Stenabolic SR9009 Review: Dosage, Results, Possible Side Effects

SR9009 results

Finding the purest SR9009 for sale is no easy feat. One has to do months of research to find the right vendor as there is a lot of bunk product being sold around.

As experts, it is our duty to go through the droves of trash to find the golden nugget and that’s exactly what we did. In this article, we’ll reveal it all, but first, let’s learn a bit more about SR9009 so that we can better acquaint ourselves with the compound in question before buying it.

What is SR9009?

SR9009 or Stenabolic is an agonist that attaches itself to the Rev-ErbA proteins in our body, forcing them to build more muscle and create more muscle tissue. Besides building muscle, these proteins are mainly responsible for monitoring our blood sugar levels, fat loss, and fat gain. This means that besides building muscle, you’ll also be able to lose fat while on Stenabolic.

Because it acts directly on the protein, it’s a lot more effective than any SARM out there. Some people go as far as to not call SR9009 a SARM, but classify it as a chemical in its own ranks.


SR9009 Human Trials

 Sadly speaking, there have been no human trials conducted with SR9009, but experiments with mice have come a long way. Studies on rodents show that Stenabolic has the ability to improve all facets of life when taken in the proper dosages and cycles.

The improvements noticed on mice were increased energy, fat burning, lowered recovery times, decrease in LDL cholesterol and better sleep.

What’s important to note is that the mice didn’t feel any side effects at all and that they tolerated the compound very well. In spite there being no human trials conducted with SR9009, we have plenty of volunteers that stepped out and took the compound on their own accord.

They reported results similar to the ones that the mice experienced, the most noticeable of the benefits being the increased energy and fat loss properties of Stenabolic.

The great thing about SR9009 is that it doesn’t deplete the body of its natural chemicals so besides having no side effects, you also won’t need PCT for it!

SR9009 Review – The Benefits of SR9009

Let’s take a look at all the benefits bodybuilders reported from taking Stenabolic. It will be very interesting to see just how versatile this compound is – Its uses are almost limitless. That’s what we’ll try to prove in this SR9009 review.

  • Lose Fat and Weight: You should know that SR9009 boosts your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and it also gives you more energy which makes it a lot more likely that you’ll lose more calories in any particular day.
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels: Besides burning fat, you will also feel the positive effects of lowered cholesterol in your blood because SR9009 makes way with excess glucose in your body.
  • Increases Energy Levels and Stamina: The kind of energy you get while on an SR9009 cycle is truly amazing. You’ll be able to accomplish so much more inside and outside of the gym. Males typically boast how it makes them perform better in bed.
  • Decreases Tissue Damage and Prevents Inflammation: Stenabolic has the ability to completely prevent inflammation in the body. It does so by acting on the TNF-alpha receptors, diminishing their toxic role in the body.
  • Prevents The Narrowing of Blood Flow: Atherosclerosis is a common problem nowadays and many people are at risk of suffering at the hands of this debilitating decease. The good thing is that SR9009 reduces the triglycerides responsible for the build-up of plaque.
  • Increases Wakefulness and Alertness: Studies on mice have shown that when mice were given Stenabolic, their wakefulness noticeably increased and they were a lot more active during the day. Bodybuilders report similar results, with some finally starting the projects they always wanted to do.
  • It Can Be An Effective Anxiolytic: Stenabolic has shown itself time and time again as an effective antipanic and anti-anxiety agent. It decreased anxiety in the afflicted as fast as 10 minutes after administration.

Now that we’ve uncovered these amazing benefits, let’s take a look at the proper dosage and cycling of SR9009.

SR9009 Dosage and Half-Life

 There is a problem with Stenabolic that not many articles mention and that is that it only stays in the body for four hours. You’ll have to constantly redose to keep the effects up and that can be a bit of a hassle. Unless you’re 100% dedicated, it will be hard to maintain this routine and that’s why we’re issuing a warning here to anyone that wants to use this compound – It requires your utmost attention.

With that being said, the proper dosage of Stenabolic is 20mgs a day taken four times in 5mg increments.

You can take one when you wake up, one on your main meal, the third one after your workout and the last one before sleep.

The Proper SR9009 Cycle Length

 Your SR9009 cycle length will be determined by your level of expertise in bodybuilding. If you’re a beginner, six weeks should be plenty enough. If you’re an intermediate, eight weeks is the perfect option for you and if you’re a professional, you can take it for up to 10 weeks at a time.

Although SR9009 doesn’t cause suppression and you will not need PCT for it, you will have to be careful about not taking it for too long. Why? Because Stenabolic is still an external source of protein and if it is maintained in the body for too long, the body could stop producing any of its own, creating problems once use is discontinued.

Just follow our recommended SR9009 cycle and dosage length and you’ll be golden!

SR9009 Results You Can Expect

The SR9009 results you’ll have are going to be amazing. We’ll give you a timeline of when you’ll start feeling a particular result so that you’re better prepared during an SR9009 cycle.

The first thing you’ll notice in week one is your energy and stamina is increased. Your pumps are going to be harder, you’ll go ham at the gym and you won’t feel as exhausted as before.

Week two will be just around the time where you will start feeling rested a lot sooner, which means that your recovery times will be cut into two. You will no longer feel muscle swelling or inflammation since Stenabolic has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

On week four, you’ll see the pounds and fat start dropping. Many users feel it kick in a lot sooner, on week two already, but a majority report feeling the fat loss on week four. Not only will you lose fat, but you will also build some nice lean muscle.

On the rest of your cycle, you can expect things such as reduced anxiety, lowered blood cholesterol levels and your wakefulness levels increased on top of all the other results we’ve listed above.

