Using Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

kratom for opiate withdrawal

Using kratom for opiate withdrawal is becoming more common, as is finding the best kratom for a genuine opiate high experience. It’s being seen as a safer way to get off opiates, and also to experience the pleasures without the incredible addiction potential.

But to do this successfully you need to know which the best kratom strain for opiate withdrawal symptoms, and what sort of kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal you should use to not cause yourself even more problems.

It’s actually a related subject, but using kratom for an opiate high, by finding what most opiate-like kratom is, although going hand-in-hand with using it for opiate withdrawal, is often talked about just for the purpose of getting high.

I want to clarify everything you need to know around the two topics of withdrawal symptoms, and getting high, using kratom so that you have the best information to make good decisions.

Is Kratom An Opiate?

The truth? Nobody has clarified that question. Although kratom contains alkaloids that interact with the opioid receptors in the body, it’s not classed as an opiate, not in the same way as something like heroin, opium, things like that.

Most of the problem is that kratom contains dozens of different alkaloids, many of which have not been isolated and classified properly. The two main ones, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine do partially bind to and stimulate, the opioid receptors, they are partial agonists of the mu-opioid receptors to be precise.

But other active chemicals in kratom act as stimulants, or painkillers as well as the two main alkaloids. So kratom cannot be classified as one thing, and the kratom tree is actually officially a member of the coffee family.

So it is opiate-like but is not a true opiate. That’s part of the reason why it still legal. If it was a pure opioid, you can guarantee that the FDA and DEA would have already made sure it was banned already.

kratom for pain management

Using Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

But because it contains alkaloids that bind to the opioid receptors in the body, its main mechanism of action mimics that of opiates.

That’s why so many people are using kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms. Because it only partially binds to these receptors, it’s a partial agonist, it’s not as addictive or overwhelming as full-on opiates.

But it does still produce many of the same effects. In terms of using kratom for opiate withdrawal, it can have the following benefits:

  • An initial rush of pure pleasure, energy, and happiness that mimics an opiate at high dose
  • Several hours of calm from reducing anxiety and lifting the depressive mood
  • Several hours of physical pain relief which can be chronic with opiate withdrawal symptoms
  • Giving the body something it’s craving but in a far safer format

Although the authorities tried to tell people that kratom doesn’t have benefits for opiate withdrawal, the truth is that it’s been used in Asia to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms for hundreds of years.

In fact, it’s so successful at withdrawal symptom relief, and is a safer alternative to opiates, that it’s banned in Malaysia. But it wasn’t banned because it was dangerous, it was banned because the government wanted to take control of the opiate market itself, and kratom would damage its profit margins. That may sound incredible, but it shows to you how powerful kratom can be at alleviating the symptoms.

kratom for opiate withdrawal

Kratom Dosage For Opiate Withdrawal

 So let’s talk specifically about the sort of kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal symptoms you should be taking.

The advice is to taper the dose. When you stop taking opiate-like heroin you are going to suffer incredible withdrawal symptoms. A full spectrum of negative physical and emotional effects that can have you quickly rushing back into it.

So initially to cope with that physical and mental trauma, you’re going to have to take a high dose of kratom. That will give you an opiate-like experience. You will get high, you will feel a rush of happiness, enthusiasm, energy, and it will take the edge off everything.

Over the next few hours, you will experience almost total analgesia and a level of sedation that will keep you at peace.

So initially while you are in the worst place of withdrawal, you’re looking at a high dose of probably as much as 10 g of pure kratom in one go. But you should be able to taper that down over a few weeks by at least a couple of grams.

The most opiate-like kratom, the one that will help you most with opiate withdrawal symptoms, is red kratom. It contains the highest proportion of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine which interacts with the opioid receptors to help modulate pain messages and increase happiness.

Don’t use white kratom, that doesn’t contain such a high proportion, and is more chemically balance to increase physical and emotional energy levels. If you want to chill out and get physical and mental relief, red kratom is definitely the way to go.

kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal

Best Kratom For Opiate High Experience

So although the two topics are related, the best kratom for opiate high sensations and opiate withdrawal symptoms are going to be the same, you might not be wanting to use them for the same reason.

What I mean is that some people want that opiate high while they are getting off a drug like heroin, to replace it. But other people just want to experience getting high in a rich and warm way that’s safer than using a narcotic.

It’s more about the dose. You won’t need such a high dose of kratom for opiate withdrawal as you will for an extreme opiate-like kratom high.

Any red kratom will do, but I wouldn’t recommend Red Maeng Da unless you know what’s in it, or try it at a low dose first. The reason is that it’s not a strain of kratom, it’s just strong kratom. Although it might just be a strong batch of red kratom, that is labeled as Maeng Da, to make it stronger they sometimes mix in with white kratom, which would not give you an opiate-like experience, in the same way as a pure red.

The most classic opiate-like kratom strains are:

  • Red Thai
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Bali

If you want to experience a feeling of an opiate high then these are the sort of strains of kratom you should be looking at.

Kratom Dosage For An Opiate-Like High

If you’re looking to experience that feeling of an opiate high, then once you’ve got your hands on the most opiate-like kratom, you’ll have to take a very high dose of it.

Even with pure kratom, 8-10 g is going to be a minimum, some people have to take 10-15 g to get that genuine rush.

You have to be careful because the initial rush of energy, happiness, bliss, of warm washing over you, feeling wonderful, will give way into several hours of deep analgesia and a significant degree of sedation.

So if you are taking red kratom, at a very high dose, they shouldn’t be taking if you have anything to do. Because a very high dose of the best kratom for opiate high experiences will basically make you partially or completely struggling to function for as long as six hours. It’s also very important to buy high quality, properly dried kratom. If you are new to buying kratom, check out my recommended kratom vendor list.

most opiate like kratom

Top 3 Opiate Kratom Strains

So look, if you’re looking to use kratom for opiate withdrawal, or you want to find the best kratom for an opiate high experience, then you’re looking at red kratom.

Please ignore white kratom and most green kratom strains. However, Green Malay is one green strain that has a high red kratom alkaloid profile, and some people experience a fantastic opiate-like experience, a real rush and high using it. But you will get a significant physical and mental energy boost as well, which may not be what you want.

If I had to talk about the three best strains for an opiate high and to deal with opiate withdrawal symptoms, then the most opiate-like kratom strains in my experience are:

  1. Red Bali kratom because is a rich, classic opiate-like kratom. It contains a very high proportion of the alkaloid that mimics genuine opioids, it’s widely available, and it’s well priced.
  2. Red Thai is probably the most common red kratom, the easiest to get your hands on, pure, and one of the cheapest. But it does have a contradiction, some people claim it’s energizing, some people claim it’s very opiate-like and chills you out. I think the truth is that the dose is important. A good strong dose of Red Thai will definitely mimic an opiate, and will completely wash away your worries and pain.
  3. Red Malay is a third great choice. Like green, it has a warm and rich alkaloid profile, but it doesn’t have the energy of green. So you are getting a brilliant opiate-like kratom experience, but still with some energy and enthusiasm, with a fantastic initial rush that some people can find a bit too much.
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