Complete Guide: How To Cheat A Nicotine Test

how to cheat a nicotine test

In this quick guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to successfully cheat a nicotine test of any scrutiny. You’ll be relieved to hear it’s actually quite easy to learn how to pass a cotinine test in 24 hours, once you understand how long nicotine stays in your system from vaping and smoking, and how you can avoid a positive result.

You’re going to learn everything you need to know from when you could face a nicotine drug test, through to how one works, how long nicotine stays in your system, and how you can pass a blood, saliva, hair, and urine test for nicotine.

When You Could Face A Nicotine Drug Test

Nicotine testing is actually far more usual than most people realize. In the USA at least, there are several reasons why you could face a nicotine drug test, and it’s not just for the obvious life insurance nicotine test reason:

  • Court order testing in child custody cases (unusual)
  • Applying for health insurance and life insurance
  • Before doctors will do certain surgical procedures
  • For some employment purposes (unusual)
  • For suspected nicotine overdose
  • For participation in/part of some smoking cessation programs

How A Nicotine Drug Test Works 

The first step to learning how to cheat a nicotine test is to understand exactly how one works and what it looks for.

A nicotine test doesn’t actually look for nicotine. The thing is you see, nicotine exits the body really fast, mostly disappearing from your system in just a few hours in some cases.

But the breaking down of nicotine by the liver stimulates the production of a chemical in the body called cotinine. This lingers for far longer, and it’s cotinine that nicotine drug tests actually look for the presence of most of the time.

A nicotine/cotinine drug test could be a hair, saliva, blood, or urine drug test. However, a nicotine blood test is incredibly rare, most commonly it’s urine, followed by the hair, and more rarely saliva.

how to pass a nicotine drug test

How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your System From Vaping & Smoking?

You may not need to try and mask the fact you have been smoking at all, it depends on how much time you’ve got before your drug test. Although I will just say that if it’s a hair drug test and if you’ve smoked in the past 90 days you will get caught.

This (broadly) is how long nicotine stays in your system from vaping and smoking (both are the same you are inhaling nicotine):

  • Nicotine/cotinine detection time in saliva up to 3 days
  • Nicotine/cotinine detection time in urine up to 4 days
  • Nicotine/cotinine detection time in blood up to 10 days
  • Nicotine/cotinine detection time in hair up to 90 days

I will just say here as well that it depends on the type of test you are having. Nicotine is only detectable in blood from a maximum of three days, and often much less. But cotinine is detectable in blood for up to 10 days. That’s the same in urine as well. In saliva, cotinine can be detectable for up to 7 days, whereas nicotine disappears in three days and often far less.

But the trouble is you won’t know what type of drug test you are facing, they won’t tell you if they are searching for nicotine, cotinine, or both.

Also, be aware that these are average detection times for nicotine. Physiological and social factors will feed into this, as well as diet, exercise, and how much and how often you smoke.

Another factor is how much nicotine you are consuming. If you are vaping at a low nicotine content level, then it stands to reason you going to generate less cotinine than by smoking a high nicotine content vape juice. That’s the same with cigarettes as well.

So again, it’s not easy to predict how long it will take to be clean. If you are wanting to learn how to cheat a nicotine test, then you just have to work on the basis that you will need to cheat it, not to assume that you can simply wait a few days and then test clean.

How To Pass A Cotinine Test In 24 Hours

But the truth is that most of the time if you are needing to learn how to pass a cotinine test in 24 hours, then you are screwed because you just cannot do any sort of natural detox even if you accelerate it with high-quality detox pills.

So that only leaves you a few options. What I’m going to do now is talk you through each option for each type of drug test you could face for nicotine.

1. Urine sample drug test for nicotine

If you know you are facing a urine sample drug test to trying to take nicotine use then you have two options. The first option is to mask the toxins for a few hours using a high-quality THC detox drink.

The three brands I would recommend are Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, and Mega Clean.

These detox drinks will get rid of any toxins, whether they are nicotine or drug toxins. They don’t work for long, even these three powerful brands will only work from maximum of five hours, you have to make sure you use them and then get to the place you’re going to submit your sample and do it pretty quickly.

A detox drink will mask nicotine/cotinine for up to 5 hours because it flushes you out. It fills you up, so you have to urinate a lot. But it also contains things which help to strip any toxins clinging to your bladder or urinary tract so they don’t leak out into your sample.

But more than that, so your sample is not diluted and unusual, a detox drink floods your body with things found in urine like creatinine and various vitamins and minerals. Some of these are pushed through your body as waste and end up in your urine, keeping it appearing natural.

You can purchase Ultra Eliminex and Rescue Cleanse from Testnegative and Mega Clean with 6 pre rid pills at Testclear.

The second option for passing a urine sample drug test for nicotine is to submit a completely fake sample of synthetic urine.

The best brands out there are Sub Solution and Quick Luck. They both contain 14 chemicals found in human urine, plus they look, smell, and froth like the real thing, and are evenly balanced for pH and specific gravity. They are dead easy to heat up using the supplied heat activator powder, and if it’s an unsupervised test they are definitely the best way of masking nicotine use.

You can purchase Sub Solution and Quick Luck from this webstore.

best way to pass a nicotine test

2. Blood test for nicotine

If you know you are facing a blood test, then trying to get clean in advance of the test is the only choice you have anyway because you can’t mask the toxins or submit a fake sample.

If you have a few days you could do a natural detox. Just abstain from nicotine, eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water, exercise, just get yourself moving.

You can speed this up as well using a course of high-quality detox pills like toxin rid. Even a one or two day course of Toxin Rid can significantly speed up the elimination of toxins from your body, meaning you could be clean just in time.

3. Saliva test for nicotine

You probably won’t face a saliva drug test to look for nicotine/cotinine because of how quickly it usually leaves saliva. However, for chronic smokers or if you’re really unlucky then you could get caught out with an on the spot saliva drug test.

The only method I know that works is Oral Clear gum. On the spot, with just a few seconds notice, you can pop the capsules in your mouth, chew it, swell the liquid around, and then swallow the lot. That will neutralize the saliva up to 30 minutes. Just enough time for you to have your mouth swab. Really discreet, and the best way to pass a saliva drug test for nicotine.

If you have some notice then Toxin Wash or Ultra Klean Ultra Wash are both highly recommended specialist types of mouthwash that are designed to neutralize saliva from drug toxins. As long as you aren’t seen, you can swill them around and spit them out, and they will again neutralize your saliva for up to 30 minutes.

4. Hair drug test for nicotine use

Hair drug test takes a standard 1 ½ inch sample (shorter on body hair because it grows more slowly). That covers 90 days history of drug use.

What happens with hair, is that nicotine and other toxins get trapped in the underside of the hair follicles, then as the hair grows, they get caught underneath the hard outside layer of the hair called the cuticle.

The only way that you can open up the hard cuticle layer, flush out the toxins underneath, and then shut the cuticle layer up is to use something called the Macujo method.

The Macujo method requires a lot of specialist ingredients and some preparation. You’ll also need to do it several times over several days. You can read a detailed review of how to clean your hair using the Macujo method right here.

If you have no other option and you are facing a hair drug test at short notice, then Clear Choice hair follicle detox shampoo might just work, but if you have lots of toxins trapped underneath the cuticle layer of your hair, then the Macujo method is literally the only way that you will get rid of the toxins.

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