Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review

Clear Choice urine

Several different synthetic urine brands exist on the market today. Many believe that they are foolproof in nature and work every time. The truth is, however, that testing labs have become stricter over time, searching for specific chemicals that appear in natural urine samples. While these synthetic brands may have been successful in the past, they are often no longer efficient and many individuals have been caught in the process

The days in which you could submit a flask of yellow-colored water are long gone. If you want to pass your urine test you’ll need high-quality synthetic urine, that contains most of the chemicals that real human urine does. In this Clear Choice Sub Solution review, I will tell you why this special synthetic urine brand stands out, what brands you should avoid, and which Sub Solution’s alternatives are available (if any).

Fake Pee Brands That Do Not Work

As I explained above, many brands of synthetic urine are of bad quality. They may have been good enough 10 years ago, but not anymore. Often times, this is due to these brands failing to maintain their results by updating their formula. Some have progressed by making some small changes, but they are frequently still too far from a decent quality to compare with Sub Solution.

For some reason, these brands are still sold in most smoke shops. The most common brands that fail are Xstream Synthetic Urine, Magnum, U Pass Urine, Agentx X, P Sure Synthetic Urine, and more. Some brands like Agent X have 5 different synthetic urine brands but they are all of the same quality but with different names and packing. They all lack the special chemicals found in human pee that some labs are looking for during a drug test.

Clear choice urine

These brands might contain urea and uric acid, but that’s it. There are many more chemicals that should be present in your sample. One essential aspect that is tested is a balanced PH and gravity. Some of these brands also have an unnatural greenish color.

If the lab assistant checks your sample carefully, you are busted. None of these fake urine brands produce the foam that real urine does, and they do not smell anything like real pee. While I am not saying that most lab assistants will sniff your pee, if they’re suspicious for any reason, they might have a closer look.

The only reason these brands are still around is because they are well marketed and they are all very cheap. Some cost less than $20. But what can you realistically get for $20? If you check out some synthetic urine reviews online, you will see that there are many fake and paid reviews out there.

If these companies hire people to praise their product online, they surely will stop at nothing to make a profit. To continue, some websites are heavily moderated. If someone is explaining a bad experience they had online, moderators could simply delete the negative comment. If you are serious about passing your urine test, you will need something much better than Upass or Xstream Synthetic Urine.

Sub Solution Review: Why You Should Choose it

If you check out some Sub Solution reviews online, you will see that they are all positive. If you go to youtube or Reddit, you will find even more recommendations for it. But don’t just listen to random people, do not just listen to me, here are the facts:

  • Sub Solution contains over 13 chemicals including urea and uric acid
  • It’s balanced for perfect PH and gravity
  • It has a natural color, foam, and even smells like real human pee
  • Sub Solution also comes with a brilliant heat-activating powder
  • It’s easy to use, coming with very simple instructions

The main reason why people fail with fake urine is that the temperature of the urine is not accurate. Without the heat activator, it’s really hard to keep the liquid warm enough. If you are using an average brand, you would need to microwave the sample at home, wrap it with a handwarmer, and pray!

Sub Solution heat activator powder

If it goes under the desired temperature, you are fucked; if its goes above, you are also fucked. Using the heat activator powder is simple: mix the urine powder with water in the flask, then go to the testing room. These tests are unsupervised so no one is going to check what you are doing in the rest room. Once you’re inside, add one-third of the heat activator powder, shake it well, and check the temperature strip.

It should be on the correct temp within a few seconds. Seriously, guys, it couldn’t be more simple. I used Sub Solution back in April and passed my LabCorp test without any issue. I bought my Sub Solution straight from the manufacturer’s webshop, and they are running a few different promos at the moment.

Sub Solution synthetic urine review

There is only one alternative to Sub Solution that is of better quality, and it’s called Quick Luck. It comes from the same company, which is why its often called Clear Choice urine. The difference between Sub Solution and Quick Luck is marginal.

Quick Luck contains more chemicals; it’s premixed urine and it also comes with a heating pad. Therefore, you have a choice between the two: powder or hand warmer. The other significant difference is the price. Sub Solution is already a quite expensive fake urine: one bottle costs 80$. Quick Luck is 100$. If you want to be extra safe, go with Quick Luck and pay the extra 20$, but in 99,99% cases, Sub Solution will do the job.

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