MK-677 Review: Effects, Dosage,Results You Can Expect Using Ibutamoren

SARM Mk 677

You might have heard a little something about this substance already, people speak about this growth hormone highly and they praise for the massive benefits it can provide to bodybuilders. However, you’re still unsure about many things such as where to buy it, how much of it to take, how long you should take it and other important stuff.

Don’t worry, you’ll find everything you have ever wanted to know about MK-677 in this article. In the end, we’ll even show you where to find the best MK-677 for sale.

Let’s waste no more time and get started!

MK-677 Review – Benefits of Using MK-677

To really start off our MK-677 review, we have to look at the alleged benefits one by one and see if they hold any water. Bodybuilders swear by their lives that MK-677 improved every aspect of their gym session, so let’s see what those benefits are.

  • Increased Muscle Size: Ibutamoren is a growth hormone that forces your muscles to make gains whether they like it or not. That’s one of the bigger reasons why this substance is so popular among bodybuilders.
  • Better and Deeper Sleep: MK-677 has the ability to rebalance your REM cycles and rearrange them back to their natural order. Since we’re living in a day and age where everything moves so fast, good sleep is one of the bigger treasures that we have to hold dear.
  • Preserves Protein In The Body: No longer will you lose muscle during a cut, moreover, now you’re going to be able to actually build muscle during a cut. Not only does MK-677 preserve protein in the body, but it also helps your muscles grow as shown by the first listed benefit.
  • Stronger Bones: Because MK-677 increases bone density, which a study on multiple participants has shown, it has the ability to strengthen your bones. It also prevents the advancement of osteoporosis in older patients, which is an added plus.
  • Easier Healing of Wounds: Your wounds will heal a lot faster while you’re on an MK-677 cycle and your recovery times will be cut in half. So many users reported feeling rested so much faster while on MK-677 that it is simply a fact now.
  • Stronger Skin: A study has reported that MK-677 has a positive effect on our skin. It supposedly makes it shinier and more resistant to injuries.

As we can see, all the reported benefits are true and backed up by science. Now let’s take a look at some of the side effects of MK-677.

Possible Side Effects of Using MK-677

What has to be noted beforehand is that MK-677 is an extremely safe substance and if you take it in the dosages and cycle lengths that we recommend, you shouldn’t experience any side effects at all. Most side effects that were experienced happened during a higher dosage and these are the reported ones so far:

  • Changes in Blood Pressure: Most people reported high blood pressure as being a problem during an MK-677 cycle. Others complained of low blood pressure. It’s important to measure your blood pressure daily and note any bigger oscillations. If you see that your blood pressure is mounting up to abnormal levels, lower your dosage!
  • Muscle Pain: Because you will gain a lot of muscle very fast while on MK-677, muscle pain and swelling is possible. You should just suck it up and be happy that you’re growing, it’s all part of the process of becoming a stronger person.
  • Increased Hunger: This could actually be a benefit if you’re bulking with MK-677. However, it has to be noted that during a cut, this can pose a problem.
  • Lethargy: No connection has been found between using MK-677 and lethargy. Those that reported lethargy were already lethargic in the first place, it had nothing to do with the supplement. To conclude, if you stick to the proper dosages and MK-677 cycle, you shouldn’t have any of these problems. Please, for the third time already, stick to the measurements we recommend and you won’t have to deal with any of this bull.

What are those numbers? Read on to find out!

MK 677 side effects

MK-677 Cycle and Dosage

 Your MK-677 cycle shouldn’t last longer than eight weeks to avoid any potential side effects.

Speaking of dosing, MK-677 is a strong compound so you’re better off starting slow if you’re still new to the game. 5mgs a day for the first week should be enough. You can increase the dosage to 10mg a day if you see that you tolerate MK-677 well.

Intermediate bodybuilders and professionals can start off with 10mg a day in their first week and depending on how they feel, increase the dosage to 20mg a day for the remainder of their MK-677 cycle.

If you’re bulking, you can up the dosage to 30mg a day, but don’t do this unless you’re a professional at the game. If you’re cutting, leaving everything as is and you should be fine.

After your MK-677 cycle is done, you should let your body rest for the next eight weeks, so that it can rejuvenate itself. PCT is not required when using MK-677 as it is not suppressive of the natural hormones found in your body.

MK 677 dosage

Ibutamoren MK-677 Results You Can Expect

Since this compound is a growth hormone, the Ibutamoren MK-677 results you can expect are going to be huge. You will feel the results coming in at the second week already. Your pumps are going to be stronger and your muscles will feel more vascular and toned.

You can expect to lose a ton of fat while building lean muscle. The lean muscle part becomes especially visible in weeks four to six, this is where you really see MK-677 shine. During your entire MK-677 cycle, you will sleep better and enjoy deeper (REM) sleep which will make you feel more rested on the next day when it’s time to hit the gym.

