Testolone RAD140 Review: Effects, Dosage, Results | Where To Get Pure RAD 140 For Sale

Testolone RAD-140

When searching for RAD 140 results online, there seems to be a giant hole of information missing. We’re here to fill that hole with science, research and results that will blow your mind away.

Are you prepared to face the might of Testolone?

We better hope so, because this substance is unlike anything you’ve tried before. It’s the perfect compound for bulking up and bodybuilders have been using it for decades without any significant side effects.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the effects RAD 140 has on our body.

Effects of Testolone RAD 140 On The Body

Like all the other SARMs, RAD 140 is extra specialized for just one purpose: Activating the androgen receptors in our body. This makes the body build more muscle than it has ever done before! It’s the strongest SARM out there and its effects are mindblowing.

This RAD 140 review will show you just how effective this compound really is!

  • Increases Natural Testosterone Levels: Testosterone has been known to have multiple beneficial roles in the body. A study has shown that RAD 140 increases natural testosterone levels leading to better cognitive performance in attention span tests. Users feel more alert during the day and energized to the core. This is not the only benefit of testosterone, there are more such as higher libido, better mood, stronger bones…
  • Increased Raw Muscle Mass: Testolone has a high anabolic activity which makes it build muscle like crazy. As we already mentioned, there isn’t a SARM better fit for the job. You’ll gain some nice muscles in just one RAD 140 cycle.
  • Increased Metabolism Rate: If you’re having trouble with weight because of your slow metabolism, RAD 140 is there to help. It also reduces fat as well because of the increased rate your body is operating at.
  • Higher Energy and Stamina: It’s no secret that those taking RAD 140 go crazy at the gym. They feel like they could conquer the world. You’ll also see yourself working much longer without gassing out.
  • Massive Increase in Strength: You will smash your previous limitations with just a bit of effort while on RAD 140. People around you will notice your increase in strength and you’ll feel powerful.
  • Your Veins Will Become More Visible: You’ll notice it in the gym and outside of it, but the vascularity you get while on RAD 140 is truly astounding. The best thing of all? It stays that way even when a cycle is done so your gains are permanent.
  • Potential Cure For Breast Cancer: Research is still on-going but the results so far are promising. Studies show that RAD 140 decreases and disinhibits breast cancer cells in the body. With all these awesome effects on the body, you’re surely asking yourself what the proper dosage and cycle for RAD 140 is. Don’t worry, all will be answered in the next section of this article.

Testolone rad 140

Testolone RAD 140 Dosage And Cycle

 The perfect RAD 140 dosage will depend on whether you’re just starting out, are an intermediate or are a professional at bodybuilding.

If you’re a beginner we recommend a small RAD 140 dosage for your entire cycle. Take 5mgs a day during an entire eight-week cycle and don’t increase the dosage at all. For you, 5mgs is plenty enough since it’s your first time.

If you’ve got some experience with Testolone, you’re best off starting your first week with 5mgs and than upping the dosage to 10mgs for the next seven weeks during your cycle. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

However, if you’re a professional, you can immediately take 10mgs a day on your first week and increase the dosage to 20mg per day for the next seven to nine weeks, depending on whether you want to go for an eight week and ten-week cycle.

Since Testolone is mildly suppressive, you’ll have to do a mini PCT cycle with Nolvadex or Clomid. This will ensure that you don’t experience any side effects after playing with RAD 140.

RAD 140 Results You Can Expect

Finally, we’ve approached the crux of the article. We hope that you’re ready to uncover all the amazing RAD 140 results we’ve got in store for you.

All of these come from actual users of Testolone and anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that most of them are pretty much the same, meaning that RAD 140 acts in a similar fashion despite being active in different bodies.

The first thing you’ll notice is the increased energy and stamina. You will feel different in the gym as if you’re a lot stronger than before, the feeling can only be described as ‘manic’ in a positive sense. You won’t gas out as quickly as before, your pumps are going to be significantly stronger and your energy levels will be going through the roof!

Secondly, you’ll start putting on weight and mass easily, without hassle. There will be no water weight, but the actual muscle you’ll be getting! Generally speaking, your muscles will feel harder and stronger and you’ll be able to, at this stage, outperform yourself. You’ll probably break a few of your personal records, but don’t worry, that’s normal with RAD 140.

After the second stage, you’ll enter phase three where it’s all about losing fat while gaining more muscle. Yes, you will gain weight but as already mentioned, it will be muscle and your fat will be going down simultaneously as all this is happening.

You’ll lose anywhere between 4 to 7% of your total fat during a RAD 140 cycle. You’ll also gain between 10 to 15 pounds of weight. Aren’t these results as unexpected as the title of this article suggested? We’ll leave that upon you to decide.

