Yellow Kratom Review: How Is Yellow Kratom Different?

In this yellow kratom review I’m going to try and clear up the mystery that shrouds how yellow kratom is made, and what the exact yellow vein kratom effects you will experience are.

There are companies out there claiming to sell all the major strains of kratom in yellow, but is that actually possible, or are they just repackaging other types of kratom to make more money?

So let’s take a look in detail at yellow kratom, review everything you need to know about, and also tell you one of the few places where you can buy genuine yellow kratom from.

How Is Yellow Kratom Made?

 Nobody in the West is actually sure how yellow kratom is made. If the retailers who import it know, they aren’t saying, and some of their websites descriptions are contradictory.

Some people say it’s white kratom that is dried for longer and then fermented. Others say it’s red kratom that is dried for longer or red kratom that is dried for less time. Others say it’s any type of kratom that is dried for longer and then fermented.

But the basic truth is that it goes through a different drying process to create the yellow/gold hue and effects. So how it actually gets to being yellow kratom is kind of irrelevant, the big question is are the main yellow vein kratom effects worth seeking out yellow kratom for?

What Are The Main Yellow Vein Kratom Effects?

 Yellow kratom appears to have traits in line with green kratom, tending towards red:

  • A warm euphoria at high doses
  • Pain relief
  • A sense of wellbeing
  • Strong relaxation
  • Clear mind
  • Physical and emotional energy boost

Indonesian Yellow Gold kratom is reputed to have the strongest warm euphoria of all yellow vein kratom effects you will experience. I haven’t tried it, but that’s what I’ve had a lot of people tell me.

But in terms of the main yellow vein kratom effects I’ve experienced, there’s definitely a strong sense of wellbeing and relaxation, along with mental clarity, and a strong increase in mental and physical energy, at least while the dose is not very high.

However, the yellow vein kratom effects you will experience are generally not as intense at the energy level of the spectrum as with white kratom, or the relaxation and pain relief end of the spectrum as with red kratom. So it’s definitely more in line with green, but slightly warmer and richer.

yellow kratom dosage

Yellow Vein Kratom Dosage Range

 Yellow vein kratom dosage is in the same ranges as every other type of kratom, but it will be defined by a lot of different variables:

  • Who you are as a person physically and emotionally
  • How strong pure the kratom is
  • How high the dose is
  • Whether you have eaten before taking the kratom
  • What type of yellow vein kratom it is

So all anybody can do, when talking about yellow vein kratom dosage, is to offer you generic advice based on their own experiences.

For me, that means starting with a beginner dose of around 2 g. Then up it by a couple of grams, and you should start to feel the full range of effects. If that’s enough, you don’t need to go higher. If you want more, then stick another couple of grams on top of that dose.

If your dose from between 2 g and 10 g through five experiences, you’ll get to know the full spectrum of yellow vein kratom effects, and be able to define the dose that works best for you.

Which Strain Of Yellow Should I Try?

 There are lots of different yellow vein kratom strains out there, and most of them are very unobtainable.

The two which give the richest euphoria, alongside Indonesian Gold, are Dark Brown Bantuagie and Chocolate Borneo. Now they sound good enough to eat, and I’m a little skeptical, I think they might just be marketing names. But people do report a rich euphoria, it’s just not quite at the same extreme as that of red kratom at the same dose.

Yellow Vietnam kratom is one of the most widely available strains and the one that I’m most familiar with. It’s rich, relatively mild, and accessible.

buy yellow kratom

Where To Buy Yellow/Gold Vein Kratom

People claim that there are around a dozen strains of yellow vein kratom. I’m not quite so convinced on that, I think some of it is marketing hype.

But I do know for a fact that Yellow Vein Vietnam and Gold Vein Maeng Da kratom are real, I’ve tried it, and I tried alongside red, white and green Vietnam kratom. There is definitely a difference there. It’s richer than green, slightly stronger, but not like a red because you have more energy retention.

The place I get my Yellow Vietnam kratom from is I started with their Yellow Vietnam kratom capsules but then graduated to loose powder. It’s cheaper, and I knew what dosage range I was in. Gold vein maeng da is also very special and not many vendors selling it. If you are looking for high quality gold kratom check out this webstore.

If you’re just starting out with experimenting with kratom generally, then capsules could be the way to go for you. The dose is exact, and in 500 mg increments, so you always know what the dose is, and you are in complete control of how, and when you take on board your yellow vein kratom dosage.

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