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In the quest to find the highest quality SARMs for sale, we’ve had to do quite the journey. Things are not looking good in the world of SARMs. A study published by JAMA confirmed all of our suspicions on the purity of SARMs we’ve been getting from all of our test orders: Most of them are bunk products coming from China and other Asian regions.

In this article, we’ll be examining how to spot fake SARMs vendors and where to find the highest quality SARMs for sale from the best SARMs sources available.

Why Is It Important To Buy The Highest Quality SARMs

Many people ask themselves this question but the answer couldn’t be more evident: If you’re buying a product, you want the product for what it is marketed for, you want the real deal.

Moreover, health concerns are one of the main reasons why you should opt for the highest quality SARMs. If you buy a bunk product, use it, get negative side effects, you will blame SARMs for them and not the vendor. This is something we’re actively working on to prevent because the reputation of SARMs has been getting tarnished by disreputable sellers for years.

A good friend of ours even ended up in the hospital over some bunk product he bought from eBay. We told him not to touch that stuff but he wouldn’t listen. In the end, it turned out that what he was consuming wasn’t SARMs at all, but still, he was so traumatized from the experience that he is now afraid to touch the real thing.

These are all the reasons why you have to buy the highest quality SARMs: Your health and your future gains are on the line.

How To Find The Best SARMs Source

We have years of experience when it comes to testing SARMs and all the different vendors out there so we can share a vast amount of tips when it comes to finding the best SARMs source. Here are the things you should look out for; Those will tell you whether a shop is a good SARMs source or whether they sell bunk products.

  • Recent Lab Results: Extra emphasis on the recent. Good and honorable SARMs vendors, such as Umbrella Labs, publish their third party vetted lab results every month, whenever a new batch arrives. You need to pay special heed to this as this is the crux of what every reputable SARMs company should base itself on.
  • The Age of The Company: With new companies, you’re running into the risk of them just taking your money and running off after getting an exorbitant amount of orders. They are also less reliable and more likely to go uóer as they are still new to the market.
  • Preferred Payment Method: If their only method of payment is cryptocurrencies, something which you can’t refund, you should be alerted. It’s not that cryptocurrencies in themselves are to blame, it’s just that reputable companies should offer multiple payment options on display, besides cryptocurrencies.
  • Online Reviews Of The Company: By online reviews, we don’t mean the reviews they post on their website. Rather, we’re speaking about the reviews of users on the many different bodybuilding forums and communities such as Reddit. They offer the first-hand experience in dealing with the company and as you know, it’s always best to learn from other people’s mistakes.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Many companies simply ship the product and forget all about it, blaming the customer for any problems that might occur during transit. That is the wrong way to go about business. Real companies offer a replacement or your full money back when things go wrong during the shipping process. This is a very nifty way of finding out just how much a company really cares about its customers.

Where Not To Buy SARMs

Besides the five points mentioned above, special note goes against sellers on eBay and Chinese vendors. First of all, they are one and the same thing, let’s not be mistaken. How come, you may ask yourself?

The reason for that is because many ‘sellers’ on eBay are nothing but resellers that take your address and contact information and order from a cheap Chinese company, pocketing any extra money from the transaction. This practice is very popular on sites such as eBay.

But what do we have against Chinese vendors? What did they ever do to us?

Because they only have one goal in mind: Profit. They sell cheap bunk product that isn’t tested in any laboratories and only God knows what they put inside of it. Since the recent wave of bans of supplements in China, many of their companies are rebranding themselves as SARMs vendors, even though they have nothing to do with SARMs.

That’s why you should be very careful when buying SARMs and always go through our five point checklist when selecting a vendor. Ignore eBay and the Asian regions and you will already be on your merry way to get yourself some high quality SARMs.

where not to buy SARMs

Who is the Best SARMs Company?

Now that’s a really tough question because the answer will always depend on the individual customer. What we mean by this is, for example, ‘s sake, someone from Europe is going to prefer the shipping times of a European company, while someone from the US would have to wait weeks before his package arrives. From the perspective of the European fellow, the European company is the best SARMs company, while the American guy will probably look elsewhere for his SARMs.

Another important distinction is the types of SARMs vendors sell. Some only sell the liquid version, others concentrate on pills exclusively. In the end, it all boils down to individual preferences.

That’s why it’s very hard to point out one single best SARMs company and therefore, we have picked out four of them which we consider the best SARMs vendors online.

Read the next chapter to find out more about them.

Best SARMs Company

Where to buy SARMs With The Highest Purity?

 You’ve probably wondered where to buy SARMs with the highest purity by now and we totally get it. That’s why we have these four companies in store for you which will rock your socks off!

  1. Science.Bio

When we first had a look through this company, we thought that they were new in the game and we didn’t pay much attention to them. Upon further inspection, we realized that they were the former irc.bio, a very popular and reputable SARMs vendor operating from the US.

This got our attention and the rest is history.

The first thing we did was order a package from them. The wares arrived in just two days and the package itself was discreet and very nicely bolstered so that nothing happens to the products inside.

