Jazz Total Detox Reviews: Honest Or Lies?

Jazz total detox review

There are a lot of Jazz Total Detox reviews out there, all telling you that it’s a fantastic detox drink that will get you through a drug test.

Full disclosure, I haven’t actually ever used Jazz Total Detox, but one look at their website made me incredibly suspicious. In this look at Jazz Total Detox reviews conclusions, I’m going to tell you the reality as I see it.

I’ve had a lot of experience with detox drinks and regularly have used detox drinks to pass drug tests over the years. But not Jazz Total Detox because of the bad reputation it’s got.

So let’s talk you through using Jazz Total Detox for drug test success, answer the question around does Total Detox Jazz really work, and offer you some alternatives if you also conclude that it’s a waste of time and money.

What’s In Jazz Total Detox?

Jazz Total Detox is a 16 fluid ounce detox drink that is meant to flush out drug toxins, so you can pass a drug test. The company runs its business from the impressive-sounding domain totaldetox.com, and they make some big claims on that website about how powerful Jazz detox products are.

In fact, they literally state on the bottle of Jazz that it is “…not a masking agent”. They then go on to claim that it removes all drug toxins from your body systems leaving you genuinely toxin-free.

Now that’s the big problem right at the start of this Jazz Total Detox review. No detox drink in the world can achieve that. In fact, every detox drink on the market is a masking agent. That’s because it cannot be anything else. Let me explain.

When you drink the detox drink it flushes out your bladder and urinary tract. At the same time, it contains ingredients that keep your urine naturally balanced. But as fresh waste from the kidneys enters the bladder then the balance will change and so will be drug toxins start to leak back into your urine stream.

So all a detox drink does is flush out the toxins, it masks the toxins, by removing them from your urine stream for a few hours. So the core claims of Jazz Total Detox are rubbish.

Using Jazz Total Detox For A Drug Test

Jazz total detox for drug test

So look, I’m not convinced about using Jazz Total Detox for drug test success, and the ingredients list is incomparable to some of the more powerful drinks on the market, especially as those drinks are 32 fluid ounce ones and not the smaller 16 ounces Jazz Total Detox bottle.

In fact, Jazz does state that if you are a heavy smoker, and/or large in body size, then you will need to use two bottles.

That makes Jazz Total Detox stupidly expensive.

You’re going to be paying $70 for two bottles, which is more expensive than nearly every drug detox drink on the market.

But the instructions are pretty straightforward, but you do need to drink a lot of extra water, which also makes me suspicious about its quality.

  1. You drink the contents of the 16 ounce Jazz Detox bottle.
  2. You refill the bottle twice, drinking the water each time.
  3. Once you finish drinking all that liquid you need to urinate around three times in the next hour.

You should be then clean to pass a drug test. But what’s the truth about that?

Does Jazz Total Detox Really Work?

So drumroll please, I’m going to answer the question around does Total Detox Jazz really work?

And the answer is… No.

I don’t need to waste my money on a bottle of this rubbish or a home drug test kit, and I would certainly never advocate you buy it to use in a live drug test. I’ve been around detox drinks for long enough to spot warning signs, and Jazz Total Detox reviews are almost invariably trying to sell you the product.

Look online as well. Look past the obvious fake reviews, and you will see an absolute myriad of people out there saying that it failed them a drug test.

If you’re still not convinced, let me tell you one final piece of information and another reason why I did not even bother testing this stuff. The local headshop near me, a guy I’m really friendly with, stopped selling it about a year ago because of the complaints they got.

It was a high-profit margin because he was paying very little for it, which also tells you a lot. You’re basically buying a soft drink with nothing specialist about it. So the conclusion of my Jazz Total Detox review is to steer well clear of this drink.

Are There Any Jazz Total Detox Side Effects?

People often ask if Jazz Total Detox side effects are possible. Let me tell you that there are two side effects that you can suffer from if you drink Jazz Total Detox.

The first side effect is you will have less money in your bank account for something that doesn’t work. The second side effect is that you will fail a drug test and lose your job.

Both of those side effects are ones that I really don’t want you to experience.

Alternative Detox Drinks That Work

best detox for a drug testSo I don’t want to leave you dangling with a negative conclusion of this review by telling you that Jazz Total Detox reviews are false and that it won’t work for you.

So I’m going to tell you what works for me, and what has worked for my friends.

There are three detox drinks I’ve used to pass live drug tests, and I’ve tested for the purposes of writing about detox drinks as well.

Each one of these has also been used to pass a drug test by a friend or member of my family.

So the evidence personally is that these all work, and looking online you will see a far greater body of evidence that they work.

  1. Rescue Cleanse is a very popular detox drink. It’s well priced and very powerful. It’s made by Clear Choice, the people who make Sub Solution synthetic urine. So you know that this is powerful stuff, that is properly made and guaranteed.
  2. Mega Clean is another good detox drink. Not quite as good as Rescue Cleanse, and I certainly wouldn’t advise you buy it without the pre-rid pills you can get by buying it from Testclear.
  3. Ultra Eliminex is possibly the most powerful detox drink out there at the moment. But it’s also the most premium in price as well. If you really want a 100% guarantee on passing a drug test then this is probably the way to go, but the other two are just as effective for your standard pre-employment drug test. You can buy Ultra Eliminex in this webshop.
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