As we can see, the SR9009 results are showing but there is one caveat: Stenabolic will not turn you into a monster in just one cycle. You’ll have to be patient with the compound and run a few cycles before you start seeing any life-changing results.

The Possible Side Effects Of SR9009

As a side note, if you take SR9009 in the dosages and cycles we recommend, you will not experience any side effects at all. Stenabolic only becomes dangerous in higher dosages and by higher dosages, we’re talking about 30mg a day or more.

Athletes that took such dosages experienced some side effects, such as:

  • Headaches and Nausea: Stenabolic has been known to cause headaches and mild nausea in higher dosages. You should lower your dosage if you ever feel nauseous from SR9009.
  • Muscle Swelling and Pain: Because SR9009 builds muscle fast, it’s possible to experience muscle cramps, swelling and pain. This is a normal occurrence and shouldn’t worry you too much. as they say, no pain – no gain.
  • Diarrhea: In higher dosages, your metabolic rate gets revved up to such a high level that it causes issues with your stool and not the hard kind of issue, but the liquid one.
  • Lack of Protein In The Body: This is to be expected as Stenabolic acts of the Rev-ErbA proteins in our body. Some even call it mild suppression since the body sometimes stops creating new protein at all, leading to a shutdown. Don’t worry though, this only happens on astronomically high dosages, such as 50mgs a day or more.

Generally speaking, SR9009 is well tolerated by everyone, the mice that this compound was tested on took it intravenously and still the researchers reported zero side effects on the rodents.

With that being said, if you’re not careful with your dosages and cycles, the four side effects we listed above could very well turn into your reality.

Be patient and the results will come on their own. Time will do its thing.

Stenabolic VS Cardarine

Stenabolic and Cardarine are two vastly different compounds that have similar effects on the body.

It has to be said that Cardarine is a PPAR delta agonist while SR9009 binds to the Rev-Erba proteins in our body. This makes them very contrasting regarding their mode of action.

Moving on, Stenabolic has a very short half-life of just four hours, while Cardarine boasts a half life of 12 hours, three times longer than SR9009. This means that you’ll have to take Stenabolic at least four times a day while two times a day are sufficient enough with Cardarine.

They are both very similar when it comes to the results they produce in bodybuilders, they mainly share the increased endurance and fat loss properties.

They are oftentimes stacked together to produce even crazier results. You will lose a ton of weight and fat, while still packing on some nice lean muscle.

If you’re interested in taking these two compounds together, you should take 10mgs of Cardarine when you wake up and another dose before you go to the gym. Stenabolic should be taken four times a day in 5mg increments.

You shouldn’t cycle this stack for longer than eight weeks. You will not need PCT for this stack as none of the compounds listed are suppressive of the natural hormones in our body.

What’s left to do in this SR9009 review is to show you where to get the purest SR9009 for sale.

SR9009 vs Cardarine

The Purest SR9009 For Sale – Where To Buy Stenabolic

It’s not easy to find pure Stenabolic these days as many online shops that have opened in recent years try their best to peddle their bunk product. They spend all of their money on advertising and promoting instead of doing research and quality control.

That’s why we took a good few months out of our lives and tested a bunch of vendors out until we stumbled upon the golden goose so to speak.

Today, we’ll share our findings with you and we hope that you can benefit from this as much as we did!


When we first approached, we didn’t have high hopes for them. They seemed like a new company and we’re generally leery of those as the risks are quite high. Luckily, we realized that they were the former, a quite popular US seller of SARMs. That completely changed the tides!

Stenabolic from will cost you $50.00 and for that amount of money, you get 600mgs worth of product. That is very cheap when compared to the other stores.

They sadly don’t offer free shipping so that’s an additional cost you’ll have to grapple with.

They only sell it in liquid form and lab tests have shown that their liquid has a 99% purity rate. You can get lab results delivered straight with your order, just ask the nice customer service and they’ll oblige. Their shipping times are decent, it took our package four days to arrive. If ordering outside of the US, you’ll have to wait longer since they ship from there.SR9009 effects

  1. SARMS4You

 Out of all the European vendors we’ve tested out and believe us there were many, SARMs4You came out on top because of their high purity SARMs, amazing customer service and the versatile types of SARMs they offered.

Stenabolic from this website will vary in cost depending on if you want the raw powder or the capsule version.

The raw powder costs anywhere between €54.95 and €139.95, depending on how many grams of product you choose. The selection range is between one and three grams.

The capsule version will cost you €59.95 and you’ll get 600mgs worth of product for your money (60 tabs worth 10mgs each). Their Stenabolic was tested by an independent third-party laboratory that showed 99% purity rates for the last batch they got.

They also ship internationally, so if you’re tired of all the liquid SARMs, you can order from the US no problem, but you’ll have to wait for at least 10 days for your package to arrive since they ship from Europe.

If you’re from Europe, you can expect your package in three to five days. A friend of ours from Germany got him in just three days. All in all, now that we have shown you where to get the purest SR9009 for sale, you can with confidence order yourself a batch without worrying about getting bunk product.SR9009 reviews

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides is one of the most popular sellers of SARMs, peptides, nootropics and PCT supplements.

Their Stenabolic will cost you $44.99 and for your money, you’ll get a 15ml bottle with each ml being worth 20mgs of product for a total of 300mgs. They offer free shipping over $75, so even though they are a bit more expensive when compared to, it evens itself out when shipping costs are added to the fray.

Their Stenabolic boasts a 100% purity rate, the highest we’ve ever seen. You know that you’re only getting the purest SR9009 for sale when going with Proven Peptides.

Lastly, their shipping times are very good, it took our package just three days to arrive.

SR9009 Stenabolic

You can finally enjoy Stenabolic and all of its benefits, so go out there and make it happen!

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