The only thing you have to do during your entire cycle to get these RAD 140 results is to keep your diet and exercise routines in check, don’t slip or the Testolone is going to be wasted and you’re going to end up disappointed.

RAD 140 Results

Side Effects of Using RAD 140

Any compound that has such amazing benefits must have some drawbacks, doesn’t it? With that being said, luckily for us, most of these side effects are experienced on higher dosages of RAD 140. We’re talking about 30mg or more a day.

If you ever feel any of these side effects, simply lower your dosage and be patient, results don’t happen overnight!

  • Mild Suppression: This is a side effect that is easily alleviated by the PCT we’re doing with Nolvadex or Clomid. It’s important to understand that when suppression happens, the best thing to do is to lower your dosage.
  • Headaches and Nausea: A small minority of users reported feeling nauseous after taking RAD 140 for the first time. This is very unlikely to happen and if it does happen, don’t worry, it goes away in a week.
  • Muscle Straining: Because you’re packing on so much muscle in such a short period, it’s possible for your muscles to suffer during the entire process. That is why we recommend the lowest dosage possible to beginners.
  • Tiredness and Lethargy: This side effect was experienced by those that didn’t do PCT after a cycle. It’s very important to do PCT because your testosterone is going to be lowered after a RAD 140 cycle.

As we can see, most of the side effects are as a result of the user taking too much of the compound or not following protocol If you follow our recommended dosages and cycles, you shouldn’t experience any of these side effects!

RAD 140 Before And After Pictures

 We all know that RAD 140 is a strong compound that can completely transform our bodies. However, there is one caveat and that is that it doesn’t happen in one cycle. Most of the RAD 140 before and after pictures promise you insane results in just one cycle, which is just impossible.

These pictures make it look like the user was on something stronger than steroids on his cycle, we’ve seen pictures where the subject went from chubby to completely shredded in just eight weeks.

If that were possible, everyone would just become a professional bodybuilder in months…

Reality is way different and the truth is that RAD 140 won’t turn you into a monster with just one cycle. With multiple cycles, your diet and exercise routines in check and years of patience, it very well might do so.

The reason why so many online sources claim that the impossible is possible to achieve within just one cycle is to try and get a sale on you. They want you to buy their RAD 140 and they don’t care what happens after that.

You have to understand that these pictures are meaningless and are just meant to be for the show. Anyone with basic photoshop skills could have made those images.

The important thing here is you and your progress, you should measure your success by how much better you are than the person you were yesterday and leave the pictures of others where they belong: In the trash.

RAd 140 dosage

RAD 140 VS Ostarine

 RAD 140 and Ostarine are two vastly contrasting compounds. RAD 140 is known as the strongest SARM out there, while Ostarine holds the trophy for being the mildest SARM.

Ostarine is recommended for beginners and those just starting out, while Testolone is more suited for those that already have experience with SARMs. Ostarine is usually used during a cut when you want to lose fat, Testolone is usually used during a bulk when you want to gain weight.

Ostarine doesn’t require any type of PCT and is well tolerated by most people while RAD 140 is mildly suppressive and therefore requires a mini PCT cycle.

These are the obvious differences between these two compounds. In the battle of strength when it comes to RAD 140 VS Ostarine, Testolone would win hands down.

On the other hand, if you’re cutting, Ostarine would be the better choice. These two compounds are oftentimes stacked and when done so, one can expect massive fat loss while building up some nice muscle in the meantime.

RAD 140 Reviews Online – What Other People Say About Testolone

When on the quest of researching a new compound, it’s always important to check out how other people reacted to it. This type of the first-hand experience is gold in our eyes and we have to take it into account during this RAD 140 review. This information can be invaluable because it can tell us things we previously didn’t know or missed about the supplement in question.

Our first experience arrives straight from Reddit where a user went from 185 to 200 pounds in just one eight week cycle on RAD 140! His body fat also dropped dramatically, but sadly he doesn’t have any figures on that. He took quite a high dosage of Testolone, most days 20mls and on some days 30mls.

The extra 10ml made a difference in his eyes and he felt himself perform a lot better with more RAD 140 in his blood. What’s important to note is that he stacked it with Ostarine, which additionally boosted the fat loss properties of Testolone. As mentioned in the previous chapter, they do make quite a duo.

Our second story also stems from Reddit, where heated discussions were had about which SARM is better. One user claimed that RAD 140 is his favorite, especially when paired up with Ostarine since it made him hungry.

He says that he noticed insane results in just three weeks of lifting. He went from 185 pounds in the bench to 215 pounds, an impressive feat. He also felt his energy levels go through the roof, he felt his strength increase and his overall sense of well being was improved.  The last thing he mentions is the increased vascularity, which he loved to see.

