. But if you buy it from Test Clear it comes bundled with six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills, so as long as you do a 24-hour detox before the day of your test it’s just a strong.

Over the next hour urinate several times to flush out your system. Then go and take your drug test. It’s really that simple.

You should have a clear window of between three and five hours using these high-quality detox drinks. If you are high in toxin exposure though, even a professional quality detox drink like these might struggle, because the toxins will be coming out of your kidneys almost constantly meaning the window of opportunity is very small.

detox drinks for THC

Best Option To Pass A Drug Test: Synthetic Urine

If you’re a chronic weed smoker or another type of drug user, you’re doing stuff most days of the week and you’ve always got drug metabolites leaving your body pretty much all the time, then your best option is to not mask the toxins at all. Forget drinking cranberry juice before a drug test, and forget professional-quality detox drinks as well.

The nuclear option is fake urine.

Synthetic urine means you’re not submitting your own at all. If you buy a high-quality brand like Sub Solution then it will mimic human urine so closely that it’s guaranteed to pass. Plus, Sub Solution doesn’t use a heatpad to keep it warm. It uses heat activator powder, which removes the biggest problem with failing a drug test using fake urine, namely, submitting it outside the correct temperature range for human urine.

Sub Solution is not available in Smoke shops, just in specialist online webshops.

If you’re on a budget, Quick Fix is a good second option at half the price of Sub Solution ($40). However, Quick Fix is a much more basic formula and only really suitable for a basic five-panel pre-employment drug test.

So there you go, synthetic urine and high-quality professional detox drinks are the best ways to pass a drug test. Please do not attempt to pass a drug test using the cranberry juice method, or any other home remedy method.

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