Oral Clear Gum Review: The Best Saliva Neutralizing Gum

Oral clear gum review

In this fast Oral Clear gum review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic saliva neutralizing gum. I’ll tell you what is, how Oral Clear works, how to use it, and a few tips on making sure you never get caught using this awesome saliva drug test chewing gum.

Plus, I’ll tell you where to buy Oral Clear detox gum for a drug test, as well as pointing out a couple of alternatives that you can consider if you don’t have the money for Oral Clear.

What Is Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum?

Saliva drug test chewing gum is actually not chewing gum at all. Oral Clear “gum” is really a capsule of liquid that you split open your mouth, swill around, and then you swallow everything so there is no trace.

What saliva drug test chewing gum actually does is to neutralize the saliva in your mouth for a little while. It contains active ingredients which destroy the metabolites in your saliva.

That will give you a short space of time to submit a clean saliva sample. But you have to be quick, because if there are still drug metabolites in your bloodstream, then they could work their way out through your saliva, which is then swallowed and expelled through the bowels and bladder.

So if you have got metabolites in your bloodstream still, which you can for up to 48 hours, sometimes longer, after you have taken drugs, or smoked a joint, anything like that, then the metabolites will quickly work their way back into your saliva, usually within 30 minutes.

Oral Clear Is The Only Genuine Saliva Neutralizing Gum

I don’t want this Oral Clear gum review to be fanboy one, but it is the only genuine saliva neutralizing gum I’ve ever found.

I’ve used it once myself, but only after I learned to trust it by doing a capsule at home first with a home mouth swab drug test kit. So I know this stuff works.

It’s not cheap. You’ll pay about $90 for a single capsule. But weigh cost that up against losing your job, plus all the associated problems. $90 is nothing!

How To use Detox Gum For A Drug Test

So look, using saliva neutralizing gum is really easy. Oral Clear is a relatively small capsule of liquid that you can have discreetly on you all the time.

When you are called for a drug test, even with someone standing in front of you, it’s really easy to put the hand in your pocket and place it in the palm of your hand, then cough a few times and put your hand over your mouth, depositing the capsule into it.

Then pop the capsule soda liquid comes out, and discreetly swill it around in your mouth for a few moments, use your tongue to rub the liquid around the gumline especially. You then swallow and everything vanishes from your mouth. You are then ready for your drug test.

saliva neutralizing gum

When Could You Need Oral Clear Detox Gum?

A lot of employers are doing mouth swab drug testing now. They are doing it because it’s cheap and because you don’t need to be specially trained to administer the test.

Although the detection times are short, mostly less than 48 hours, and often less than 24 hours after consumption, they offer a big threat if you have taken drugs recently because anybody can test you with literally one minute’s notice.

And that’s why this review of Oral Clear gum is important because it could save your job.

If you are going for an interview, but you not sure what type of drug test you might face, it’s no good drinking a detox drink to mask metabolites in your urine if they then turn around and say you are facing a mouth swab test. But having a capsule of Oral Clear on you insures you against that unexpected moment.

Where To Buy Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum

Before I tell you where to buy Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum, I want to conclude this Oral Clear gum review by telling you that there are alternatives.

Firstly, if you’re really light drug user and you haven’t used anything for a couple of days, then brushing your teeth a lot, using mouthwash, eating high-fat foods, things like that could really help if you are facing a mouth swab drug test. But none of that will help you if it’s an on the spot test.

A good Oral Clear alternative is to use saliva neutralizing mouthwash, something like Ultra Klean Ultra Wash. That will work just as well as Oral Clear, and it’s about half the price. The problem is that you will have a small bottle of mouthwash in your pocket, you will have to open it, swill it around, and spit it out. That’s far less discreet than Oral Clear.

saliva drug test chewing gum

So look, if you are concluding that you need to buy saliva neutralizing gum, even at $90 per capsule, then the place to get it from is Test Negative. They are the people who make it, the official retailer, and the only place I would ever recommend you buy it from.

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