Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit Review: Passed Or failed?

Testclear powdered urine kit

There’s a new kid on the block called the Test Clear powdered urine kit. Not the catchiest name, but is it a good product? Well, in this Test Clear powdered urine kit review I’m going to tell you if it’s any good for passing a drug test.

For this fake urine product to be any good it really has to stack up alongside Sub Solution (from the amazing company Clear Choice) if it’s going to be recommended as one of the best ways to pass a urine sample drug test.

So I’m going to talk to you in detail about the Test Clear powdered urine kit right now. Whether it stands a chance of passing or failing, instructions on how to use it, whether reviews are real and accurate, and if you can get a working Test Clear coupon code.

Who Are Test Clear?

Test Clear is one of the most reputable companies out there for making products to help pass drug tests. In terms of comparison, for me, only Clear Choice is superior, making Sub Solution and Quick Luck, as well as the amazing Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

But Test Clear is right up there and they offer a few fantastic products for passing drug tests:

So they have a range of reputable products, with tons of positive reviews online about all of them, backed up by great customer service and fantastic pricing.

And now, with very little marketing, so it’s gone unnoticed, they’ve also now released a powdered urine kit as well.

The Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

To be any good, you’re really going to have to compare the Test Clear powdered urine kit with Sub Solution, the best brand of powdered synthetic urine you can buy.  The Test Clear powdered urine kit is cheaper than Sub Solution, costing $50 instead of $80.

But what really makes them different is that Test Clear claim that it’s real human urine rather than synthetic urine. In fact, they clearly state that on the product page: “not fake piss, this is actual urine”.

So what you’re getting in the kit is:

  • Real human urine that’s been dehydrated
  • Two high-quality slim and flexible adhesive heatpads
  • Mixing container
  • A separate adhesive temperature strip

testclear powdered urine instructions

Test Clear Powdered Urine Instructions

So because it’s powdered urine rather than premixed, you do have an extra step to do in the powdered urine kit instructions, but overall they are pretty standard in line with other synthetic urine products:

  1. Pour the small vial of powdered urine into the larger mixing container.
  2. Slowly fill the mixing container with water. It says right to the top in the instructions given, but obviously you’re going to need to leave a small area to allow the liquid to move around and dissolve the powder.
  3. Slowly agitate the container until the sample is dissolved and it looks like clear human urine.
  4. You shouldn’t use hot water, and you don’t even really need to microwave it in advance. However, I wouldn’t really advise you use cold water because it will make the job of the heatpad harder. So with lukewarm water, you should get away with just using the heatpad.
  5. What I love about the heatpad you get with the Test Clear powdered urine kit is that it’s thin and flexible with a sticky back, so it’s not like those ones you have to strap on with an elastic band. You can stick it to the bottle of mixed up urine, and it will fold around it to create an even and gentle heat going into the liquid to keep it warm.
  6. Once you’ve got the heatpad stuck on, you can then stick the self-adhesive temperature strip on to the opposite side, so that it measures the heat of the liquid rather than heat emitted by the pad itself.
  7. Watch the temperature rise on the temperature strip. After about 30 minutes it should be getting to within the temperature range that will register on that temperature strip. You should allow up to 45 minutes for lukewarm water to get up to a temperature of between 90°F and 100°F, which is the range at which the temperature strip will register and display.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Failed?

As with all brands of synthetic urine, you will get people moaning online claiming they didn’t work. They will blame the quality of urine and say that it’s not good enough.

But the truth is that the number one reason why people fail drug tests using synthetic urine is that they have submitted it outside that narrow 10° temperature range that it needs to fall within.

A sample can only be legally admissible if it’s above 90°F and 100°F or less. Above 100°F means it’s outside the range that human urine is ever expelled from the body at. Human urine rarely exits the body at less than 96°F, but because they have to allow for a small period of cooling when you hand the sample over and it’s tested, then anything at 90°F or above will be accepted.

The reason Test Clear powdered urine failed some people is probably more down to a temperature problem than the quality of the powdered urine.

My top tip is to always test before you actually submit your sample. I would suggest you actually stick the high-quality thermometer strip on to the bottle early. Then use warm water and see how it reacts. Try to get the temperature of the water (through microwaving or using progressively warm water) right so that it appears on the strip.

You’ll then be able to feel the sample container get an idea for how quickly the temperature will rise or fall, and how it feels to the touch, to give you a great idea of whether it’s going to pass or not.

With the Test Clear powdered urine kit, you also get a pair of heatpads. So you could do a full dummy run with a heatpad, to see how it heats it up, how long it takes, and how long it keeps the sample within the right temperature range as well.

Then before your test, you can be really confident about how to get the sample within the right temperature range, and how well the heatpad will keep it there, and how long for.

testclear urine

Test Clear Reviews Online

As I just said, you can get negative reviews of any avoidance product, be it detox drinks, pills, or fake urine.

Although sometimes the products aren’t good, or they just aren’t powerful enough to deal with the amount of drug toxins you’ve got (in the case of some poor detox drinks), with synthetic urine, it either gets picked up as a fake sample when it’s tested, which is rare, or more often because it’s submitted outside the legal temperature range.

So you have to take the negative Test Clear reviews online with a pinch of salt, just as you do any other products. I’m telling you that the Test Clear products are high-quality, and as long as they are used correctly, you can pass a drug test using them.

Because it’s a fairly new product as well, there aren’t many Test Clear powdered urine reviews online anyway. There were a few positive reports on Reddit, but that sub-Reddit has actually been deleted for some reason. But search around enough, and you can find positive reviews.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Review: My Thoughts

So I want to finish this Test Clear powdered urine review by giving you my thoughts on it as a product, especially stacking up alongside Sub Solution.

Both are powdered urine products, but Sub Solution is synthetic, whereas the Test Clear powdered urine kit is genuine dehydrated human urine.

Now I’m not actually sure that makes much difference. When the lab tests it, they are looking for chemical markers. As long as they are found, and as long as it looks like the real thing, then it doesn’t matter if it’s synthetic or real.

So what I can say is that the Test Clear powdered urine kit has to be as complex as Sub Solution, if not more, because is powdered human urine. So it will definitely contain uric, uric acid, creatinine, and importantly it also doesn’t include biocide. This is an artificial preservative that some testing labs look for to rule out fake samples.

At $50, it’s a pretty good price as well. More than Quick Fix or Monkey Whizz, but for me because it’s dehydrated (possibly freeze-dried) human urine, you’re getting everything you need in terms of complexity of formula.

So for me, the Test Clear powdered urine kit is a great deal. I haven’t actually used it for a live drug test myself, and I’ll probably stick with Sub Solution because it’s never let me down. But if I was going to move brands, and save myself $30 a time, I’d probably go for the Test Clear powdered urine kit because it’s a reputable company, and a great product.

I also want to finish this review by just mentioning the quality of the heatpad. Because it’s not rigid, and because it’s decent, you get a true even heat around the sample container, something you can’t do with some of the other brands out there.

So it’s another selling point, and alongside the high-quality temperature strip, for $50 I think it’s actually a bit of a bargain.

But you will have to pay $50 for the powdered urine kit though. There is no working Test Clear coupon I’ve found online. But at $50, it’s still a good price.

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