Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review

Quick Luck synthetic urine reviews

I mentioned in a previous blog post here that the number one synthetic urine brand, Sub Solution, has a new big brother. So I thought I’d put together a Quick Luck synthetic urine review, to give you the lowdown on why Quick Luck is set to become your only option if you’re looking for the best guarantee of using fake urine to pass a drug test.

It’s not a practical Quick Luck review, because I haven’t used it to pass a drug test yet. But I have used Sub Solution to pass a pre-employment drug test, and this is literally an upgraded version of Sub Solution, with all the same characteristics and quality.

So I’m going to talk you through why Quick Luck is the ultimate solution in synthetic urine, why Clear Choice urine is simply the best, and also explain to you about the new “Practice kit” from Clear Choice as well, and how the combo of Quick Luck and the practice kit can give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Clear Choice Urine Explained

So there are really four Clear Choice urine products. Clear choice is the company who makes them, and they are really reputable drug test product company, all of the things they sell a highly regarded, things like the detox drink called Rescue Cleanse and a detox pill called Herbal Pre Cleanse formula.

I’ve used Sub Solution to pass a drug test recently, but I think I’m going to move to Quick Luck because it’s just a little bit more of a step up for not a lot more money. You have Sub Solution, which is the best synthetic urine on the market, head, and shoulders above everything else.

But now you have Quick Luck. Sub Solution is powder, Quick Luck is premixed, so you don’t even have to mess around with water, it’s ready to heat up.

Plus Quick Luck has an even more advanced formula, so it will literally pass even the most complex drug test. It’s just the gold standard in convenience and quality.

Plus, there’s a practice kit now, which contains everything you need to have a practice in advance of your drug test, it’s cost-effective, and give you more options. You can get a good combination deal buying Quick Luck and the practice kit together at For the purposes of this review, and to future proof myself in a drug test, I bought the Quick Luck and practice kit combo deal.

What You Get In The Quick Luck Kit

Quick Luck costs a hundred dollars. But it’s the ultimate inconvenience. You getting the vial of 3 ounces of premixed synthetic urine of the highest quality.

Plus you getting the heat activator powder. Now let’s talk quickly about the heat activator powder. It’s brilliant stuff. You don’t need a heatpad, you simply pour in some of the powder and it heats up the urine, so you can do it anywhere, really quickly.

But in the Quick Luck kit, you also get two heatpads, giving you an extra heat source as well.

If you buy the combo deal, for an extra $35 you can also get the practice kit. In that, you get everything except the Quick Luck synthetic urine. You can use water, and do a practice run, testing the temperature, even using the heatpads supplied if you want, to do a dummy run before the day of your test, all for just $35.

Quick Luck synthetic urine reviews

How To Use Quick Luck: Instructions

So look, the instructions for using Quick Luck are brilliantly simple, and you can also do them in advance using the practice kit, so on the day, you are calm and rehearsed.

You simply heat up the sample by adding the heat activator powder to it. You can then use a heatpad to keep it warm and go off to take your test. That’s all there is to it.

But you could just wait until you get near the testing lab if you’re driving. And in your car, add the heat activator powder, and then go and take the test. If it’s a long walk, you could utilize the heatpad, or just add more heat activator powder outside. Basically, the granular control of the heatpads and heat activator powder gives you complete options to manage the sample temperature.

So as you can see, Quick Luck is brilliantly simple, and I think any Quick Luck synthetic urine review has to tell you how easy it is.

So in terms of how to use Quick Luck, there’s nothing to it, and you can get a dummy run done with the practice kit. Plus with the flexibility of the heat activator powder and the heatpads that are made available, you’ll not face the biggest reason why people fail with fake samples: having a sample that is too hot or cold.

Does Quick Luck Work?

 For my last job interview, I had to do a urine sample drug test, and Sub Solution worked for me. The heat activator powder makes it easy to keep the temperature right, and because it’s so complex, and does need a heatpad, you can breeze right through the test.

So it makes sense that Quick Luck is going to work even better, because it’s more complex, and it’s more convenient as well.

So unequivocally, yes Quick Luck works. When it comes to knowing how to use Quick Luck, as I’ve explained above, it’s just a dream. I’ll certainly be using Quick Luck for my next drug test.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

 I’ve really already covered the battle between Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution.

Sub Solution is brilliant, head and shoulders above any other synthetic urine products on the market. The heat activator powder, plus the complexity of the formula, make it almost idiot-proof. Quick Luck takes things another step further, being more complex in the formula, and premixed.

Practically, that means it’s even more convenient. You can keep it at work. Say you have an on the spot drug test. You get told you’re going to have to submit a sample. So you can go and prepare a fake sample in a cubicle, in your car, even inside your locker in minutes. It’s going to protect you better than any other brand.

Sub Solution reviews

Where To Buy Clear Choice Quick Luck Urine

I bought the Quick Luck and practice kit combination for $135 from the company’s own website at Test Negative. I never buy from a third party site if possible, especially not a general marketplace like eBay, or Amazon, where you’re going to get fakes.

Clear Choice urine is the best on the market, and the conclusion of my Quick Luck review is that it’s definitely the best. Easy, convenient, literally foolproof. The biggest reason I think people fail synthetic urine drug test submissions is the temperature was wrong, but Quick Luck takes the fear that away.

Also, the convenience means that you can literally keep it anywhere, and have a sample to submit at exactly the right temperature within about three minutes, making it perfect for any working environment, or any other sort of pressure situation.

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