Green Kratom Review

green kratom effects

This is going to be a very honest green kratom review. You’ll read a lot of reviews of green kratom that talk about endless nuances in effects, and how each nuance can subtly change an aspect of your life.

But some of that is just marketing talk, and a lot of green kratom is exactly the same, even if it says it’s from different regions. So let’s tell you the truth in this green kratom review, by getting down and dirty with what it actually is, and what it can do.

I’ll talk to you in detail about green vein kratom effects, and the sort of green vein kratom dosage you should be using, based on three years of my own experimenting.

We will then conclude this review of green kratom by giving you a comparison between two popular strains of green, and also where I always buy my green vein kratom.

What Is Green Kratom Exactly?

To tell you what green kratom is, we have to talk about kratom generally. You have red, green, and white.

Think of it as a spectrum. At one end you have white vein, which is energizing, uplifting, makes the brain buzz, makes your body buzz. At the other end of the spectrum, you have red kratom, which is great for physical and emotional pain relief, producing analgesia and sedation, chilling you out, calming you down.

In the middle of that spectrum sits green kratom. It’s more gentle than red or white, and takes some of the effects from both ends of the spectrum, giving you some energy and mood lifts, some chilling out and pain relief, but not in the overwhelming way that a similar dose of white, or red, would produce.

So basically, green vein kratom effects tend to be broader across the spectrum of kratom effects, and more gentle. That’s why it’s seen as less effective by some people because it doesn’t produce dramatic effects at one end of the spectrum or the other.

Green Vein Kratom Effects Explained

So now you understand the spectrum kratom effects create, let’s look at green vein kratom effects in detail. You’ll get some benefits of white and red kratom, but on a lower scale:

  • Boost in mood
  • More physical energy
  • The feeling of calm (minus sedation)
  • Ability to focus better
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Slight analgesia (pain relief)

Now obviously the spectrum of green kratom matters a bit as well, different types will give you different focuses on those positive benefits. So you will have to experiment with different types of green vein kratom to get the effect you want.

Green Vein Kratom Dosage

 But is not always just about the green vein kratom you take, just as kratom is a spectrum drug, so the dose is a spectrum as well.

At a low dose, green vein kratom effects will be minor. Green vein kratom dosage of a couple of grams will give you a small boost in energy and focus, and you may feel ever so slightly calmer, but that will be about it.

Double that dose, and things start to kick in. Around 4-5 grams of pure green kratom, of any type, you’ll feel significantly more relaxed, but still more focused, with more mental and physical energy, you’ll basically just feel good.

At a higher dose, of around 6-10 grams, the effects start to be overwhelming, depending on who you are, and the type of kratom. Those effects could give you more energy, or more sedation, you won’t be quite sure which end of the spectrum of effects you’re at until you start to slip towards them.

At a very high dose level, around the level of the 10+ gram, some green kratom can tip into euphoria, and then slip into sedation, other green kratom strains can tip you more towards sedation than hitting any type of euphoria. Again, experimentation with different strains of green kratom is going to be key, then you will know the green vein kratom dosage that works for you, for each strain you like.

green kratom dosage

Green Malay Vs Green Borneo Kratom

I’ll be honest, there’s not a huge amount to choose from between Green Malay Vs Green Borneo kratom. They are very similar strains. So don’t believe the hype. It’s the purity that matters more than the strain.

Some people say that Green Malay is very euphoric and uplifting, but with a smoothness and calmness that makes it perfect for going out on, but without the jitteriness and out-of-control that of white brings.

Green Borneo is basically harvested in the same regions, and you’re getting basically the same green kratom. So there really isn’t a lot to choose between them.

It all comes down to whether you get pure kratom from the right region, that’s been sold from the supplier in good condition, and labeled up and sold right by the retailer here in the USA.

But if you get the real deal, then Green Malay is more uplifting and euphoric, and Green Borneo, although uplifting, tends slightly more towards producing calmness.

Places To Buy Pure Green Kratom

 So look, the conclusion of my brutally honest green kratom review, is that green vein kratom effects aren’t as dramatically different as you would be led to believe. One strain of green kratom can be incredibly similar to another, a lot of it is about quality and dosage, rather than where it has originated from.

For me, the number one place to buy green vein kratom, to get great effects, at low dosage, is Coastline Kratom.

Coastline Kratom sells every type of kratom you can think of, direct from the source in Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s great quality, lab tested for purity, and packaged beautifully. It’s always bitter-tasting and smells really earthy.

Not only do they sell all the standard green vein kratom strains, but I want to point you towards the fact that they sell Ultra Enhanced Green Malay kratom. This is really potent stuff, and in my experience, it definitely produces sweeter effects at a lower dose than standard Green Malay.

green vein kratom effects

They also do a beginners pack that contains green, white and red kratom in small doses. Interestingly, another good beginner option is their green kratom starter pack. You can get Green Malay, and Green Borneo, in capsules or powder form, with 10% off as a one-time discount.

The second place I’ll tell you about is PurKratom. They do Green Vein Borneo kratom in capsules. I’ve never experienced a better Borneo kratom than those capsules.

Capsules are more expensive than powder because they have to obviously be made. But you get an exact dose, and you know that they are perfectly fresh, because the kratom is not only stored in the capsules but also then an airtight container.

So if you’re looking to get started with green vein kratom effects, then the capsules from PurKratom could be perfect.

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