YK11 Review: Dosage, Cycle, Results You Can Expect

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YK11 is a very potent SARM that can give you massive results if you stick to your diet and exercise routines. It’s not a compound to be played with and you should seriously plan out your cycle and the PCT you’ll have to do afterward before deciding to take this substance.

With that being said, today we’ll show you the crazy good YK11 SARM results our gym buddies got in just one cycle. These weren’t monstrous results but they were still significant enough for everyone in our team to stand in awe after seeing the changes in their physique.

Before we get to the results, let’s first learn a bit more about the compound in question.

What is SARM YK11?

When YK11 is introduced into the body, it does two things: Binding to the androgen receptors in our body and blocking myostatin. That’s why YK11 is both a SARM and a myostatin inhibitor.

What is also closely tied to YK 11 is its effects on follistatin, a key binding protein in the body.

What’s interesting for bodybuilders in this entire story is that follistatin regulates muscle growth meaning that the more of it present in the body, the more muscle you’ll pack on. This makes it a perfect compound for those that are on a bulk, but it can also be used for cutting since it has fat losing properties as well.

Overall, YK11 is very versatile in its mode of action and it should be respected as one of the strongest SARMs out there.


YK11 Review – Benefits of YK11 Use

Since YK11 controls so many different things in the body, the benefit it harbors is going to be resourceful as well. Let’s take a closer look at them in this YK11 review.

  • Potential to Cure Alopecia: Research is still on-going but the potential is definitely there. Many bodybuilders reported hair growth as one of the effects they experienced while on YK11.
  • Increased Strength: Since YK11 disinhibits the myostatin protein, it causes our bodies to become stronger by releasing more hormones throughout the body. The increased strength will help you break your personal records in no time.
  • Increased Energy and Stamina: The increased energy and stamina experienced during a YK11 cycle is like nothing you’ve seen before. People have reported that energy benefiting them even outside the gym, in their real-life projects.
  • Healthier Bones: The link between YK11 and bone strength is currently being heavily researched and as of now, the science of it looks promising. Studies show that YK 11 increased PKB levels, leading to stronger bones.
  • Massive Fat Loss: Since YK11 has high anabolic activity, it binds to the androgen receptors in our body, forcing them to burn fat and build more muscle.
  • Increased Muscle Mass: The fact that YK11 is a myostatin inhibitor only boost its muscle growing properties. No other SARM will get you the results this compound will.
  • Prevents Muscle Wasting: There is nothing more annoying than having to witness your muscles reduced in size while you’re cutting. That’s not going to happen with YK11 and that’s why it’s great both during bulk and during a cut.

After witnessing these amazing benefits, you’re surely eager to see the YK11 SARM results that our friends in the gym accomplished. Settle down for just a moment, we first have to check out the proper dosages and cycles before heading on to the results.

YK11 Dosage, Cycle, and PCT

YK 11 is a strong SARM and you won’t be needing much of it to get the desired effects. Some athletes that took higher dosages experienced side effects and we don’t want that to happen to you.

That’s why it’s best to take it in smaller dosages.

You’ll have to take it twice a day because YK11 has a half-life of 12 hours. Our recommended dosage is 5mg taken twice a day for a total of 10mg a day. Take it for no longer than eight weeks and after that, submit yourself to a mini PCT cycle.

Why? Because YK11 is mildly suppressive of the naturally occurring hormones in your body.

Your best bet is to just take Nolvadex, a SERM, for four weeks in dosages between 25 to 50mgs a day. Start with a heavier dosage and gradually decrease it as the weeks go by.

YK11 dosage

YK11 SARM Results You Can Expect

We’ve finally arrived at this section and we’re so excited to share all these amazing YK11 SARM results that our buddies in the gym had.

In the first week, you’ll notice an immediate increase in energy and stamina. Your pumps are going to be much longer and you will outperform even the veterans at the gym. We know of one guy that even broke his personal record at the bench press on week one.

On week two, you’ll start losing fat and slowly building up muscle. You’ll see the pounds drop if you’re cutting or pilling on with ease if you’re bulking. That’s the power of YK11, it’s a versatile SARM that can be used for pretty much anything, even body recomping.

Week four is where you will really start to see it kick in. You will build raw muscle and feel like a beast inside the gym and outside of it. You’ll notice the increased focus YK11 bestows you with and at this point, your hair will become a lot stronger and shinier.

During the last four weeks of your cycle, you’ll lose even more fat, up to 5% of your total body fat. Your new muscles are going to be sturdy and you’ll feel their power by the touch. Your total muscle mass will increase exponentially and you’ll be very satisfied at the end of your cycle.

YK11 results

YK11 Before and After Pictures

Although YK11 is known as one of the strongest SARMs out there, the YK 11 before and after pictures we’ve seen are just pure baloney. The results depicted there are trying to convince you that it is possible to go from chubby to shredded in just one YK11 cycle.

Let us be clear, it is completely possible to go from chubby to shredded with YK11, just not in one cycle. You’ll need at least a year of hard training and multiple cycles to get to that level.

With that being said, most of the YK11 before and after pictures are made with photoshop. They are completely fake!

We would love to show you the real deal but unfortunately, we haven’t used the SARM in question and can therefore not post any pictures. There is a BUT to this and those are our gym buddies that took the compound in question. They might have not turned into Arnold Schwarzenegger, but YK11 did do the job just right.

One of them went from 15% body fat to just 12% in one cycle. Another one lost 15 pounds of excess weight, the third one bulked himself up for 20 pounds. 20 pounds in just one cycle, imagine that! Although these results are insane on their own, they are not as insane as the YK11 before and after pictures we saw. They literally depict magic with those photographs.

