How To Make Kratom Stronger: 7 Easy Ways To Potentiate Kratom

kratom potentiators

Pure kratom is incredibly potent, even at a moderate dose. But some people have realized that it’s possible to potentiate kratom, to make it stronger by consuming it with other substances.

A lot of them are old wives’ tales, they simply don’t work. However, it is known that some work and I can testify to that. So let’s take a quick look way the seven easiest ways you can use kratom potentiators to make kratom stronger, and also more palatable.

Why Potentiate Kratom At All?

Kratom isn’t cheap, so if you can find a way to make the effects last longer, or be stronger, then that’s got to be a good thing, right?

You might want the effects to be more pronounced, so you can have a better experience, or so that you can take less kratom overall.

Or it could be that you want the effects to last for longer. It may not be about the intensity, but you want more pain relief, or more feeling of calm for a bit longer then you can get when using kratom alone.

Whatever your reason, it can’t be a bad thing to use potentiators alongside kratom. The more you use kratom, the more expensive it will be, and the more chance there is of you building a tolerance. That’s why learning how to make kratom stronger without consuming more kratom can be a really great thing to do.

So let’s take a look at what I have found to be the seven easiest and best ways to potentiate kratom.

The Best Kratom Potentiators:

  1. Freezing kratom

Freezing kratom on its own isn’t actually a potentiator. There’s nothing in the process of it freezing that will do anything to expand the effects, or duration, of kratom.

However, this is where the trick comes in. If you mix it with an acidic juice, something like lemon juice, then it can enhance the potentiator. Lemon juice is a potentiator of kratom on its own, but when you mix it with kratom and then freeze it, something magical happens.

Just like with some fruits and vegetables, the fruit juice and kratom combination alters when it’s frozen. The structure of the kratom gets broken down and combined with the fruit juice to create a substance which when thawed will be absorbed more readily, and be more potent.

To take it one step further, some people way out exact doses and mix them with fruit juice and make them into ice cubes. They can then dose precisely by putting ice cubes into fruit juice, allowing them to turn to slush, and then drinking them.

freezing kratom

  1. Kratom tea

It’s really easy to make kratom tea. In Southeast Asia where it originates from, it’s simply boiled with water to create a muddy liquid. However, it’s a very acquired taste and I am not a fan of it at all.

But you can create various kratom teas using herbal tea, and even chamomile tea. Chamomile is a relaxant though, so be careful if you are using kratom as an upper because the chamomile will offset some of the physical and mental energy kratom can induce.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

 Mixing kratom with apple cider vinegar is another way to learn how to make kratom stronger really easily. However, apple cider vinegar is usually not particularly palatable either.

It works because it’s an acidic liquid, and acidity seems to have the ability to potentiate kratom, by allowing more rapid absorption through the stomach and prolonging effects in the body because it delays metabolization.

make kratom sronger

  1. Citrus fruit juices

A more palatable alternative to apple cider vinegar that uses the same acidity method is to use fruit juices. Grapefruit and lemon juice are definitely the best ones to try because they have the highest concentration of the various acids that can help to make kratom stronger by potentiating it.

Also, fruit juice is a great way of consuming kratom. Because kratom does not absorb in water very well, by mixing it with fruit juice you get rid of some of the bitter taste of kratom, as well as disguising its powdery nature in the thick liquid.

Kratom cocktails in countries like Thailand, where it’s mixed with various fruit juices in bars, are very popular with the young because it makes the kratom more palatable and stronger.

  1. Akuamma seeds

 I want to be clear with you here, akuamma seeds are a great kratom potentiator, but mostly because you are mixing to different powders that both have the ability independently to get you high and have a similar range of effects.

So it’s not as much that you are potentiating kratom as mixing two powders that have very similar effects, creating an enhanced experience. Also, akuamma is not cheap, so if you’re doing it save money, then it’s not the best option. But undoubtedly, together, the effects will be longer and more intense.


  1. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is another effective way to make kratom stronger. It’s one of the best kratom potentiators because it’s cheap, easily available, and mixes well with kratom powder.

On its own, a large amount of cayenne pepper can actually give you a rush, a sort of high that lasts for a very short time. But more than that, it can also help to enhance the effects of kratom, making them feel more intense during the short time that the cayenne pepper is affecting you, and also helping to make the duration of your kratom experience longer.

how to make kratom stronger

  1. Have an empty stomach

 The last of my recommended kratom potentiators is not really a potentiator at all, but if you want to know how to make kratom stronger, then it is the single most effective way of getting the most out of the dose you are taking.

On an empty stomach, kratom is absorbed more quickly. It’s also absorbed more completely, and the dose is absorbed at the same time. So you get the triple benefit of a faster response, a better experience, and a more complete one.

Alongside any of the other kratom potentiators listed in this article, an empty stomach will greatly enhance those effects.

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