Can You Trust Assure Detox Reviews?

Assure Detox Reviews

Can you trust Assure Detox reviews? Well, I’m going to tell you the truth about this detox drink. It looks fantastic. The bottle screams “powerful quality”. It really looks the part, and if the detox drink itself is as good as the packaging then you’re onto a winner.

But how powerful actually is Total Eclipse detox? It sometimes also known as Assure Detox maximum strength, but what does maximum strength mean, and is it the truth? I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Assure Detox in this review, including my own experiences with testing it using a home drug test kit.

I’ll also offer you a couple of alternative strategies should you decide that Total Eclipse Assure Detox for you.

Total Eclipse Assure Detox Details

 Total Eclipse Assure Detox is not a cheap detox drink. It’s available on GNC $47, which is where most people seem to be buying it from. That puts it almost in the same price bracket as the premium brands of detox drink I know really work.

Does Total Eclipse Assure Detox work? Well, for the purposes of this review I bought a bottle. However, I paid $27 from Amazon. I don’t usually recommend you buy anything like that on Amazon or eBay, but I know the seller is reputable and so I knew it was genuine.

Assure Detox is made by a company called Total Eclipse. Total Eclipse also does a second detox drink called Rely Detox, which is $10 cheaper.

Even the cheaper Rely Detox has a sticker ceiling the screwtop that says “For high toxins…for larger body mass”, so it stands to reason that what we are talking about the Total Eclipse Assure is that it is Assure Detox maximum strength.

And Assure Detox does have that same sticker. So let’s take a look at what should be the maximum strength Assure product, which at nearly $50 should be masking your drug toxins even if you haven’t abstained for a couple of days before.


How To Use Total Eclipse Detox

Considering that Total Eclipse Detox is marketed in the premium end of the detox drink market, it’s amazing that there aren’t actually any clear instructions around how you use it.

It’s not clear if you need to refill the bottle with water and drink that after the detox drink, which some brands of detox drink ask you to do. It’s also not clear when you should urinate.

In terms of how to use total detox, all it says on the bottle is:

  • Shake bottle well and drink contents at a comfortable pace
  • While using this product urinate frequently
  • Drink plenty of water on a daily basis
  • Do not eat a large meal before using the product
  • Avoid unwanted toxins (whatever that means!)

So what I did was to drink the contents of the Total Eclipse Assure Detox bottle, then refilled the bottle and drank that amount of water over about another 15 minutes, then repeated the process. I then urinated three times in the following hour.

I didn’t smoke any weed, didn’t have alcohol, caffeine, nothing in the 24 hours before I drank a bottle of Assure Detox maximum strength. Other Assure Detox reviews reckon you don’t have to abstain at all, but I decided to do a full 24 hours, as the instructions on the bottle that you can see say “Avoid unwanted toxins”, and are pretty vague.

Does Total Eclipse Assure Detox Work?

Does Total Eclipse Assure Detox WorkSo I was pretty thorough around-consuming Assure Detox maximum strength, and I waited an hour before taking a home drug test.

I tested positive, I failed the test. I took a second one 30 minutes later, and I still failed. So there is no way I was going to pass a drug test.

I am a heavy weed smoker, and quite large, but the bottle says that’s fine, as I’ve already told you. So it should have worked, especially when I abstained for 24 hours beforehand, so the toxin count would have been lower than normal.

For me, it’s not worth nearly $50, and I have to say that the conclusion of my Total Eclipse Detox review is not to rely on it.

The Way I Pass Drug Tests

 From my experiment, and evidence online, I think Assure Detox reviews telling you this stuff works are trying to market it to you, and are mostly fake.

So I want to conclude this review of Assure Detox by really talking about the ways I passed drug tests.

I usually use synthetic urine. That’s what I recommend for other people as well. If it’s a simple pre-employment drug test where you are not observed, and the quality of the testing being commissioned is very low, then it’s great advice.

I use Sub Solution. It’s the best brand of synthetic urine out there. It’s complex, looks and smells like the real thing, and you use heat activator powder rather than a heatpad, which means you don’t fall foul of the biggest reason why people fail a drug test using fake urine: wrong temperature.

Other Detox Drinks To Use

 If you want to use a detox drink rather than synthetic urine, then obviously I’m not going to recommend that you even consider Total Eclipse Assure Detox.

For me, Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex are far better options, and not hugely different in price either.

If you’re going to buy Mega Clean I would recommend you buy it with the six free Toxin Rid pre-rid pill course you can get it with. That increases its effectiveness and makes 24-hour absence beforehand even more powerful.

Ultra Eliminex is fine without pills, and you don’t have to consume more water. It’s a very powerful formula, but you are paying for that quality, with it often being around $80 from specialist outlets.

So there you go, you’ve got alternative strategies you can count on now. Forget Assure Detox, it simply not the way to go.

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