RAD 140 reviews

Our third and last anecdote comes from a supplement forum where all types of compounds are discussed. A user there logged his results from taking RAD 140 and Ostarine, once again a stack of these two popular SARMs.

He felt the results come in on day one already, he reported feeling the increased energy immediately.

Moving on, he felt increased strength and power in the gym, he could do more reps than before and he felt like he could go on for hours. He sadly had to end his log a bit too early because he wasn’t satisfied enough with the results. You see, these are the types of people that should just quit bodybuilding altogether because if you’re not patient enough, you’ll only end up harming yourself.

As far as we are concerned, RAD 140 has shown itself to be very powerful indeed. Yes, it did cause some minor suppression here and there but it was generally safe to use and users tolerated it well.

We don’t think that there is a SARM as good for breaking personal records like this one, so if you’re tired of being stuck in a rut, you should hop on the Testolone train!

RAD 140 For Sale – Where To Buy The Purest Testolone Available

Pure RAD 140 for sale is hard to find these days. When on the lookout for Testolone, you have to go through many hoops and be very careful about who you’re buying. There are many sellers whose only motivation is profit and they don’t care what they’re selling. They usually sell banned chemicals and label them as SARMs. This is something to look out for.

To save you the hassle of having to do months of research and analysis, we will present to you four shops that have consistently served us well over the years and with whom we’ve always had a hassle-free experience.


The popular irc.bio, just rebranded because of some government regulations. Back in their days, they were the most prolific SARMs seller is the US and they don’t seem to be faltering now.

Their Testolone that comes in liquid form will cost you $50.00 and you’ll get 30ml with each ml being worth 10mgs for a total of 300mgs. You also get a 1ml pipette for convenient measurement of the liquid for free. If you’re buying more than 20 at a time, you can get them as low as $35.00 per bottle.

The RAD 140 of science.bio shows 99% purity and you can have lab results delivered straight with your order if you ask for them.

They don’t offer free shipping unless you’re buying more than 300$ worth of product, which is a lot. Their shipping times are extraordinary, our package took just three days to arrive.

RAD 140 for sale


Many experts agree that this is the best European SARMs vendor. They base their conclusions on the amazing customer service, fast shipping times and high quality of SARMs they have received.

They are the only store that sells RAD 140 both as a raw powder and in capsule form.

The raw powder will cost you anywhere between €60.00 to €150.00 depending on how many grams you buy (between one and three).

Their Testolone capsules will cost you $73.25 and you get 600mg worth of product in one bottle (60 pills, with each pill containing 10mgs of the substance). If you’re buying in bulk, you can get a bottle as cheap as $62.00.

They boast high purity rates, their Testolone alone has between 98 to 100% purity. They ship internationally, so if you’re from the US and are tired of all the liquid SARMs, you can order from them no problem. Just be aware that shipping times take 10 business days on average.

A friend of ours from the UK got his package in just three days of ordering, so their shipping times are on point.

RAD 140 reviews

  1. ProvenPeptides

You’ve probably already heard about this shop already. Proven peptides are one of the most popular sellers of SARMs in the US.

They sell great quality pure Testolone RAD 140 for $44.99 you get 225mg worth of product (Science.Bio is cost the same, but the concentration is higher). Add to that the fact that shipping is completely free above $75.

An added bonus is the fact that their Testolone is very pure, it boasts a purity of 98,6%. They also ship worldwide so if you’re not from the US, you can still enjoy their SARMs.

Speaking of shipping, our package arrived in just three days of ordering and we were very satisfied with the contents inside.

Testolone RAD 140


SecretSupps has been operating for years, they are a masterful curator of SARM stacks and professional seller of all types of SARMs.

They brand their RAD 140 as TIGHT 2.0 and they sell it for $111.95. For that amount of money, you get 300mgs worth of product. It’s expensive, but very high-quality stuff!

Despite their steep pricing, they also offer a really nice SARMs stack consisting of RAD 140, LGD 4033 and MK 677 conveniently called ‘Bulking Stack’. That combo will cost you only $290.00 and you get all the information regarding the use, cycles and proper dosages straight from their website.

This is very convenient for beginners or those just starting out.

Their shipping is free worldwide and relatively fast, it took our package four days to arrive in front of our doorstep. It took them a day to ship our product, which is quite fast.

Their RAD 140 shows 99% purity and was researched by an independent third party laboratory stationed in the US.

UPDATE: Secretsupps Is not recommended anymore.

where to buy RAD 140

Now that we have discovered all these amazing RAD 140 results, we can safely start a cycle on Testolone. All the knowledge has been laid out and there is nothing hindering us anymore from attaining awesome gains in the gym.

Until next time and happy gainz hunting!

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