Mega Clean Detox Review: Does Mega Clean Work?

Does Mega Clean work

Mega Clean is actually one of the most cost-effective detox drinks out there, and in this detailed Mega Clean review, I’m going to explain exactly why.

Mega Clean is available in Walmart, and also many online outlets as well. But there is a caveat to calling this detox drink cost-effective, and that’s the fact that there are potentially better alternatives out there, but they aren’t as widely available to grab at a moments notice.

So calling Mega Clean the best detox drink depends on what you are using it for, and what your expectations of safety are. So let me talk you through everything in this review of Mega Clean so that you can decide whether using Mega Clean for a drug test is a good choice for you.

Detox Drinks: Why Quality matters

I mentioned there are better alternatives to Mega Clean out there, and it’s all about the quality of the detox drink. But first, you need to understand what it is that a detox drink actually does. Detox drinks like Mega Clean don’t actually detox your body. You will not be clean of drug metabolites within a couple of hours of drinking Mega Clean detox drink, or any other detox drink.

The name is a complete misnomer. A detox drink actually masks the toxins in your body temporarily, by cleaning them from your bladder and urinary tract. The drink flushes out the toxins when you urinate after drinking it, and is also at the same time maintains/replaces the nutrient balance so that your urine appears under tampered with.

A good detox drink like Mega Clean will contain vitamins, minerals, and creatine so that your urine appears natural after flushing.

The better quality the detox drink, the more likely it is to cope with the toxins in your urinary tract, and flush them out completely while retaining the balance of your urine. The cheaper drinks are very little else other than liquid, flavorings and usually some vitamins and minerals.

But drinks like Mega Clean and the other recommended alternatives are a huge step up for from that, being advanced formula is that really do a great job in my experience.

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The Detoxify Detox Drink Range Explained

If you are considering using Mega Clean for a drug test, and you are looking into buying it online, rather than grabbing a bottle of Mega Clean in Walmart, then you could be confused by the range of detox drinks offered by the company who make Mega Clean, Detoxify.

Apart from looking incredibly similar, with the same red bottles and labeling, there’s also quite a few, each claiming to detoxify you for a drug test. But which is best, when there are so many different types, and prices?

The cheapest drinks in the range are Ready Clean and Xxtra Clean. Although the names imply they are good for anyone, the prices, usually under $30, suggest otherwise. In fact, the products claim to be able to detoxify you only if you have light toxin exposure or small body size. So they really are no good for a regular weed smoker, or your average-sized guy.

Mighty Clean is meant to be the strongest to detoxify detox drink. But it’s basically Mega Clean split into three different bottles that you drink together anyway. So the premium isn’t worth it, and I’ve done testing on that myself. It looks great, and it feels like you are taking something special, but the actual effects are not worth the extra money.

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You then have Mega Clean and Mega Clean NT. NT is about $10 more expensive, but you are literally getting a single “Metaboost” capsule for your extra money. It’s meant to work like a pre-rid pill, but is not actually very effective, and I’ll cover the pre-rid pills you should use later in this Mega Clean review.

So in terms of the strength, and best value for money, Mega Clean detox drink in standard format is definitely the best value.

Pre-Rid Pills For Mega Clean Detox

 Mega Clean is a good detox drink, but it’s not the most powerful on the market. But it is better than some of the rubbish out there like Stinger, Magnum detox, or Champ flush.

To get the most out of Mega Clean then you’re going to want to buy it with the six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills. These are basically pre-rid pills that help to flush out toxins in advance of taking the detox drink. You can only buy these as a bundle at, in an exclusive deal I would highly recommend.

The pre-rid pills should be taken over the 24 hours before the morning of your drug test. They help to speed up the elimination of toxins considerably, flushing out with water and the pills in advance, means that the detox drink has less work to do on the day.

That is exactly why Mega Clean is one of the strongest brands on the market when it bundled with the pre-rid pills.

You can also buy pre-cleanse supplements to bolster detox drinks from Test Negative (don’t get Test Negative and Test Clear mixed up, they are completely separate websites and companies) as well. If you buy Qcarbo32 from with a pre-rid supplement, it turns into a pretty good detox drink, but I wouldn’t recommend it on its own.

The best supplements you can buy on their own, to supplement any type of detox drink, Mega Clean or anything else, are:

  • Toxin Rid, which is by far the best and strongest, but also the most expensive. These are what you get bundled up with Mega Clean if you buy it from test clear
  • Rescue 5 Day Detox, the second strongest available
  • Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, cheap, but you will need several days for it to be effective

Toxin Rid wins hands down for me. If you can’t get the six pill combo deal with Mega Clean, then you can buy a single day course, or 48-hour course, which will dramatically increase the amount drug toxins you can get out of your body before the day of your test.

