Using Kratom For Alcohol Withdrawal And Treating Depression

kratom for alcohol withdrawal

It’s perfectly possible to use kratom for alcohol withdrawal as long as you are very sensible. Kratom can help with alcoholism and depression symptoms, but you have to know what you are doing and be in control.

I really want to talk to you about how you can successfully use kratom for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, for dealing with depression linked to it, that horrible rush of anxiety a few hours after the alcohol’s your system, and how you can use kratom safely without causing potentially fatal problems.

I’ll tell you how to take kratom, what strains are recommended, the best strategy to the employee, and side effects to watch out for. I’ll also tell you where I buy my pure kratom so that you have at least got a starting point for your own journey out of the misery of alcoholism.

The Only Way To Quit Alcohol Safely

If you are suffering from alcoholism then stopping drinking suddenly could kill you. I’m hoping you already know that, but it can happen. The shock of the alcohol leaving your system can create a chain reaction of symptoms which can lead to significant mental and physical problems.

It is because the body becomes used to the alcohol to trigger certain neurotransmitters, and when alcohol disappears, the body scrambles to try and adjust and produce those neurotransmitters and regulate them.

The most severe consequence is something called delirium tremens, which can occur around 24 hours after your last drink, sometimes a bit longer. It’s a severe reaction to the lack of alcohol which can be life-threatening. A spike in blood pressure, heart rate, hallucinations, physical tremors, and mental confusion can be fatal.

So you have to do it sensibly, which means tapering down. Tapering down means drinking less and less over several weeks, possibly months, until it’s within normal boundaries, or you can then just take a decision to cut it out of your life completely.

People are finding that using kratom for quitting alcohol is really helping them because it helps to offset the anxiety and depression, gives them a rush of happiness and positivity, and also helps to deal with the physical symptoms such as muscle pain, jitters, headaches, things like that.

If you are in any doubt about quitting alcohol and you have a significant problem, you need to speak to a doctor or get some advice from an alcohol cessation organization. Never, ever just stop drinking if you have a daily significant alcohol habit.

kratom for alcohol anxiety

How Kratom Can Help For Quitting Alcohol

Kratom is a spectrum drug, which means it has a different range of effects depending on the dose you take. This is partly because it contains a wide range of different chemicals, alkaloids, and others, that at low doses can create stimulation, much in the same way as a huge amount of caffeine will.

As the dose increases, that stimulation is overwhelmed by an opiate-like experience where significant analgesia, sedation, a feeling of being very chilled out overwhelms the chemicals and interactions which can create mental and physical stimulation.

Put together, if you want to use kratom for alcohol withdrawal, it can have the following benefits, which are dose-specific:

  • Can give you an energy boost when you are feeling exhausted
  • Can give you a cognitive lift when your brain is feeling foggy
  • Kratom can deliver significant physical pain relief
  • Kratom can lift you completely out of depression
  • You can use kratom for alcohol anxiety relief
  • Kratom can help with insomnia linked to alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Using Kratom For Alcohol Anxiety Symptoms

As you probably already know, alcohol anxiety can be horrendous. It can come on quickly, and within a few hours of the alcohol leaving your system, sometimes within a couple of hours of your last drink.

An increasing heartbeat, a feeling that you might die, sweating, panic, horrible thoughts, and veering between being hot and cold. It can go on for hours and be completely debilitating.

The alkaloids in kratom can interact with the mu-opioid receptors in our bodies that deal with pain relief, reward and pleasure, and mood regulation.

Red kratom contains the highest proportion of the alkaloid which helps to keep you calm, relieve pain, and make you feel happy. So a good dose of red kratom will help to remove alcohol anxiety.

White kratom can make it worse. White kratom contains a higher proportion of the alkaloid which induces physical and mental energy. So if alcohol anxiety is your problem, white kratom, and maybe even green kratom, is not the way to go.

