Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Review [My Experience]

Quick fix for drug test

Some people are asking the question does Quick Fix work, because they’ve read that it’s failed people in some recent forum posts on places like Reddit. In this Quick Fix review, I’m going to tell you the truth about Quick Fix, so you can make up your own mind.

I’ll tell you how good Quick Fix is for drug test success, by telling you what is, what’s in it, how to use it, and your chances of success using it.

I’ve had plenty of experiences with fake urine over the years, and I’ve passed many drug tests, including several with Quick Fix urine. I also know a couple of friends who have passed as well, and it’s had a really good reputation online for years, so I don’t see why that would have altered.

So let’s take a good look at Quick Fix in detail, and also tell you where to buy Quick Fix, so that you are actually getting the real thing, and not an inferior product, which could be one reason why people are failing.

What Is Quick Fix?

 Quick Fix is made by a company called Spectrum Labs. It’s one of the most popular brands of synthetic urine on the market and has been for many years.

There are several reasons why it has become one of the most popular brands of synthetic urine on the market:

  1. It’s well priced, it’s in the middle ground between the cheap synthetic urine that is absolute rubbish and the most expensive brands on the market which people worry about spending too much money on. So it’s a good middle-ground option to look at.
  2. There is a wealth of information online about Quick Fix, including many positive reviews saying how good it has worked for somebody. So there’s lots of anecdotal evidence that Quick Fix works.
  3. It’s a complex formula of synthetic urine. It contains creatine and urea. It also has many other chemical markers found in real urine, it has the correct pH, and the specific gravity range of human urine as well. So for a decent price you are getting something that mimics human urine quite closely.
  4. Its current formulation is 6.2. It’s regularly updated, and it reacts to changes in the urine sample drug testing industry, by picking up on advances that could spot fake samples. So it’s reassuring that you are not getting synthetic urine that was formulated 10 years ago and hasn’t kept up with progress in drug testing.

Quick Fix Reviews Online: What People Say About It

I don’t want to go into too many details here, because there are hundreds of Quick Fix synthetic urine reviews online, and you can see the comments on websites and forums how positively it’s received by most people.

Here’s a couple of quick comments that people have made:

“Quick Fix work like a dream for me, I was terrified when I handed my cup over but the lab technician never even gave it a second look. Results were clear with no problems.”

“To get peace of mind in those ways for $39 was awesome and I glad I gave it a go. Pre-employment test that got me a job when I really needed it so that’s a recommendation from me”

“I used QF 6.2 yesterday for a pre-employment 10-panel screen that was sent to quest and got the call today that I was good to go and make sure I brought my direct deposit stuff!!! Not sure why some others have had issues but I was good to go the first time.”

What’s In The Kit?

Quick Fix 6.2 is premixed synthetic urine, is you don’t even need to mix it up. You get a vial of Quick Fix urine, 2 fluid ounces in size. If you get Quick Fix Plus, the only difference is that the vial of Quick Fix is 3 fluid ounces, that’s what the “plus” means.

You also get a decent quality heatpad (handwarmer), which can be activated to start producing heat on its own when you need it. You also get a temperature strip attached to the bottle which allows you to check the temperature, and a high-tech elastic band to strap the sample to the heatpad.

So it’s hardly advanced, and you might not be that impressed when you see what your $39 bought you. But obviously it’s in the quality of the heat pad, and the complexity of the synthetic urine, that determines if Quick Fix is worth the money you pay.

Quick fix reviews

How To Use Quick Fix For A Drug Test

The instructions for using Quick Fix are actually really straightforward, anyone can do them. But just make sure you are clear in advance what you have to do, just so you don’t get caught up in a panic on the day of your test.

  1. Firstly, simply heat the Quick Fix sample in a microwave. You’ll only need to do this for about 10 seconds at most. It’s best to do it in a couple of short bursts rather than one long one, so you can check the temperature strip.
  2. Remove the sample from microwave and gently shake it, and if you don’t get a reading, it’s too hot, or too cold. Place the sample against your cheek to see if it’s got warmth in it if not, return it’s the microwave for another few seconds.
  3. Repeat the process until you see a reading on the temperature strip.
  4. Then you can attach it to the heatpad. I always recommend you activate the heatpad about 30 minutes in advance, so that it gets heat into it, and gets up to a constant temperature. You don’t want to strap the sample to it, and then it cools while the heatpad warms up.
  5. Monitor it closely for another 15 minutes to make sure that the temperature stays stable. Then place it in your underwear. Always wear two pairs of underpants keep the heat in, and keep it from moving around.