Does Toxin Rid works

How To Use Mega Clean For A Drug Test

So you’ve got your bottle of Mega Clean and your six pre-rid pills. Now let’s talk you through the instructions for using Mega Clean detox drink for a drug test:

  1. At least 48 hours before your test stop smoking marijuana or any other drugs you are taking, you must be toxin-free during this time.
  2. Take the pre-cleanse supplement pills. There are six in total, so take them over the 24 hours before your test. The instructions you get to say to take them every four hours, but that would mean you have to wake up in the middle of the night. So for me, I take them every three hours and then get some sleep.
  3. Four hours before your drug test, drink the Mega Clean detox drink. Drink it swiftly over about 10 minutes. About 15 minutes later, refill the bottle and drink that water as well.
  4. Then urinate frequently over the next hour, three times is preferable. You will then be clean to take the drug test, but it’s always best to be safe by doing a home drug test kit before you leave. You should also try and submit your sample within three hours of consuming the drink, as any drug toxins remaining your body will start to work their way into your bladder.

So for me, and this is the thing I need to pass on to you here, the key is in the instructions of preparation. Make sure you abstain from toxins for as long as possible, at least two days, to ensure that you have as few toxins for the drink to deal with as possible.

I’d also do a natural detox alongside it. Exercise, sweating, lean protein, wholegrain, fruit and vegetables, and sleep well. Doing these things will help your body eliminate toxins at a faster pace, especially if you are taking the pre-rid pills.

Mega Clean Vs Qcarbo32

 Mega Clean and Qcarbo32 are both available in Walmart. I’d really never recommend any detox drinks from Walmart, but these are the two exceptions. However, Mega Clean is a far superior drink on its own.

Mega Clean is a better formula, stronger, and it simply works. I’ve tested both of these drinks with home drug test kits, Mega Clean worked, but Qcarbo32 didn’t.

The method I used was to abstain for 48 hours before I drank the detox drink. So I was clean for a couple of days for each test. I then drank the detox drink as instructed, waited two hours, and then did a home drug test kit. Mega Clean passed, Qcarbo32 failed. That tells me everything I need to know about the relative quality of these two popular detox drinks.

However, that’s not the whole story. Mega Clean works better with the six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills that you can get bundled with it if you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear.

If you buy Qcarbo32 from another good quality online retailer,, then you can also purchase really high-quality pre-cleanse supplements that can make it worth buying. As I mentioned earlier, Toxin Rid, Rescue 5 Day Detox, and Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula.

So in a straight-up fight of Mega Clean Vs QCarbo32, Mega Clean wins on its own, it’s simply the stronger formula a detox drink. But neither of these drinks are the strongest on the market, and a couple of days detoxing, alongside using pre-rid pills will make both of them into one of the strongest options to pass a drug test.

Mega Clean vs Qcarbo

Where To Buy Mega Clean

Now look, if you’re wondering where “Mega Clean detox drink near me is?”, Then as I have already mentioned, Walmart is the place to grab some. There’s a Walmart near most people, so in terms of finding Mega Clean detox drink near me, or you, then that’s the place to get it.

If you can’t get from Walmart, and if you want to get Mega Clean with the Toxin Rid pre-rid pills, then the place to buy Mega Clean detox drink is from Test Clear.

If you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear it will cost you $69.95 for a 1 liter (32 fluid ounce) bottle. With that, you will get the six-pill pre-cleanse supplement included in that price. That’s a great deal, and the pre-rid pills will definitely flush out loads of toxins, and the large bottle of Mega Clean will mask what’s left.

Mega Clean review

Mega Clean Review: Conclusion&Alternatives

So look, the conclusion of this Mega Clean review is that if you are looking to pass a drug test, then this detox drink will definitely work.

Using Mega Clean for a drug test is perfectly possible, but your chances will be improved of testing negative if you get it with the six Toxin Rid capsules to accelerate the elimination of toxins before the day of your test.

But there are alternatives to Mega Clean that are worth considering. Rescue Cleanse is a great alternative, costing $55.

Another alternative is Quick Clear detox, which I’d only really consider if Mega Clean, Rescue Cleanse, or my next recommendation are not available.

If you’re looking for the single strongest detox drink out there, that is good enough to cope on its own, then I would go for Ultra Eliminex (click here for my review).

It’s $80, so by far the most expensive, but you won’t need any pre-rid pills. However, I still recommend even when spending $80 on that, that you still try and detox for a couple of days, and if you can buy it with a course of pre-cleanse tablets, then that’s always going to be an insurance policy.

The final word in my Mega Clean review is to tell you that you should also buy a couple of home drug test kits at the same time.

What’s the point in doing a detox drink if you don’t know the results? Simply by having a couple of home drug test kits can be, you will know you have one to use an hour after you have consumed the detox drink, to test if you are clear.

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