We purchased their cheap 900mg of Ostarine for only $36.00 and since we decided to pay with cryptocurrencies, we got 10% off on our price! You’ll have to pay to ship if you’re buying less than 300$ of product, so unless you’re buying in bulk be prepared for the extra cost.

Speaking about product selection, they sell just about all the SARMs available, from Ligandrol to Testolone, you will find your perfect fit. They also sell SARMs in two forms, one being the liquid solution and the other being the powdered form.

From what we can see, they seem to be one of the cheapest SARMs vendors around. Besides the Ostarine, let’s take their Ligandrol powder. You get 1000mg of product for only $30.00! Excellent value for the price.

The next thing on our bucket list was their customer service. They didn’t have a phone number so we had to email them which was a bit of hassle. Still, all of our emails were answered within a 24 hour time frame and the questions we asked were handled with care, professionally. We were very pleased with their customer service.

The most important thing was their purity rates. We asked for lab results to be sent with our package and they did so accordingly. Their Ostarine showed a 98% purity rate, while their powdered Ligandrol was at 99% purity.

These results came from an independent third party laboratory so you can be sure that they are legit.

Lastly, their website was very neatly organized and it was really easy to navigate. You could get yourself a purchase within a few clicks, avoiding any complications. They have a FAQ section where they answer most of the inquiries one would have when buying SARMs.

They also have a great shipping policy, meaning that if your package gets lost in transit, they will immediately send another one, no questions asked. If the package fails to arrive for three times, they will offer you a full refund for your money, a fair deal as far as we are concerned.

Overall, a great and cheap shop that sells high-quality SARMs.

SARMs reviews

  1. ProvenPeptides

Proven Peptides has the answer to the question of where to buy SARMs. They are a US seller and producer of SARMs. Based in Florida, they focus their energies entirely on SARMs which is a great sight to behold.

The first thing one notices about this company is the phone number they have posted on their website. It’s rare to see that a company takes the time to really answer all the questions a customer has and Proven Peptides does just that. Instead of having to wait days for an answer through email, you can get your query processed in a minute.

We called their number and had a chat with their representative, asking a few questions about SARMs and other general stuff such as shipping times and return policy. Their representative promptly handled all of our questions and was a pleasure to deal with so we’re are very satisfied with their customer service.

The next thing to note is their loyalty program called ‘Peptide Points’. You get these by purchasing items from their store. One point equals to ten cents, meaning that you get an additional 10% off the next time you purchase with this company. You’re also eligible for up to $16 worth of free Peptide Points if you complete various tasks highlighted on their website.

The good thing about them is that they offer 100% of your money back if the goods don’t arrive at your doorstep, some companies ignore this section entirely or simply ship another package. It’s good to see a true money-back guarantee.

They also offer free shipping if you buy more than $75 worth of product which is entirely reasonable. If you’re stacking up on SARMs, this is the perfect deal for you.

Let’s take a closer look at their product selection. They seem to have all the SARMs one could possibly wish for, at an affordable rate if you’re buying in bulk. For example, you will pay $140.00 if you’re buying a 60ml vial of Testolone. What’s also great about this company is the versatility of their vial sizes: You can choose between 15, 30 and 60ml which is great for beginners as on one hand, they don’t take much of the substance anyways so the 15ml comes in handy. On the other hand, it’s also good for professionals as they are more likely to want a higher dose and for them the 60ml vial is perfect.

Their purity rates are amazing, for example, their Cardarine shows 99,2% purity.

Lastly, their shipping times are rapid and you’ll get your package mostly within three business days, sometimes you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

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  1. SARMs4You – Best EU SARMs Vendor

SARMs4You is a European based company and manufacturer of SARMs and accessories related to SARMs. We really appreciated the scale they had for sale, great value for your money.

Speaking of value for money, if you’re from the EU, you will not find a better company to buy SARMs from and here are a few reasons why.

First and foremost, they are very versatile when it comes to the types of SARMs they sell. Besides the powdered version, they also have them in capsule form. They don’t sell any liquids, unfortunately, but that would be a real threat, wouldn’t it?

Moving on, their SARMs are all tested and vetted by an independent third party laboratory, something which you will rarely see in Europe. They might be the only vendor that even does this practice in the EU, automatically putting them on the number one spot when it comes to the trust in purity, you harbor for their SARMs.

Thirdly, they offer free shipping for all orders above 120 euros (or 135$), a great bargain if you’re buying in bulk. Nobody likes shipping costs, so this is a perfect opportunity to stack up on SARMs!

In addition to this, their SARMs boast up to 99% purity, a very high number and one that instills fate into the company.

Moreover, their SARMs selection range is amazing, you can get yourself any SARM from their market. This is great news for those living in the EU, as they won’t have to wait for weeks for their shipments to arrive from the US. Even if you’re from the US and want to strike deals with this company, you’re able to do so because they do ship to the US, but understandably, transit times are a bit longer.

