Detoxify Green Clean Review

green clean detox drink

Detoxify is a big name in the drug test avoidance product marketplace. This detailed Detoxify Green Clean review will tell you everything you need to know about one of those products.

It’s called Green Clean because is based around green tea, containing a green tea “meta boost” component. But what does that actually do?

So in this detailed review of Detoxify Green Clean, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about using this product, and whether it works, to answer the question around if you should use Green Clean detox for a drug test.

As well as all that, I will tell you about the rest of the products in the Detoxify range, tell you the ones I’ve used, and give you a better idea of which Detoxify detox products I would recommend you use.

Detoxify Product Line

 Detoxify is a popular company that produce some really good products, including one of my favorite detox drinks, Mega Clean.

They also produce another good quality detox drink called Xxtra Clean, but that’s a 16 fluid ounce bottle which is meant for smaller body sizes, or people with less toxin exposure (that means fewer drug toxins in their body).

They can be quite a confusing company because they sell quite a large range of detoxification products that all have similar names and all have the same red packaging and branding.

Which is why it can get confusing, and why I thought a proper Detoxify Green Clean review was in order here, to help clear up some of that confusion. And of course, to tell you if it works!

What Is Detoxify Green Clean?

 Detoxify Green Clean is a single day detoxification program.

Now, this is where it gets a bit uncertain for me. It’s a one day program, that says it detoxifies your body. But I’m telling you it’s impossible to detox yourself in one day.

Think about it, you’ve got potentially thousands of drug metabolites in your body at that point, and there is no way that something you drink can drag toxins out of your bloodstream. It can speed things up, it can mask them, but there’s no way you can eradicate them all in a single day.

So for me, Detoxify Green Clean is actually another type of detox drink. A detox drink is a masking agent. It flushes out the toxins and maintains the balance of your urine so that you can be clean for a few hours to pass a drug test.

So although it mentions things like “intensive cleaning”, there is absolutely nothing concrete about what Detoxify Green Clean is actually meant to achieve. But I’m telling you, it’s certainly will not properly detox you, that takes time.

Green clean detox

Green Clean Detox Review: Instructions

 I actually got hold of Detoxify Green Clean for a cheap price. I would have steered clear of this detoxification product but I saw it on Amazon for just $14, a crazy price, and it was from a seller on there who I knew was selling the original stock.

So as it was only costing 14 bucks I took the plunge and decided to test it out. I haven’t smoked weed for a couple of days, so there really was a great opportunity to see if Green Clean detox for drug test use is a possibility.

Instructions for using Green Clean detox are:

  1. Drink the contents of the Green Clean Cleansing blend bottle.
  2. Then drink the contents of the Green Clean meta boost bottle.
  3. You can mix drinking each bottle with sips from up to 16oz of water.
  4. 30 minutes later, drink 32oz of water.
  5. Urinate frequently and continue drinking water.

Now if that all sounds familiar, it’s basically exactly the same process as you would go through to drink a normal detox drink.

Also, look at the way the instructions are structured. You basically drink in both the bottles straight after each other. So what’s the point in two bottles? The truth is there is no point, it’s just a detox drink split into two bottles so it sounds like a more potent formula.

The crucial question is does Detoxify Green Clean work?

For me, it doesn’t. I like Detoxify Mega Clean a lot, it’s always worked for me, and I was expecting Detoxify Green Clean to at least match that, as it is basically a detox drink.

However, I did a home drug test kit and failed one after finishing the Detoxify Green Clean process. To make sure, 30 minutes later, and another glass of water later, I took another home drug test, and that was positive as well.

The fact that it came back positive, and I hadn’t smoked, showed that this is not a good product. Taking a look online, places like Amazon and eBay where feedback is going to be real, there’s a lot of negative reviews on there as well.

Should You Use Green Clean Detox For A Drug Test?

 So I think you already know the answer to this, whether you should use Green Clean for drug test success, the answer is no.

For me, it’s just a weak detox drink that has been split into two bottles to make it seem more like a scientific formula. It’s literally just a detox drink with a concentrated green tea formula.

Green tea is a diuretic, so you might urinate more frequently, and it does have minor detoxification benefits, but certainly not drinking such a small amount expecting it to work in 30 minutes.

detoxify green clean detox

Detoxify Products I Recommend

 I’ll be honest, I don’t know why Detoxify keeps releasing new detox products. I do in a way, it’s because they want fresh things to market, so that people are more likely to buy them.

Mega Clean, Mighty Clean, Xxtra Clean, Green Clean, all in red boxes, all looking exactly the same, but dramatically different in quality. It just confuses people, and people get caught out as a result. That’s not responsible.

However, the two products from Detoxify do I know works are Mega Clean and Xxtra Clean.

But Xxtra Clean is only a 16oz bottle designed for smaller people or people with light toxin exposure. It’s more of a gamble unless you really know you fall into those categories.

So for me, I would always recommend Mega Clean. It’s a good product, I’ve used it once in live drug tests myself, and I know people who have used it successfully for pre-employment drug testing as well. I strongly recommend you to buy Mega Clean with Toxin Rid pre rid pills. For more info and instructions on how to use Mega Clean&Toxin Rid combo, click here.

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