Moreover, your recovery times will be shortened by a lot and you’ll be able to outperform your peers in the gym without any hassle while on MK-677.

Stacking MK-677 With Other SARMs

Although MK-677 is strong enough on its own, some people prefer to stack it with other SARMs for even better results. We’ll show you two of the most popular MK-677 stacks, one is going to be for cutting, the other for bulking.

We don’t recommend that beginners go with stacks yet, as they are still experimenting with the original compound in question. If you’re going for fat loss, we highly recommend a stack of Ostarine and MK-677. The Ostarine will help with the fat loss properties while MK-677 will make you build lean muscle.

You should take 20mg of MK-677 and 30mg of Ostarine during an eight-week cycle.

You will not need PCT as none of the substances are suppressive, just make sure to take eight weeks off once you’re done with the cycle.

If you’re bulking, you should combine MK-677 with Ligandrol. Ligandrol will give you the extra energy and push you to need to outperform everyone at the gym, you will surprise even yourself by the stamina and endurance you’ll attain.

You should take 25mg of MK-677 and 15mg of Ligandrol in an eight-week cycle. The numbers are a bit increased since when going on a bulk, you’ll be gaining weight so the dosage will even itself out.

You will need a mild PCT cycle after this stack because of the Ligandrol. We recommend four to six weeks of Nolvadex for the job and you should be golden. You’re probably wondering where the best place to buy MK-677 is, don’t worry, we’ll reveal everything in the final and last chapter of this article.

MK 677 stack

Where To Buy Ibutamoren – The Best Place To Buy MK-677

When it comes to finding MK-677 for sale, several different options pop into our minds. You see, depending on your location and type of compound you prefer, the best place to buy MK-677 will generally rely upon these two factors.

With that being the case, we have singled out three shops that have the best MK-677 for sale that you can find online.

Let’s check them out!

  1. SCIENCE.BIO is a very popular seller of SARMs and accessories that accompany these compounds. They sell MK-677 in a 30ml bottle, with each ml containing 25mg of product, totaling to 750mg of the pure supplement.

You pay $45.00 for that amount of MK-677, but you will also have to pay to ship unless you’re buying over $300 worth of product.

If you pay via cryptocurrencies, you get 10% off.

They sell it only in liquid form, so if you’re searching for the powdered version, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The supplements of all enjoy 98 to 100% purity and you can get lab results delivered with your package right into your home. Their shipping times are fast, if you’re from the US, you won’t have to wait longer than three business days.

mk 677 for sale


SARMs4You is a European based company that sells SARMs in powdered and capsule versions.

A great place for those that are sick of the liquid type of SARMs. Their MK-677 powder ranges from €60.00 to €400.00, depending on the amount you want to buy. They have it available in the range of 1 to 10 grams (not milligrams!).

Their MK-677 capsules are priced at €75.00 but you get a bargain if you two or more. You get 600mgs worth of product (60 pills worth 10mg each). It’s hard to really compare this shop to the other three as they don’t sell the same type of SARM, but still, SARMs4You is quite competitive when it comes to pricing.

You get free shipping if you’re buying over €120 ($135) worth of product, so that’s something to consider. They are the best shop for someone stationed in Europe and people from the US oftentimes order from them since they ship internationally.

All of their SARMs are tested by an independent third party laboratory and all show purity rates between 97 to 100%.


  1. Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides is a very popular SARMs manufacturer and seller. Proven Peptides sells MK-677 for $49.99 and for that amount of money, you get 375mg worth of product. While Proven Peptides seems pricier than, everything evens itself out when you consider that Proven Peptides offers free shipping above $75.

Their MK-677 enjoys 99% purity and their shipping times are insanely fast, it took our package only two days to arrive.


SecretSupps is a very well known US manufacturer and seller of SARMs. They are also the only SARMs company that offers professionally crafted SARMs stacks.

They sell MK-677 with their brand name GH PEPP 2.0 for $118.95. You get a 30ml bottle for that money with each ml equating to 25mg of product for a total of 750mg. That’s quite fair when compared with all the other stores.

What’s great about SecretSupps is that they offer free shipping with all of your orders, so the final price never changes and there are no upsells.

They only sell MK-677 in liquid form, but still, it has 99% purity so that’s something to behold.

best place to buy Mk 677

Now that we know where to find the best MK-677 for sale, we can make a purchase with confidence without fearing that we’ll get bunk product. We also learned all there is to know about MK-677 and now that we’re acquainted with the side effects, we can decide for ourselves if MK-677 is something for us or not.

Remember to stay safe out there and enjoy the ride!

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