One of our friends from Europe ordered a package of Testolone and it arrived in front of his home porch in just two days! Speaking of Testolone, the price 600mg of product for $73.25, which is very competitive with their US counterparts.

When it comes to payment options, they accept all the major credit cards, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to purchase from them.

Lastly, their website is very polished and a great sight to behold. It’s very simplistic in its design but that gives it all the more accessible to all types of folks. We like it when things are easily accessible so you don’t have to search for stuff all over the place.

To summarize, this is the best SARMs store in the EU, it even clashes with its US counterparts when it comes to pricing and quality and we wouldn’t be surprised to see that some US customers preferred this company to the vendors in the US.

where to buy SARMs

  1. UMBRELLALabs.is

This website is run by Umbrella Labs, a very popular US manufacturer and seller of SARMs, peptides, nootropics and PCT supplements.

The first thing to notice about this company and it’s a good thing is that each and every of their product has lab results attached to it. That means that this vendor doesn’t hide anything from the public view and puts everything out in the open, a very rare sight indeed. Speaking of purity, they boast purity rates all the way from 92,2% to 100%, which are ok results.

Moreover, their SARMs are really easy to remember, especially when it comes to the pricing since all of them are priced at $70.00 despite their differences in strength. This means that if you’re after something stronger like YK 11 or Testolone, you can snatch yourself a good deal from Umbrella Labs.

Another awesome thing about this company is that they offer free shipping throughout the US for any order, no matter how small it is, so you won’t have to worry about any extra costs interfering with your budget.

Their product selection is really varied and you can find all the available SARMs for sale in there. The only small caveat we could give them is that they only sell the liquid version of SARMs, which is a bit of a bummer.

Still, their product selection is top-notch and very affordable. For example, a 30ml bottle containing 300mg of YK 11 will cost you $70.00, that’s without any shipping costs. In other stores, you might get a bit more bang for your buck, but the additional shipping costs cause a difference in the final price.

Compared to science.bio, Umbrella Labs sells cheaper Testolone but loses out when it comes to Ostarine. This means that your best bet is to be picky and not stick to just one shop at a time if you want the best value for your money.

We had a friendly little chat with their customer support and were amazed at how supportive and amicable they have been throughout the entire process. They took their job very seriously and answered all of our questions effortlessly. Lastly, the shipping times of this company are absolutely insane, insanely good that is.

We got our package in just two days and we were very happy with the contents inside.

To conclude, one of the only shops that give out free shipping, an excellent choice for those that don’t like to calculate too much and love to see the end price as it is.

All in all, a great store that will suit everyone, from beginner to professional! To sum up this article, now that we have learned where to find the best SARMs for sale, we can rest assured that the product we’re buying is 100% pure and of the highest quality available.

UPDATE: The quality of Umbrella’s SARMs changed significantly, NOT RECOMMENDED anymore. Order at your own risk.

  1. SecretSupps – Best Place To Buy SARMs For Beginners

SecretSupps has been in the SARMs game for very long and they are the only US supplier insofar that has SARMs stacks readily available at your disposal. It’s very convenient to have everything premade for you, with the only thing left to do is to purchase your next stack.

Moving on, their product descriptions are simply amazing. It’s a beginner’s dream, really. They offer so much valuable information on their product descriptions such as how to take the SARM, in what dosage to take it, how long your cycle should be, what results you can expect and so much more. They put most of the SARM reviews to shame with their brilliant website design and info they provide.

Moreover, all of their SARMs are tested by an independent third-party laboratory also stationed in the US. Their SARMs hover around the 99 to 100% mark when it comes to purity, which is an awesome feat.

They have a search feature that really comes in handy as they name their SARMs differently from all the other shops. Some might find this annoying, but we found it charming, you can always use the search box or look at the pictures to find out what SARM is being looked at.

We used their contact email to write a few customary questions about some SARMs stacks. They answered within just 24 hours of us sending the email and their answer was more than satisfactory. They practically typed out an essay. This shows good customer care and service.

Additionally, what’s so great about this shop is that they offer free shipping on all orders, no matter how small they are. The price you see attached to the individual SARM is going to be the final price, just how we like it.

Speaking of products, their product selection is truly one of a kind. They have all these SARMs and SARMs stacks, naming all of them would be a hassle. But what we can do is give you a preview of what it looks like: You can select between a cutting, bulking or fat loss stack right from the get-go.

This is perfect for beginners that are still not sure what SARM goes where and what it does.

Their prices aren’t the best, but they’re quite fair. For example, a bottle of Ligandrol will cost you $90.95 and you will get 300mg of product in it. It’s expensive, but quality always comes at a price. Do not expect miracles from cheap, low-quality SARMs.

While we’re at pricing, we found it really cool that one could navigate between Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros and British pounds in just one click of a button (located at the top right corner).

To conclude, a great store for beginners and those just starting out… Beginners will appreciate the product descriptions and premade stacks which will help them in their bodybuilding journey.

secretsupps review

Until next time and happy bodybuilding!

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