Crazy Bulk Review: Legit Or Scam? Results Inside

Crazy Bulk makes a ton of supplements and is really prolific in terms of advertising and reviews out there. In this Crazy Bulk review, it’s going to be personal though. I’ll only tell you about my own experience, how to start with these natural supplements, how things developed for me, and what the real results really are.

So please don’t expect tons of before and after photos or big claims. Crazy Bulk supplements can be awesome, but there’s a huge warning sign with that which I need to talk to you about in all seriousness.

So sit back and enjoy the ride next five minutes as I talk you through what Crazy Bulk supplements can do, and what they can’t do. Plus, I’ll tell you exactly what supplements and stacks I use, and how you can get them at a significant discount if you use the Crazy Bulk coupon code and options I do.

What Natural Supplements Can…And Can’t Do

Crazy Bulk supplements are marketed to appear like safer alternatives to illegal anabolic steroids.

Just look at the names. They all mimic anabolic steroid names, they even have the name of the anabolic steroid in brackets right there on the supplement’s packaging:

So let’s be clear here, they market them directly as being comparable to anabolic steroids. When I got start with this natural supplement that’s certainly how I read it anyway.

Crazy Bulk Supplements Explained

The claim is the Crazy Bulk supplements use completely natural ingredients to mimic the effects that banned anabolic steroids can produce. Now, that is one hell of a claim, but how does that stack up? What’s in this stuff that can really do that?

Well, I’m really honest here, and I’ll smash that claim to bits at the top of this Crazy Bulk review. They cannot reproduce the results of anabolic steroids. Nothing can, that’s why people still use anabolic steroids!

But do the natural ingredients get you close to those results, alongside some hard work? That’s the key question I looked into myself.

Let’s take one of the supplements I always am from Crazy Bulk: Testo-Max.

The claim is that it contains completely natural and safe ingredients that can dramatically raise your natural testosterone levels, giving you significant increases in power, muscle development, recovery times, and confident happiness.

But what’s actually in the supplement that can do that?

There are 12 ingredients in the supplement, four of which are linked to directly influencing testosterone levels, and the rest being supporting ingredients that can potentially increase the effects.  D-Aspartic acid is one that’s been linked strongly in studies to increase testosterone levels in healthy adult males who work out.

So putting all that together, in two months of use, alongside Trenorol (advertised as good for muscle growth and recovery times), I know I raised my testosterone levels. How? Because I have blood work done before and after. I’m that sort of guy. So it works, the claims are right.

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How I Use Crazy Bulk Supplements

So for me, Crazy Bulk is legit, the supplements and stacks work. What I want to do here is to tell you the truth about them because it’s not what all those Crazy Bulk reviews say.

These are not anabolic steroids, this will not be effortless. You have to work hard, I mean damn hard. You have to be progressive, hit personal bests, develop your routine, visit the gym more often and for longer. You have to be dedicated.

You have to back it up with an excellent diet and cardio work as well. Lean proteins, cut out the fat and crap, get running.

If you do the work, in two months using the supplements you will see far better results than you will ever get naturally. Cuts in fat, increases in lean muscle that are dramatic and hard, faster recovery times, and crucially, confidence grows in your own ability.

Results You Can Expect Using Crazy Bulk Natural Supplements

Let’s put that together for you to spell it out, alongside hard work you can expect the following:

  • Faster lean muscle gains
  • Harder replaced muscle
  • The ability to push yourself for longer in the gym
  • You’ll hit personal bests with ease
  • Your energy levels will be dramatically improved
  • Positivity and drive are improved
  • Recovery times halved

You put in the effort and the supplements will fuel your body and mind and really help you to push onto new levels without plateauing. I stripped 6% body fat in two months. Gains were impressive, noticeable, and definitely way above what I’ve been achieving in nearly a year naturally.

So I took a big risk financially I think. And that’s why I’m passing on the knowledge here, so you don’t feel you are taking such a big risk.

Hard Work Isn’t Included, Guys

I will emphasize again guys, the hard work isn’t included here. Lots of people out there on forums screaming “Crazy Bulk scam”, Crazy Bulk doesn’t work, it’s not legit, all of that stuff, it’s just rubbish. It’s guys wimping out.

What these guys are doing is not working hard. They are expecting easy gains, and they are not pushing themselves. They just think it’s like steroids because they’ve fallen for the marketing a bit too much, and they think that with no effort on their part they can look like Superman.

Plus, some people out there just think the gains are going to be better than they actually are. These are not steroids. You are not sending signals to your muscles telling them to grow, regardless of exercise. These supplements give you the base to work from.

So I have to be honest here, if you’re expecting a miracle, Crazy Bulk supplements aren’t for you. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, then in two months I’m telling you that you can see a significant change above what you could naturally.


So Is Crazy Bulk Legit Or A Scam?

For me, Crazy Bulk is definitely legitimate. It’s no scam, the supplements work, the ingredients in them are proven. Alongside hard work, you’ll see the results. You put in the work, and spend the money is my advice.

However, don’t fall for those horrendous Crazy Bulk reviews you’ll see out there. The ones written in bad English backed up by those stupid before and after photos that come straight from the Crazy Bulk website.

If they can’t produce their own before and after photos, then they are lying. And to be honest, what’s the point in putting before and after photos on a review of any bodybuilding supplement? Unless you know the guy personally from the website, then you’re never going to believe them anyway.

Just take a look at the results ingredients claim though, they stack up. Just two months is not long to invest, alongside a couple of hundred dollars, to see what the results are for you.

Top Tip: Use The Crazy Bulk Stacks

I’ll just point you to the Crazy Bulk stacks as well. Although the individual supplements work well, and you can pair a couple up, like Trenorol and Testo-Max (although I will say again you should be using a testosterone boosting supplement at the base of every single stack you use) stacks is where it’s at.

The power comes from the stacks. And why bother trying to make your own (like people have to stupidly do with SARMs), when Crazy Bulk has done all the hard work for you?

There are five stacks available:

  1. Strength Stack
  2. Cutting Stack
  3. Human growth hormone stack
  4. Bulking Stack
  5. Ultimate stack

Just pick the one that matches your goals. In the beginning, I’m guessing it’s going to be the strength stack. Then go for the cutting stack, then you could go straight for the bulking stack and keep going with that.

I will mention the human Growth hormone Stack because that’s a great one. Not only does it help to bulk and maintain, but it also raises the level of the human growth hormone (HGH). Increases in this hormone directly increase the production of IGF-1 (insulin growth factor one), which is the key building block for muscle repair.

Or you could just go for the ultimate stack which does everything apart from work on levels of HGH.

crazybulk review

Buying Supplements: Save Money With This Crazy Bulk Coupon

I started messing around with the individual supplements, but I now just go for the stacks. It’s the easy way to go, and it’s what I recommend, but please, do what’s best for you and your wallet. So I’ll close this Crazy Bulk review by giving you a bit of a tip on how to buy the supplements at the lowest price possible.

There is a Crazy Bulk coupon, which you can get by clicking here. Paste into the shopping cart, and bang, 20% off.

But better than that, by a stack and you get 20% off the individual supplement prices. That’s 40% in total. Then if you buy three months, that third month comes free, taking another third off your costs.

That takes the cost of a stack down by 60% if you buy three months in one go. Take my advice, just go for it. You’ll be paying a ridiculous $70-100 a month for a complete supportive supplement regime that will help to reward your hard work in a way you just can’t get without going down the path of SARMs or steroids.

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