Don’t trust those sites because they are trying to sell you an image that is impossible to attain.

YK11 SARM Reviews Online – What Other People Say About It

We always recommend consulting multiple sources before opting with any supplement and the same applies to YK11. It’s very humbling to see how other people experienced the compound in question, as you can learn a lot from them.

Our first experience comes from Reddit, where the original poster stacked Ligandrol and YK11. He took 5mg of Ligandrol and 12mg of YK11. At first, he didn’t feel much of the effects but on week three, it kicked in hard. He says that he broke several of his plateaus with the help of those two SARMs and that he feels a strong sense of pride and motivation to continue lifting. The craziest thing of all? He didn’t experience any side effects at all!

We have another anecdote from Reddit where the user did a triple stack of Testolone, YK11, and Ligandrol. He took quite a high dosage of Testolone, 30mgs, which lead to headaches and mild suppression to be felt. He bulked himself up from 205 to 218 pounds and he experienced no side effects when it came to the YK11 itself.

Our last story comes straight from a very popular bodybuilding forum where all types of supplements are discussed. The user went from 203 to 208 pounds in just four weeks and he also lost 2% of his total body fat.

His results in the gym all improved significantly and he was very happy with how he was feeling.

He claims that if he had watched his diet any closer that the results would have been even more insane, we can only hope that the person in question did so because YK11 is truly awesome when your diet and exercise routines are in check.

As we can see, YK11 is strong, powerful yet completely harmless. People who took it in our recommended dosages and cycles experienced zero side effects and all the benefits!


YK11 vs RAD 140: Which SARM is Stronger?

YK11 and RAD 140 are both very strong SARMs that cause massive muscle gain in return for experiencing some mild suppression.

Out of the two, YK11 is a bit stronger since it both shows anabolic activity and is a myostatin inhibitor, essentially harboring a dual role in the body. Meanwhile, Testolone acts on the androgen receptors in the body, making your body produce more of them which leads to increased muscle growth.

YK11 is a bit more suppressive in comparison to Testolone and your PCT cycle with it will last a bit longer.

When it comes to everything else, they are pretty similar in their mode of action, mainly the increased stamina and energy you feel, the fat loss and the muscle-building properties.

With that being said, these two SARMs are often stacked together to create even better results. It has to be said that this stack is not recommended for those just starting out, but is reserved for the professionals out there that already experienced a few cycles.

If you’re going to stack them, you should take 5mg of YK11 twice a day and 10mg of Testolone once a day. Some people like to increase the dosage of RAD 140, but as we’ve seen in one of the user experiences, more Testolone means more side effects so it’s best to stick to our recommended dosages.

You will need six weeks of PCT after this stack with Clomid.

YK11 vs RAD 140

Where To Buy Quality YK11 SARM Online

 There are many places that have YK11 for sale, but only a small minority of them sell the real deal. We’re talking about a high quality, high purity stuff here because that’s what you need to really get the YK11 SARM results we talked about.

With that being the case, let us show you the three vendors that never disappointed us when it came to buying YK11. We’ve ordered multiple items from them and it has been a pleasure every time.

  1. Science.Bio

Science.bio is the former IRC.bio rebranded. They were quiring the catch back in the day and they are not showing signs of backing down any time soon.

Their YK11 is of exceptional quality and they sell it in liquid and powder form.

The liquid version will cost you $50.00 and you get 300mg worth of product from it. Batches show between 98 to 100% purity of their liquid YK11. You get a bit more bang for your buck with the powder, as you’ll receive 1000mg of product for $60.00.

Their powder shows 99% purity and you can get lab results delivered straight with your order, that’s how we got them. Your other option is to ask their customer service to send them to you via email.

They don’t offer free shipping unless you’re buying over 300$ worth of merchandise so that’s something to consider. The shipping times are fast, they shipped our package on the next day and it arrived in just three days.

  1. SARMs4You

For our last business on this list, we’re proud to present to you the best European vendor currently on the market, SARMs4You.

SARMs are their specialty and they sell them in capsule form or as a raw powder.

The capsule version of their YK11 will cost you $62.00 and you get 300mgs worth of product from it. If you’re buying in bulk, you can get it for as cheap as $50.70. With the raw powder, you get a bit more variety. You can choose between 1 and 3 milligrams and the prices range from €55.00 to €135.00.

The last lab results that came in showed that both their capsules and their raw powder enjoy a 99% purity rate. This company offers free shipping for all orders over 120€ (135$) so if you’re stacking up on SARMs and are from Europe, this is the perfect option for you.

Lastly, we have to note that they also ship internationally, meaning that you can get their products even if you’re from the US, but you’ll have to wait for at least ten days for the wares to arrive. Our friends from Italy got their product in just three days of waiting!YK11 results

  1.  Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides sell some of the best SARMs we’ve seen. Their YK11 will cost you $44.99 and for that, you get a 15ml bottle with each ml being worth 10mgs of product for a total of 150mgs.

At first glance, one might think that Proven Peptides is a tad more expensive when compared to Science.bio but they offer free shipping on orders above $75 so the difference in price becomes negligible. Their YK11 shows 99.2% purity, you can find the results for each SARM on the pictures they provide you with.

Their shipping times are extraordinary, it took our package just two days to arrive and we were very happy with the contents inside.

YK11 reviews

Now that we’ve seen all the crazy YK11 SARM results you can get and that we’re in tune with how YK11 should be handled, we can finally buy ourselves a batch and enjoy the vast benefits this compound provides to the user.

Until next time and go get that gainz!

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