Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Review: The Best Detox Drink?

Ultra Eliminex reviews tell you that it’s the best detox drink on the market that really works, even without any preparation. But how true is that? You might be totally confused about detox drinks generally, and you might be wondering what the difference between a $30 detox drink and $80 Ultra Eliminex can really be?

Well, I’m going to explain exactly why in this Ultra Eliminex review, by comparing it to a sister product, and alternatives from other companies. Plus, I’ll tell you the exact Ultra Eliminex instructions to follow, how you can enhance the chances of it working, as well as telling you exactly where to buy this potentially powerful detox drink.

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Details

Does ultra eliminex workUltra Eliminex is made by a company called Herbal Clean, who also make Qcarbo32, a detox drink I will compare in a moment. Basically, Ultra Eliminex is the updated formula and their best detox drink so far, by a mile.

Although their previous detox drinks have not had the best reputations, mostly because the formulas are well out of date, they just aren’t that strong, Ultra Eliminex is being hailed as the strongest single detox drink on the market. That’s why it commands a premium price, but it seems to be delivering premium results.

I’ve had experience over the years with several detox drinks in live drug tests, so I’m pretty good with understanding how they work, and what you need to do to make them work. So as part of this Ultra Eliminex review, I’m going to tell you the results of the live test I did, to see if it is the strongest detox drink going.

Ultra Eliminex Vs Qcarbo32

Ultra Eliminex Vs Qcarbo32 is, in reality, no fight at all. Ultra Eliminex detox is a modern formula, very strong, and the list of ingredients is totally different from Qcarbo32.

Although Qcarbo32 was quite a good detox drink a few years back, the problem is that drug testing companies have got more advanced. Digital technology and upping their game has made it more and more difficult to fool them, whether it’s using a detox drink, or submitting a sample of fake urine.

So there really is no comparison between Ultra Eliminex and Qcarbo32 other than price, with Ultra Eliminex costing double. Qcarbo might work for a basic pre-employment drug test if you’ve got light toxin exposure, but other than that, Ultra Eliminex wins on every front.

Mega Clean vs Qcarbo

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

 If you like beautifully simple instructions that reap rewards, then the Ultra Eliminex instructions will leave you delirious.

All you have to do to benefit from the power of this detox drink is to drink it. I know that simplistic, but that’s basically it. Yes, you drink it smoothly over about 30 minutes, don’t glug it all down in one go. But apart from that, that’s all you have to do with it.

Then, all you have to do after you’ve drunk Ultra Eliminex is to urinate as often as possible over the next hour. So within about 90 minutes of drinking it you will be clean of toxins, they will all be flushed out.

Now look, I’ll give you a couple of tips here. It will help to have not taken in any toxins for a few days if you can abstain for at least 48 hours that will really help things, even 24 hours will help quite a lot.

I say this because if you are a chronic weed smoker for example, then the number of toxins you have got your body will be so huge, that they will start working their way back out through your urine stream within a couple of hours unless you minimize the amount in there.

So even Ultra Eliminex will need a bit of help if you have a really high toxin count.

The Million Dollar Question: Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

I’ve used Ultra Eliminex to pass a drug test. It was a pre-employment one, I abstained for 24 hours, and I passed the drug test.

I also took the precaution of buying two bottles and testing it a couple of weeks beforehand. I didn’t actually do any abstinence, I just drank it, and two hours later after urinating a couple of times, I took a home drug test kit. I passed that as well.

For me, that shows the power of Ultra Eliminex, because I know from testing that Qcarbo32 failed under similar circumstances, I could never have relied on it. Obviously, the question around does Ultra Eliminex work will be further enhanced for you if you can do a 24-hour detox, and maybe back that up with a course of Toxin Rid, a powerful detox pill.

If you can’t afford Toxin Rid, then there are several pre-cleanse supplements out there you could use instead, but Toxin Rid is the best.

Ultra Eliminex Detox Alternatives To Consider

So having agreed with other Ultra Eliminex reviews out there, and concluded that it really is a powerful detox drink, I’m going to give you a couple of alternatives. Mega Clean is a great alternative, but only if you can get it with the six pre-rid pills bundled, otherwise it’s not much better than Qcarbo.

But with those six pre-rid pills, which are Toxin Rid pills bundled in free, you can certainly have a solution that almost as powerful as Ultra Eliminex.

Rescue Cleanse is another alternative. You will need to detox a bit with this, but on its own, it is powerful enough to pass, and it’s also the cheapest of the recommendations here. But you do have to do a 48-hour detox otherwise it might struggle with high toxin exposure.

Does Mega Clean work

Where To Buy Ultra Eliminex

 The best place to buy Ultra Eliminex detox is from Test Negative, and it will cost you $80. They are very reputable and will deliver anywhere in the United States in just a few days. I’ve ordered loads of stuff from them in the past, and they are my “go-to” supplier of detox products.

So there you go, my little informal Ultra Eliminex review conclusion is that it is definitely the most powerful detox drink on the market. The only caveat is that if you have a really high toxin exposure, I’d still recommend you detox for 24 hours, and if you can get your hands on a Toxin Rid 24-hour course as well, then that will lower the toxin count even further.

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