And that’s really it for the Quick Fix instructions. As long as the heatpad isn’t defective, and there aren’t any extreme temperature conditions, you should keep the temperature stable for up to 6 hours, but I wouldn’t really gamble on that length of time.

As long as you are at the lab within about three hours, you should be fine.

Quick fix instructions

So Does Quick Fix Work?

A lot of people in asking does Quick Fix work because they’ve heard that Quick Fix can fail you a drug test. Where’s the evidence that it could fail?

Well, the formula isn’t as complex as the top brands on the market, Quick Luck, and Sub Solution. But it is complex enough to pass a basic pre-employment drug test, your basic five panel drug test which costs a company about $50 to the commission.

Also on the downside, Quick Fix doesn’t froth quite as well as Sub Solution, so it isn’t quite as frothy as real urine is when you shake it. But unless you have a hugely scrupulous and experienced lab technician then that shouldn’t really be a problem.

Look, in my experience, Quick Fix works. I’ve used it twice to pass pre-employment drug tests in the past four years. I’ve also got a friend who passed a drug test with Quick Fix last year, so it’s definitely working.

In terms of failure, I think people might be getting the temperature wrong. There are lots of variables in keeping the temperature right, and when you’ve only got a 10° margin of error when it has to be submitted between 90°F 100°F, then that’s tough to achieve.

If the heatpad is defective, or you have a long journey to the lab, or it’s cold outside and you don’t protect it on the journey, something like that, then the temperature could creep down.

Alternatively, I’m guessing people microwave it too warm, strap the heat pad on thinking it will go down to the right temperature, and it doesn’t. So they submit it anyway, and it’s rejected as obviously being above the maximum temperature that human urine can exit the body at.

So yes for a variety of reasons that are your fault, or down to scrupulous lab technicians, or simply that the quality of the validity testing found to be a fake sample, Quick Fix can fail. But overwhelmingly, for $39, you’re getting a very good quality synthetic urine that will pass a drug test guaranteed, as long as none of those unusual circumstances arise.

Avoid Buying Quick Fix Urine From These Places

If you’re going to buy Quick Fix, I would recommend that you only buy it from a specialist online retailer.

Avoid places like Amazon and eBay. The sellers on there can be very unscrupulous, and it could be completely fake, or out of date. Even if it is not out of date, it could have a short life, and unless you are aware of that, if you don’t use it within a couple of months then you could submit a sample that fails because the synthetic urine is starting to disintegrate.

You should also avoid sites like Craigslist, anything like that, where you just don’t know the quality of what you’re picking up. That’s obviously going to apply to anything you buy online, but specifically talking about Quick Fix, or any synthetic urine, you have literally no idea if somebody has just printed off a load of boxes, and is selling you a plastic bottle full of water.

I’d also avoid buying Quick Fix for a drug test in places like headshops. Anywhere non-specialist has probably got old stock that could have been sitting around for ages. It could have been left in a window in the sun, anything, you just don’t know the quality, so I’d always stick to a specialist retailer.

Where To Buy Quick Fix 6.2

The place I would always recommend you buy Quick Fix from is from this webshop. They are reputable sellers, officially authorized, and they offer Quick Fix at the best price possible.

You’ll get fast delivery, but I’d always recommend you order well in advance, and that you buy a couple of boxes, just in case something goes wrong.

I’d also recommend you buy Quick Fix Plus because that’s the larger 3 fluid ounce size. A few testing labs do require a larger sample, and you don’t want to get caught out trying to explain why you can only produce 2 fluid ounces of urine.

where to buy quick fix

Alternatives To Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

If you’re looking for something better than Quick Fix, then the only real option is the top of the range brands from Clear Choice, which are Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

Both of these contain more chemicals than Quick Fix so that you have less chance of getting caught out during the validity checking.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck both look more like real human urine than Quick Fix, and both froth like human urine. Although Quick Fix will definitely pass you a basic drug test, if you want the ultimate in safety, then Sub Solution or Quick Luck are definitely better options.

The big problem, as I’ve explained earlier in this Quick Fix synthetic urine review, is that although the answer the question around does Quick Fix work is yes, the variable is the temperature: the heatpad and transportation.

That isn’t a problem with Sub Solution and Quick Luck. They use a patented heat activator powder instead of a heatpad. That means you don’t even need a microwave. You put the powder in, agitate the liquid, and as it dissolves it produces heat which warms the sample.

So you just add about a third of the activator powder in, see what happens to the temperature trip, and add a bit more as necessary.

When you get to the lab, if the temperature has cooled, you can add a little more heat activator powder to bring it right back to the range you need. So it gives you close control over the temperature that you just can’t get with any brand of urine that uses a heatpad.

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