Noopept Experience: What’s Typical & How Do You Feel?

Noopept powder

Noopept is a popular nootropic (smart drug) that can have significant cognitive benefits. But there’s so much variation in the Noopept experience that people get, and problems with side effects, that a lot of people steer away from it.

So, what I’m going to do here is now talk about my own Noopept experiences. How it feels, what the effects are, what the side effects are. How dosage is critical to your experience, and what a typical user gets out of it.

I conclude this Noopept review by also telling you the best place to buy Noopept that’s guaranteed safe by being independently lab tested and certified.

What Noopept Is

Noopept was developed in the 1990s. Noopept is actually a brand name, and the active ingredient is catchily called N-Phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester. It’s a prodrug of a substance called cycloprolylglycine.

This synthetic molecule was created in Russia with the aim of slowing down cognitive aging problems, specifical conditions like Alzheimer’s. Although it is often described as a racetam, especially as it provokes more cycloprolylglycine release in common with piracetam, its chemical structure is different, it’s not actually a racetam in its construction at all.

But what was discovered, and quickly hijacked by smart drug enthusiasts around the world, is that it’s also a potent cognitive enhancer in a healthy mind. It can relieve stress, create happiness, and dramatically increase performance levels for many hours.

Chemically, Noopept works in the following ways:

  1. It’s actually metabolites of Noopept (a waste cell product after processing by the body) that stimulates the benzodiazepine receptors in the hippocampus. This helps to elevate mood.
  2. Noopept is neuroprotective. Over time it can halt and even reverse cognitive decline, and improve thinking generally.
  3. Noopept stimulates glutamate Glutamate is our most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter. By elevating levels of it, it produces positivity and happiness.
  4. Noopept elevates levels of BDNF and NGF, both key compounds in the formation and recall of memory, as well as several key cognitive performance elements.

What is Noopept

Noopept Experience & Effects

There are quite a few caveats with using Noopept though. For a start, you have to use it regularly. It’s not a take it and get an instant hit nootropic, the effects build up over several days. In the first couple of days, you may barely feel anything unless you take a very strong dose.

But at an optimal dosage in an optimal situation, a typical Noopept experience should have the following effects:

  • Noopept improves the balance and level of alpha brain waves
  • It significantly increases cognitive performance
  • Noopept dramatically increases memory formation and recall abilities
  • It improves levels of production of key brain chemicals NGF and BDNF
  • Noopept is very good at removing brain fog
  • Noopept has been shown to lower stress and improve mood
  • It delivers a strong improvement in attention span

What does all that mean in reality? Well, the truth is that sometimes you may not even feel it’s working, but it will be.

You will able to intensely focus, to concentrate for hours on end. The downside to this I’ve found is unless you are being the prepared type of productive, unless you create plans, then you can hyperfocus on things which you shouldn’t, and actually not achieve anything you set out to do.

What I mean is you could take it with the aim of completing that work project, and then find you spend six hours playing Call of Duty like a maniac instead.

But in terms of positive effects when I was focused, I felt clean, smooth energy that really delivered. I felt motivated, in control, and any procrastination brain fog vanished.

It also really helps with your mood. One of the metabolites in Noopept stimulates the hippocampus, which activates more benzodiazepine receptors, lifting your mood dramatically.

For me, I just felt brilliant on this stuff. But as I said, first time out on a moderate dose you may not feel much. Many people report, just as I felt, that it’s a few days along the line that the effects start to kick in fully, it’s cumulative.

Noopept experience

Noopept Dosage Is Critical To Your Experience

Noopept dosage really is critical here. If the dose is too low, and you don’t take Noopept over several days, the effects will be almost non-existent. Too much, and you could suffer vicious side effects.

Noopept is a lot more powerful than other similar racetams, especially those developed earlier than it.

My advice is to start with a 10 mg dose per day for three days to see how you go. If you feel very little by the end of that time, have a break for a week and then double that dose. The upper limit of dosing Noopept seems to be around 60 mg per day. I certainly would never go higher than that.

But what I will say is that a typical Noopept experience at around 20 mg is positive, even on the first day of use. You should feel your brain going into a small overdrive in terms of its activity and performance.

noopept dosage

Noopept Side Effects

Now, this is the difficult part. All of these racetam smart drugs have significant benefits, but Noopept side effects can be vicious for some people.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get them. But I was only taking 10-20 mg a couple of times per week after an initial week of experimenting with it every day in small doses. I didn’t want to build tolerance, and I didn’t want to create the problems I’m now going to talk about.

Broadly, these are the possible Noopept side effects that you need to be aware of:

  1. Noopept depletes choline levels. This can cause vicious headaches in some people. Make sure you have a choline source when taking it. Eggs are great if you want something natural, or you could get some CDP-choline, or even some Alpha-GPC which is quite a potent nootropic in its own right (stimulates large increases in acetylcholine, but always be careful boosting this too much).
  2. Coming off Noopept as a regular user can be challenging. If you’re doing it occasionally, no problem. But very regular use creates problems. It can cause an emotional dependency, with some people reporting that when the Noopept is running out they get anxious.
  3. If you’re not using Noopept and you have regularly up until that point, then you can get mood swings, headaches, irritability, brain fog, basically everything you were using Noopept to avoid.

The crucial point here is to be sensible. The cognitive benefits of Noopept are incredible. You’ll just get so much done, it’s totally insane.

But make sure you have breaks, be aware of changes in mood and performance, and make sure you keep your doses low as possible. Don’t dose multiple times per day unless you are going to stick within a total daily dose of 10-15 mg is my advice.

where to buy Noopept online

Best Place To Buy Noopept Online

I hope that telling a bit more about my own personal Noopept experience has helped you. It really is fantastic stuff, but you have to treat it with respect.

Also, remember that this has not really been tried on people properly. To my knowledge, there’s actually only one full human trial into the effects it on the brain and body of healthy individuals. That concluded it had cognitive benefits, but it was a short trial that never looked at the long-term effects. Use infrequently, have big breaks, and be very aware of your mood and performance levels is my advice.

If you can get really good quality Noopept then you will minimize your problems. Doses will be at their lowest and easier to monitor. Plus, you’ll know you’re not filling your body with some crap.

For me, the best place to buy Noopept is That’s where I buy it.

They are based in the USA and rapidly ship across the nation, and overseas as long as you’re cool about customs problems. Noopept is incredibly cheap. 10 g of powder, a total dose of 10,000 mg, costs just $20. When you’re looking at an average dose of 10 mg, that’s an insane amount of mental clarity for 20 bucks.

You’ll also get a guarantee of purity. Every batch of Noopept is tested for purity by the independent third-party lab (of checked them out and they acknowledge they do work for the company). You can view those batch test results on the Noopept product page.

So Noopept experiences can be incredible. You’ll get tons done, you’ll be positive, you’ll feel energized. If you’ve got a big project on, then 10 mg a day will see you make incredible progress.

For God’s sake watch those side effects and look out for dependency. It can be vicious to get off if you smash it too much.

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