Ultra Klean Ultra Wash Mouthwash: The Best Saliva Cleansing Solution?

ultra wash mouthwash

This brief Ultra wash mouthwash review is going to tell you about the benefits, and pitfalls of using this specialist drug metabolite eradicating mouthwash.

Its full name is Ultra Klean Ultra Wash mouthwash, which is almost as much of a mouthful as putting it all in your mouth and swilling around. It’s also something that causes confusion, as people think Ultra Klean, and Ultra Wash, are two different types of saliva neutralizing mouthwash, when in fact they are the same.

So let’s take a look in detail at what this saliva cleansing mouthwash can do, how to use it, and also where you can buy Ultra Wash mouthwash.

How Does Salvia Cleansing Mouthwash Work?

 When you take drugs, say you smoke weed, the active ingredient that gets you high is converted into metabolites. These metabolites work their way out of your body, they start in your bloodstream, and work their way out through saliva, sweat, stools, and urine.

So within the first couple of days, after you have taken something, some of those metabolites come out into your saliva, you swallow them, and then they work their way out through your bowels and bladder.

When you face a mouth swab drug test, a swab is taken from the inside of your mouth. It’s then tested against a panel and will show up as positive if there are metabolites in your saliva.

Saliva neutralizing mouthwash, something good like Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash, can be swilled around in the mouth prior to your sample being taken. It will destroy the toxins in your mouth.

By it will only do this for the toxins actually in your mouth, once new ones work their way into your saliva, you will be failing that test again. So a mouthwash only lasts about 30 minutes at maximum.

About Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash

So look, I want to tell you the story about Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash that happened to a friend of mine a little while ago.  He is a truck driver and saliva drug testing is common for the company he works for. Drug testing in the trucking industry is a big thing.

I recommended he have Ultra Klean mouthwash and Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum to hand.

He was tested on the spot just as he was about to leave on a drop-off run. He was sitting in his cab and he saw the manager test somebody else. Because he was in his cab, it was really easy to open the Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash, swill it around in his mouth, and then he just spat it into a piece of tissue.

saliva drug test mouthwash

Does Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash Work?

For my friend, yes Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash worked. He smokes weed every day, not on-the-job, but in the morning, and when he gets home at night. His saliva is always riddled with drug toxins. But Ultra Wash saved him. If he hadn’t had some in his pocket, he would never have passed that mouth swab drug test on the spot, and he would have lost his truck driving job.

So for me, this Ultra Klean mouthwash definitely works, and it’s why I’m shouting about it in this Ultra Wash review.

Where Can I Buy Ultra Wash Mouthwash?


Before I answer the question: where can I buy Ultra Wash mouthwash, I want to tell you about an alternative.

Oral Clear is saliva neutralizing gum. It’s not really gum, it’s kind of mouthwash in a capsule. You pop the capsule in your mouth, swill it around, and then swallow it. So it’s more discreet and more manageable than Ultra Wash mouthwash.

But it does cost $90, which is nearly three times as much as Ultra Klean Ultra Wash, which costs just $34.95 from buyfakeurine.com.

If you’re on a budget, or you don’t think you’ll be tested on the spot, so don’t need to spend $90, then Ultra Wash mouthwash is a perfect budget solution.

For me, just like I advised my buddy, I would suggest you have Oral Clear and Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash to hand all the time. That gives you options depending on the type of testing solution you are facing. If you’ve got time, save the Oral Clear and use Ultra Klean.

But if you haven’t got time, if they are literally standing in front of you, keep your Oral Clear gum capsule in your pocket, and pop the capsule in your mouth while pretending to cough.

But answering the question around does Ultra Wash mouthwash work, yes it definitely does, and it’s a great budget solution for passing a saliva drug test.

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