Also, the dose will be important. At lower doses, all kratom can produce physical and mental stimulation. So you’re looking at a mid-range dose of red kratom something like red Bali or Thai, or perhaps a green kratom like Green Malay or Green Borneo, to help relieve those symptoms.

kratom for alcohol withdrawal

Kratom For Alcoholism Depression Relief

Using kratom for alcoholism and depression is a slightly different thing to dealing with the effects of alcohol anxiety withdrawal. Depression can come on in the days after you have started to cut down or cut out alcohol. That’s because the neurotransmitters are adjusting in your body, which means that there not being produced in enough quantities naturally, leading to drops in mood.

This is where a low dose of kratom can help. It can be white, green, or red. But you might find white kratom makes you jittery if you also have anxiety.

A low dose of kratom will induce physical and emotional stimulation, giving you more physical and mental energy, sharpen you up, giving you more motivation, and helping you out of that funk.

If you want to try white, I found that a low dose of White Borneo is really great for helping with this.

How To Take Kratom

Kratom can be problematic to take. Let me tell you, pure kratom is very earthy, very bitter, almost unpalatable to some people because it can make them nauseous. The classic way of taking kratom is just to put it in your mouth and then swallow it with water. Because it doesn’t mix with liquid very well, it tends to sit on it and is not very palatable at all.

So what some people do is to mix it with fruit juice or milkshake. The thick sweet liquid is help to disguise the powder and make it easy to drink.

You could make it into a kratom tea. Either by just mixing in with hot water, or more usually, by boiling the kratom with water until it makes a muddy liquid.

A great alternative, although more expensive, is to use ready-made capsules. If you wanting to use kratom for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, capsules can be a great way of doing it, because there is no preparation, and you can take a few at a time wherever you are, discreetly.

make kratom sronger

Kratom For Alcohol Withdrawal: Dosage

As you may have already established, kratom dosage is important. At low doses the traits of physical and cognitive energy boost kick in strongly, with an improvement in mood, but little analgesia and sedation.

The higher the dose, the more opiate-like kratom becomes, especially red kratom. So it will depend on why you are using kratom within your quitting alcohol strategy that will dictate the dose.

If you’re using kratom for alcohol anxiety, then you will want a low dose of a calming kratom. A rich red like Thai, or Bali, in a low dose of around 3-5 grams will really soothe anxiety, as well as being strong enough to start to induce pain relief and a really great mood.

If you have depression from alcoholism, that can mean you have no energy or enthusiasm. So a small dose of any kratom, but specifically white or green kratom can really help in this respect, as little as a couple of grams, but more often again in that 3-5 gram range.

Initially, you may find you have to use kratom daily to cope with the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Or use a combination of different types of kratom to cope with depression, anxiety, and physical and mental tremors.

But I would really recommend that you don’t take kratom more than a couple of times a week if you can help it. However, as long as you can have more days per week free of kratom than using it, then you should be okay as long as you start to taper down as your alcoholism symptoms ease.

Where I Buy My Kratom

I’m really hoping that this guide has helped you. Using kratom for alcohol withdrawal and anxiety, and the depression associated with trying to quit alcohol can be debilitating, kratom used sensibly could really help.

My big problem was anxiety. It became absolutely crippling, to the point I was laying on the floor curled up in a ball thinking I was going to die from a heart attack.

But I found that just a few grams of a rich, pure red kratom took those anxiety symptoms away completely within about 30 minutes. I’d feel a wave of happiness and warmth spread over me, the anxiety would vanish, the shivering stopped, and the physical pain would disappear.

best kratom for sleep deprivation

You will have to experiment, which is why I recommend you buy a white, red, and green kratom. For me, it was White Borneo, Green Malay, and Red Bali that was the best combination for me, dosed to deal with anxiety, depression, and an energy boost when I needed it.

I always buy my kratom from Coastline Kratom. They don’t have the most comprehensive kratom range on the market, but they do sell the purest, wonderfully rich kratom imported directly from the source. They do kratom capsules as well, but only in four the six different types of kratom they sell (Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, Horned, Malay, and Ultra Enhanced).

But it’s more than enough, because it’s really rich and pure, so you won’t need very much of it. I would recommend you buy a combination of powder and capsules so that you can use the powder at home, and if you are really struggling you away from home, even just 3-4 capsules can bring relief within about 30 minutes.

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