Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox Review: Is It Possible To Detox In 5 Days?

Rescue detox review

Rescue detox reviews will tell you that it’s a brilliant product that will definitely allow you to completely detox your body from drug toxins in just five days. But what’s the truth about that? Does Rescue 5 Day Detox work, or is it just another marketing scam?

Is it even possible to detox your body in five days, and if so, can Rescue 5 Day permanent detox do it on its own?

In this quick review of Rescue 5 Day permanent detox, I’m going to tell you the proper instructions, including instructions for doing a natural detox alongside the pill course.

Plus, I will answer the question: does Rescue 5 Day Detox work, by telling you about my own test with it. And, if you want to buy it, I’ll tell you where you can get it at the best price, and if there are better alternatives out there.

What Is Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox?

Rescue 5 Day permanent detox is a course of detox pills, that contain all-natural ingredients which help to push toxins out of your body faster than they can be eradicated normally. Now the thing is, how successful Rescue 5 Day permanent detox will be, will depend on how many drug toxins you’ve got your body. But it will also depend on some other circumstances:

  • Your age
  • Metabolism
  • Your fitness
  • Cutting out toxins
  • Doing a natural detox

But the key thing, which a lot of Rescue Detox reviews will tell you, is that you will not detox in five days if you have got a lot of drug metabolites in your body.

Let’s give you an example. If you smoke a couple of joints a week, then even though they will cling to the cells in your body, those metabolites will usually work their way out of your body completely within about a week. So if you don’t smoke for a week, you’ll be clean.

But if you are smoking every day, or you are taking a combination of drug toxins in more days a week than you are not, then those drug toxins are always going to be working their way out your system, and will start to build up.

Especially with weed, because of how cannabis metabolites cling to cells in the body, if you are a chronic smoker, you could still be pushing out toxins through your urine after 2 to 3 weeks, and that’s been proven in scientific studies.

5 day detox

How To Do A Detox

So look, the only way to get those metabolites out of your body for good is to do a proper natural detox. You have to work hard with a natural detox, by doing the following things:

  • Eat a low-fat diet, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein
  • Eat less than you usually do
  • Exercise every day
  • Sweat every day
  • Get your metabolism working faster
  • Drink lots of liquids every day
  • Cut out toxins like drugs, tobacco, and alcohol

Now that is a lot of hard work. But by doing the Rescue 5 Day Detox, you can lower the time it will take to get clean.

Let’s say you’re a heavy weed smoker and doing all that natural detox stuff will get you clean in two weeks. Rescue 5 permanent Day Detox is not going to be powerful enough to get rid of all those toxins in five days, but it will take around five days off the total, meaning you’ve only got to detox for just over a week.

Rescue 5 Day Detox Instructions

The Rescue 5 Day Detox instructions for use are pretty simple. But you do have to do them alongside a natural detox. So the most important thing is to not take in more drug toxins. You’ll need to stop as long as possible before you start your detox.

  1. On the night before you start your detox take the four “quick start” pills with 32 ounces of water.
  2. Every morning for five days you take six of the morning formula pills. Again, you do this with 32 ounces of water each morning.
  3. Each evening, at least one hour before you eat, and at least three hours since you last ate, take the evening formula pills with water.
  4. On the morning after you finish the five day detox take the “finisher” capsules, four of them with 32 ounces of water.
  5. On the morning of your test take the eight Rescue ICE capsules with 32 ounces of water.

Rescue 5 day permanent detox

Does Rescue 5 Day Detox Work?

So look, does Rescue 5 Day Detox work? Well, the first thing to point out is it is actually a seven day detox, not five. Take a look at the instructions, there are two further steps to take after the five days. So you really need a week before a drug test.

Even if you haven’t fully eradicated all the toxins, the ICE capsules work as a detox drink in liquid form. So does Rescue 5 Day Detox work? Yes if you time it right and your toxin levels aren’t too high.

I used it to pass a drug test for a job a couple of years ago. I wasn’t smoking as heavily then, probably a joint just once in the evening after work. So although my toxin intake was daily, it wasn’t that high, my body was getting time to work things out.

I still knew it would take more than a week to get 100% clean, because of the way weed metabolites cling to cells in your body.

I did the Rescue 5 Day Detox course, and on the morning of my drug test, eight days after I stopped smoking weed, I did a home drug test and I passed it. I then passed the drug test for the job a day later. So I shaved 4-5 days off the length of natural detox.

Get Yourself An Insurance Policy

An insurance policy for using r Rescue 5 Day permanent detox, a point a lot of rescue detox reviews don’t mention, is to have a couple of things to hand. Get yourself several home drug test kits. These only cost a few dollars each, and they will give you an idea of when you are clean.

Also, get yourself a good quality detox drink, something like Ultra Eliminex, or Mega Clean. If you are not free of toxins on the morning of your test, even after the Rescue ICE capsules, you can drink the detox drink to mask the remaining toxins.

Does Mega Clean work

Alternatives To Doing A Detox

Before I reach the conclusion of this Rescue 5 Day Detox review, I want to mention and alternative to doing a detox at all. You could just use synthetic urine. Most synthetic urine brands out there are rubbish, but I will recommend to you Sub Solution.

Sub Solution, or it’s big brother Quick Luck, is the most complex formulas on the market, don’t require a heatpad, and are so close to human urine in construction that they will pass pretty much any type of drug test effort-free.

Where To Buy Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox

So you’re probably wondering where to buy Rescue 5 Day Detox. But first, I want to mention another detox pill called Toxin Rid. Toxin Rid is the most powerful detox pill on the market. You can also get course lengths from a single day, up to 10 days, giving you much more control over how much you can detox, you can read my detailed review here.

Toxin Rid reviews

But the thing is, Toxin Rid costs double what Rescue 5 Day permanent detox does. However, I think it’s twice as good. But if you haven’t got the money for Toxin Rid, then sure, Rescue 5 Day Detox is your next best option. You can buy it on this website, it costs $59.99.

$59.99 is not much of an investment to potentially half the amount of time you have to go through the pain of natural detox. Also, you are unlikely to get more than a weeks notice of a drug test for employment, so halving the detox time in a week could be the difference between success and failure.

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